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video files played correctly, every time

Melissa and I have been watching rips I made of an anime series from DVD. I ripped it with english/japanese audio and english subs. We’re watching it with the Japanese audio and the English subs. Also, I find the openers to anime are generally really annoying. They’re just not my thing. So I like to skip them after the first few times. Here’s the command line to play the show without having to manually set it all up every time:

vlc –audio-track=1 –sub-track=1 –start-time=81 DeathNote_ep01.mkv

The audio and subtitle tracks are numbered from zero. On this show, English is zero, Japanese is one for the audio. English translations of signs, labels, etc is subtitle track zero. Full English subs is subtitle track one. Lastly, the show starts and 1m 21s into each file, so I tell vlc to start at 81 seconds in.

Weapon words

I think it’s a fairly haughty thing we allow our news reporters to do when they say that a particular bomb was “homemade” or “improvised” or any other adjective of that nature. Because they were not factory made, the enemy’s weapons are somehow more evil (or perhaps less respectable?) than ours. No news report ever mentions the provenance of any of our bombs, drones or tanks.

Poke, mon!

Emma received a pokemon card in her happymeal a while back. I was looking online to see what it went with, and she was amazed that all the cards were in a wiki. She wanted to add her card “to the internet”, in her words. Now her card is part of the internet. (:

Replaced a ps3 bluray laser

Did something I have not done before. Disassembled a ps3, removed the bluray drive, disassembled the drive, replaced the laser and finally put the whole thing back together again. Best part: it all works now!


ps3 bluray drive internals


Today, after over two years, is the end of the road for the hackintosh. I’ve backed up all of its user data. Once I’m done with this post from it, I’ll be formatting the drive. All in all, it served me very well. It was reliable. It taught me how to use os x and it helped me create an iPhone app. I have access to an actual macbook, so trying to update this hackintosh to Lion isn’t something I’m wanting to spend time on. Perhaps sometime I’ll start fresh with another hackintosh, but for now, this chapter in my computing history is coming to a close. (:

App sales

My iPhone app sold 59 copies in the 1.5 months that it was for sale in 2011. Not bad for a really niche app. (:

It got bigger!

Dave's tower

The whole tower is up!

The tower is up. Mom, Dad and Matt came down and helped me setup the tower, with the aid of a 30 ton crane. It’s up; the next step is to get service put on it.

It might still get bigger


Saturday, my family came down and we raised the tower. 1/3 of it anyway. The rest was too bulky; we didn’t have a large enough gin pole to safely lift section two. Given how much trouble section two gave is, I can’t imagine how tough the final section would have been. I’m going to try to find a crane for hire to finish this project.

Made pizza tonight



I made pepper/onion/Thai basil and cheddar pizza for dinner tonight. Mel really enjoyed it, as did the girls.

Overheating modem


My upload speeds have been suffering lately. After digging into the problem last night, I decided it must be a heat issue. Mostly because I nearly burned my hand on the usb modem. Obviously, the solution to all heat problems is a fan. There, I fixed it.