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First night of work on retaining wall

Here’s what I worked on after work tonight. It is the start of a retaining wall for the front of the house. I am hoping to finish a little each night that the weather is good enough (and that I am home).

Dave’s Green Tip #1

Money saving tip: pee in the bathroom sink. Then wash your hands. You just saved somewhere between 1/3 and 1 gallon of water by not flushing your toilet. You were going to wash you hands afterwards anyway, right?

Note: not recommended for women, men with bad aim or men who are not taller than their bathroom sink. Also not recommended for public spaces, unless it’s a public space occupied largely by Hippies.

Bruised my palm

Last night at ultimate I caught a disc that was apparently thrown hard enough to bruise my palm. It’s not overly painful but I’m definitely aware of the injury.

First frost of the year

First heavy frost hit the house yesterday. It’s hard to see it in the landscape picture, but the ground was quite white. It should be easier to see on the picture of the jeep.

Veggie/chicken pasta

This is a pasta dish that I made for mel the other night. She really enjoyed it and insisted that it was picture worthy. That being the case, I figured I would post the picture here, for lack of a better plan.

It contains onion, green pepper, asprarugus, chicken and tomato. The linguini was boiled with a Thai pepper for flavor. Lastly it is covered with shredded mozzarella and garnished with fresh basil.

Two frogs!

I hooked up a second monitor to my main desktop machine for a bit over the weekend. My desktop background is a treefrog closeup. With the second monitor attached, the background appears twice. Emma saw both, and said “Two frogs!!”. I was ecstatic. That’s the first time I’ve known her to name something with the correct number attached without prompting from Melissa or myself. 

It’s such fun to see Emma grow and learn. She loves when she figures out something new and gets praised for it. (:

The end of the LeBaron


Here's the LeBaron after I introduced it to a telephone pole

The LeBaron's remains

Lately I’ve been driving the LeBaron quite a bit (instead of the Jeep) because of its superior fuel economy. Unfortunately, yesterday on my way into work, I hit a telephone pole and totalled the car. I had looked away from the road for a second and the car drifted to the edge of the road. Once the tired touched the edge, the edge drew the car towards the pole and there was nothing I could do. 

Don’t worry, I’m fine and no one else was hurt. It’s been 29 hours and I have no lingering pains, so I’m quite thankful. I feel stupid for the massive waste of the car, but I’m quite glad to be allowed to go on living, for now.

Additionally, I’m quite blessed that Melissa and I still have two vehicles available to us, that our insurance (State Farm) will cover the cost of the pole without a deductable. Several people from the area stopped and checked on me, to be sure I was ok. The policeman that arrived at the scene was both helpful and friendly. Even the tow truck driver was friendly and helpful. 

Lastly, I’d like to thank my wife for being very forgiving. In spite of my stupidity both costing my family money and putting myself at risk, she was very very nice to me about the entire thing. Thank-you hon.

DDR: parent style

Last night I turned on DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) while I was watching Emma. She loves music, so I wondered what she would do while I was playing DDR. At first, she just danced along over to the side. Then when she figured out that the mat had something to do with it, she climbed on the mat.

Now Emma is quite a small person, so she only really covers up one square at a time. So at that point, DDR becomes a game of not only hitting the right pad at the right time, but also keeping from losing when one square is completely unusable due to Emma covering it.

I didn’t last long at this version of DDR, but it was certainly fun anyway.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Melissa and I (and Emma!) went the IMA last Saturday. We took out time and walked through the first floor. I really enjoyed myself. Melissa wasn’t entirely impressed with the period/style on the first floor (mainly medieval and later European art), but I liked it. It’s definitely out of the ordinary for us to take in something like that. Next time we go, we’ll check out the second floor, which I think will be more up Melissa’s alley.

I was suprised by two things with regards to bringing Emma to the museum. First, I wasn’t allowed to carry her on my shoulders. One of the uniformed people that mill about (stewardess? police? what are they called?) informed me that I could hold her in my arms, but not on my shoulders. Her reasoning was that I couldn’t see Emma, so Emma could touch something she shouldn’t. Which seems improbable, but I didn’t argue. The second thing was that Emma recognized the subject matter of many of the art pieces. She would often call things by name like people, kids, fish, sheep, etc. So I got a kick out of that. I felt gratified that she was actually noticing the pictures and sculptures.

In short, good trip. Also, I was previously unaware that the IMA was free, so you should go too! The price is right! (:

Oh, I don’t believe in them

A common label seen on boxes in my industry lately is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), a label that means that the product doesn’t contain any of several hazardous materials that were previously common in the manufacture of electronics. Unfortunately, my brain insists on saying “Rodents of Hunusual Size” whenever it sees that label. 😛