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Longing for home

As a Christian, my worldview is that the entire universe is under the effects of sin. The whole damn thing is wearing out and dying. Nothing works exactly as designed. The entire creation is still an amazing thing, even in this state. The beautiful things of this world really drive home for me what a wonderful thing the redeemed world will be.

Those “zen” moments, when the perfect song comes on while I’m *understanding* a piece of code. When a perfect, clean fix implements just the way I wanted it to. When people truly, selflessly work together for the common good (I’ve never seen this, but I’ve seen shades of it). When multiple cars come up to an intersection from opposite directions and all make balanced (if the roads were a see-saw, they would be flat before and after the cars turn, because of the “weight” on the roads) similar turns. When my daughter has a smile on her face and runs to meet me, so full of joy, after a long day of work. When my wife, in her knowing way, smiles at me (weapon in hand) when I enter the door.

All of these things, each in its own way, serves to cause me to simultaneously praise the Creator of an orderly, beautiful creation (that can shine even behind the patina of sin) and long for the day when the entire thing is redeemed to His Glory.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

baby joy

I haven’t posted a whole lot about Emma Grace, not because I don’t have lots to say on the matter, but mostly because I never know what things are of general interest. I do feel like I need to let everyone that’s never had a kid know something: kids can be a source of immense joy.

Anyone who has them is willing to tell you they love their kids, their kids are lots of work, etc. And all those things are true. But one of my absolute favorite things about being a father is being able to laugh with my baby daughter about absolutely nothing. Just laugh for laughing’s sake. It’s wonderful. There’s really nothing else like it.


My Emma said her first word today, and it was Daddy!! *glee*

I walked into the room and waved to her (like I do all the time) and she laughed and said “Da-ddy”. It was great.

Emma crawling

My baby girl started crawling today! I’m so proud. (:

She’s cute!

It’s been far too long without a picture of Emma Grace. I need to re-install some photo editing software. Until then, enjoy her at silly resolution.

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Wow, four years already?

It’s been four years now that Melissa and I have been married. Two more months, and baby Emma should be here to help bolster the ranks of the family. (:

Thank-you for four good years so far, wifelette. (:

It’s a girl!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Melissa and I found out a week ago today that the little child we’re expecting is a girl. She was even kind enough to do some acrobatics for us while we were watching her on the ultrasound monitor.

I can’t wait to meet this little girl. So exciting!

happy sigh

12:45 in the afternoon, a sunny Tuesday
My life changed, suddenly, unexpectedly
My heart could not be more full of joy

My wife sent me a message, she said “You should call me”
I already knew what she would say. My heart lept.
My God, what suprises You bring in life!

“We’re going to be parents”, she told me.
“I love you”, I told her. “I love you too”, said she.
Some days are just complete, before they are even half over.

Passing my way sailor?

True or no, it’s a good story.

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