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Imagine if Loderunner, the first video game to ever sell more than a million copies (and one of my favorites of all time) were to be updated, to include a ninja, bombs, and rockets. That would be this flash game. Enjoy.


My World of Warcraft character hit level 60 this weekend, which is the current level cap. I’ve been playing the character since the game opened last November. As you can see, I’ve taken my sweet time getting to level cap.

I actually attempted to hit *exactly* the amount of experience required to hit 60, and no more. I overshot by six, which is admirable, given then the average monster is worth 400-1200 experience.

war3 total conversion to starcraft

Apparently some fans are designing a total conversion of war3 to starcraft. The homepage is here. The models look really well done to me. I’m excited. They may never finish, but here’s hoping. Starcraft was such a good game!

Step 4: Profit.

Very interesting article about a sweatshop in Tiajuana where they were running three shifts of people playing MMO’s. Plus they had a cool name. (:

War3 tidbit

Some of my friends and I have really been enjoying warcraft 3 lately. It’s a well done game, in my opinion. Anyway, Mikey and I play a 2v2 last night on The opposing team did someting interesting.

They skipped producing their first heros. Instead, they immediately purchased neutral heros from the tavern on the map. Now this seems anti-intuitive at first, but after thinking about it, I believe there are some advantages. First, the tavern doesn’t take any time to produce a hero. You just pay for it, and it’s done. Now granted, your first hero is free if you buy it at your altar, but maybe there is advantage in getting it faster? Have it leveled up a bit? That sort of thing… Might even be able to put off building the altar until a little later, making the hero purchase less costly….

There are a few other trade-offs with this, but I just wanted to mention it. Very interesting strategy.


So Melissa and I ended up playing Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles with Tim last night for about four and a half hours. It was a blast. Very easy to get into. I appreciated the use of the GBA as a controller because it meant that I could ready spells and items, sort my inventory, etc without slowing down the group progress in the game (usually).

The graphics were gorgeous. Great variation in the landscapes, monsters and dungeons. Typical quirky squaresoft storyline.

Each player can swap spells and items with other players. It was easy to figure out who was good at what task and swap around. The game manages to be both simple and challenging at the same time.

Overall, despite the high barrier to entry (gamecube, game, cables and a gba per player) I think this game is a win. I’d recommend it to anyone, especially to Ryan and Angel. I think FF:CC manages to take some of the cooler concepts from FFXI (job changing, spell/attack combos) and come up with simple/challenging analogues for them here.

Best thirty-three cents I ever spent

I picked up Super Mario Bros. for $0.33 after tax. Best use of pocket change I could think of. Now I just need an NES. (:

Chocobo racing professionally

So my melissa-pie is playing Final Fantasy X. The final fantasy series has never been my thing, but it’s right up her ally. I do like to watch sometimes, because it’s a pretty game though. Now and then, Melissa cons me into playing a mini-game for her.

Tonight, she talked me into chocobo racing for her. Now don’t get me wrong, I did it of my own free will. Let me tell you though, it was maddening and addictive. Riding a large yellow bird through a balloon field, with oncoming seagulls bent on slowing down my progress.

It’s a race, and each balloon I manage to nab shaves three seconds off my final time. Conversely, each freakin’ bird that hits me momentarily stuns me, then costs me three seconds from my total race time.

The race itself takes about 35-40 seconds before penalties and bonuses are factored in. I’ve managed to get my factored score down to two-point-four seconds. Melissa has heard tell that a nice item comes from getting your time down to zero seconds.

I just can’t do it!! I will try more later, but the game is maddening. First off, the chocobo doesn’t always run the way you command it. Next, the birds sometimes come out of nowhere to smash into me, slowing me down. The guy I’m racing sometimes steals balloons or knocks me into incoming bird traffic. Sometimes my chocobo jumps *into* incoming bird traffic.

!! sleepy time… before I hurt the PS/2. (:

Time to make some cr-azy monay!

I had no idea that I could make money by playing crazy taxi. Granted, it’s only a few hundred bucks, but hey, I have a goal now. (: