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poor me

Today at work, I found myself hunting for a logical-XOR function. Needless to say, upon finding it, I am chagrined, since I was looking for a way to replace != to hush some compiler complaints about unsafe comparisons between bools and ints. Chasing one’s tail is always a valuable excercise. (:

Didja hear?

Yeah, work fired me. No reason given. I’m an embedded software engineer. I’m fairly practiced at applications programming and network/server administration as well as computer/network security.

If you know of anyone that needs an all-around uber-geek, drop me a line, eh?

Entry #350

Mikey and I usually leave up an icq window between us while we’re at work, for random questions, rants, etc. He got back from a meeting, and announced such via icq. This is the (very random) conversation (if you can call it that) that followed:

Mikey – Work: back
dave – work: front
Mikey – Work: left
dave – work: top
Mikey – Work: pop
dave – work: sprite
Mikey – Work: pixel
dave – work: bitmap
Mikey – Work: background
dave – work: process
Mikey – Work: fork
dave – work: river
Mikey – Work: pheonix
dave – work: arizona
Mikey – Work: battleship
dave – work: miss
Mikey – Work: mister
dave – work: sprayer
Mikey – Work: clean
dave – work: McClean
Mikey – Work: irish
dave – work: arg, you win… I meant McLean
dave – work: As in Don McLean
dave – work: (:
Mikey – Work: w00t
* Mikey – Work does victory dance