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The package is safe

Word from people who know is that the mikey has made it safely through his knee surgery today. The doctor said everything went as planned.

That is all.

goin’ to the chapel

Life is choice and uncertainty. Do I want peas or carrots? Eighty-seven octane or 90? If it rains today, I’ll wear jeans. If money were to fall in my lap, I’d buy a barn for Melissa. If Christ comes today, I’ll jump for joy. On and on, ad naseum.

I’m horrible at making choices and equally horrible at setting up dependancies correctly. They’re the same thing, really. I don’t know enough details to base a good decision on and even if I did know all the details, I don’t have enough wisdom to choose correctly.

I’m comforted though that my God does not suffer from this malady. He is sovereign and cannot be moved. He is what He is, and He is sufficient for me. I trust Him in my failing, faultering way to lead my life. He will glorify Himself in my. He’s promised to do so.

That being said, I am about to leave for a joyful occasion. My roommate from college and best friend Nathan is getting married this weekend. I’m going to be his best man. It’s truly an honor to be chosen to be witness to the union of my good friend Nate to his life-mate, Tricia.

If you’re a brother or sister in Christ, please remember Nate and Tricia in your prayers. I do hope earnestly that their special day goes off wonderfully. (and I also truly hope that I don’t flub my best man duties at all!!)

I’ll catch you all on the flipside!

My miss Melis’ army

My lovely bride’s arm is healing nicely. She’s able to move it around fairly well, and the break itself seems to be mostly healed. Her elbow is hurting her more than anything these days. She smashed it pretty well in the fall, apparently. With her not moving her arm as much as normal, it takes longer. Less blood flow and all, you know.

She goes in next week again to have it all x-rayed, so we’ll see how it’s doing then. For now, she’s spritely and getting around fairly well, so that’s good. (:

Sweet Melissa

My Melissa broke her arm!

It’s a bit of a long story, but the short of it is that her horse got extremely worked up today and bucked Melissa clean over her head. Most of her landed safely in leaves, but her poor right arm (she’s left handed) landed on a limb. ):

It’s broken clean in two about a third of the way between her right elbow and shoulder. Apparently they cannot cast a break that fresh – the swelling has to go down first. So first thing in the morning, we have to go back to the hospital to check things out, and hopefully get it put in a cast. They doctors mentioned something about surgery, but we’re unclear on that. It may just be a simple cast.

This all happened around 10:15 this morning. As you can imagine, my heart was so scared when I got a call from the stable, but the voice was not Melissa’s. “Melissa has had a small accident.” the voice said. Time stood still.

I’ve been with her the rest of the day. I was able to do some work here while I was at home, and I took the rest of the day off. It’s good to be able to do that. I love my Melissa and am happy to be available to her.

She’s in enormous pain right now. Getting her up and out of bed requires about 25 minutes of work to slowly get her up off the bed. We’re taking life little by little right now.

I’m starting to prattle now as though I were some sort of war-journalist, so I’m gonna hush up. If you’re one of the brethren, please thank the Lord for sparing Melissa a more serious injury.

Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine’s Day lands just 9 days before Dave’s and my six-month anniversary. A lot of things have changed in my life since Dave became a daily part of it. Some of those things have been great, and a few have been unpleasant. The unpleasantries though have only served to make me love the man more, and feel stronger in every sense. What a loving God we have!

Dave is my lover, my soulmate, and undoubtedly my best friend. He finds creative ways to serve me, never seeming to tire of making me smile. He’s never failed to return every kiss, every smile, and every embrace. He has never turned away my affections even when he is the most tired, cranky, or confused. His kindness and wisdom only serve to allow me ( typically a very untrusting person) to trust him. And I do, with my heart, my life, and the lives of our future children.

Being married to Dave is not a whole lot different from the time when I was only dating him. He still takes me out on fun dates at least once weekly. We also take a lot of day and weekend trips. He has never refused or even complained about taking me home to visit my family. That means so much to me.

Learning to live with him daily, was not the monumental task I thought it might be. People warned me about what kind of surprises beginning a new daily life with another person can hold. Nothing that has happened has been unexpected. Dave has always portrayed himself to be exactly what he is. He never tried to hide his faults from me, but instead allowed me to see him for exactly who he is. He is truly one of the most honest people I know.

I want him to know that I love and respect him. I love him for his integrity, honesty, kindness, thoughtfulness, and wisdom. I want to thank him for every time he has brought me something to drink (even in the middle of the night!). I want to thank him for waking up at 10 minutes to 6 every morning so he can go to work and support me. I want to thank him for the time of rest he has given me by allowing me to stay at home and just be a housewife. I want to thank him for all of the wonderful back and neck rubs I get, without EVER once having had to ask for them. I want to thank him for coming home to me every day after work. I want to thank him for helping me wash dishes (he knows that is the household chore I hate most!). I want to thank him for being funny and playful, especially when I don’t feel like laughing. There are so many little things I can thank him for. Only God knows how grateful I really, truly am to have this man as my husband. I have learned so much about God’s love for me through Dave’s love for me.

Dave, I want to honor you this Valentine’s Day, and every day for the rest of my life. The happiest days of my life have been the ones I’ve spent in your house. As your wife. Thank you for being a wonderful husband.

blatant mush

I suppose that if I’m going to live up to the categorization “people that primarily blog about their sweeties”, I better blog about my sweetie, eh?

I really missed my Melissa this Monday. While I was at work, she rode with my parents out to Corunna for another load of stuff from their old house. She ended up not getting home till 2am the next day!

Needless to say, that was certainly different from normal for us. In fact, I don’t remember a time since we’ve been married that I’ve ever come home without her being there within an hour of arrival.

I didn’t really have a point with this post, just gotta keep my sweetie quotient high, you know?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Some would say that there is too much mush in their immediate vicinity. It annoys. There is more to life than the mushy sides. There are jobs, holidays, possessions, strife, politics, anger, taxes and traffic jams. More attention needs to be given to what happens everyday. After all, it’s quite important for me to know the exactitudes of whom I may and whom I may not partake of the Lord’s Supper with. And it is. But there are times when I do not care.

Everything in moderation. Paul said that, among others. It’s true. Excess will make a fool of a wise man…

…There is a thing inside me though that I cannot express. I’ve both my feet planted solidly in this sinful realm we loathingly call existence and it prevents me from expressing that which I know deep inside me to be true. Not true like 2 + 2 = 4; there is an artificiality to that statement. It is an artifice created by man to express a truth. The truth is not that two and two make four. The truth lies below the symbols. It’s an expression of the orderly creation that we are a part of and in a deeper sense, it is an expression of the Creator that made this universe by the Words of His mouth.

Everything around us speaks of who He is. Sin is sin because it contrary to God’s nature, and no other reason. When something is good, it is because it reflects a facet of God’s nature. The world around us was declared good at the end of each of those six days because it reflected the very being of it’s Creator and for no other reason. To be a reflection of God’s nature is the greatest honor that can fall upon a piece of creation. It’s that very honor that our Saviour put on humanity to give us. Without His atoning work at the cross, we would be lost forever, unable to reflect the nature of Him who envisioned what we would be before the the foundations of the world. Choosing our own path – contrary to the will of Him – forever ruined our ability to reflect his true nature. The divine paradox is the fact that He became sin, the very thing that He is not, because I could not. He bore my burden, cleansed my soul and sent His Spirit to indwell my soul.

I’m once again a reflection of Him. The sin nature removed, the abyss filled with God’s Spirit I am once again able to be called a Child of the Living God, just as Adam and Eve were created to be. I was marred on the Potter’s wheel, but remade as the Potter saw fit. It’s no fault of the Potter that the clay could not hold the form He gave it. In His wisdom, he chose a new form and made me in it, to be what He would have me be.

I’ve found love in this life. I’ve seen with my own eyes a piece of my Creator in that love. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever should believe on Him would not perish, but have everlasting life. What greater love hath a man than this, that he should give up his own life for his neighbor?

I’ve been deep in thought tonight. I’ve considered how deeply I love Melissa, the wife God provided me with. I can see a glimpse of what it would do to me if I were ever to lose her. I can see through my own flawed vision what joy she brings to my life, what light. The love that she gives me so freely helps me understand in a very small way the Creator who loves me, who DIED for me and who will return for me and bring me unto himself.

I’m so thankful that I’ve been shown this. I’m thankful in the temporal sense, that Melissa and I can share hardship and joy in this life. That we can learn more about what it is that God created us for while we inhabit these fragils vessels of life. In a much truer, deeper sense though, I’m relieved and hopeful because I know that God could never leave me and never forsake me. I’m only a flawed human, but I can have those feelings. My perfect Creator, whose nature I’m but a poor mimic of, feels those same feelings for me, His child.

Sometimes mush is just a person’s inability to express something like this any way except to 2 + 2 = 4.

hold the pressus, its deadjournal exodus!

Ok, so my title doesn’t rhyme. It almost does. Artist license, please?

It seems that Tim-aay has made the move too. Yay! Deadjournal _was_ awfully slow. It’s nice to see Tim blogging at all. I was certain that he’d fallen into the same slough of no return as some of my other friends.

Tim should be congratulated on having a nice scheme. Very clean, elegant even. I approve. (so what if it is hauntingly default, that’s ok). He needs a name for his blog… I can think of several, but they aren’t very complimentary to some of my other friends…. So let’s see… How about: Tim Time?

we’re back!

So we’re back from the away portion of the honeymoon, but we still have three days before I have to go back to work (yay for Labor day!!) so we’re still considering this to be ‘honeymoon’ time. You’re not liable to hear from us much before then, but do know that we made it back safely and comfortably.

Praise God for his institution of marriage.

things are unraveling quickly now boy!

This may be the last entry for a while. I’m awake and getting ready to head to Indy to pick up Nate, my best man. Then it’s on up to Detroit-town.

I’m very excited. I woke up at seven, then couldn’t really sleep anymore. Melissa gave me a wakeup call at eight, so that was nice.

Oh well. I’m nice and incoherent this morning, so I’ma just go.

*big stupid grin*

(It’s almost time to remove the [n almost] from the title bar!!!)