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daoc gateway IP

for my own reference, is the IP for mythic’s gateway to the daoc servers, according to this answer.

(although supposedly their servers actually reside at / 24…)

have to look into this more.

Movable Type no longer free

The blog software that I use to host this and other blogs is called Movable Type. Overall, I’ve found it to be excellent software, bar none.

Recently they’ve announced a new 3.0 version. While they still offer a free version, it’s limited to one author and three blogs. That automatically disqualifies me, since I have 5 blogs and 5 authors running on this site. Thankfully, I don’t have to upgrade, so we’ll just run version 2.64 for the foreseeable future.

Initially, I was very annoyed to see the new pricing schema. It seemed to be out of the blue. I read on Mena’s corner (Mena is a co-author of moveable type) about the change, as well as people’s reaction.

Then I listed to the interview with Ben and Mena (35 minute streaming mp3 interview). Hearing their motivations for the change, I couldn’t help but sympathize with them.

In short, MT has moved in a direction that is different from what I use it. They are heading in the direction of services, I use them as a software provider. They need income to fuel their business in the directions they want to take it. Sadly, that direction is away from my own needs, but at least it’s not the sort of thing that makes me angry. Or well.

Check this out later

edna appears to be an interesting project. I’ll have to check it out later. Python based mp3 streamer/cataloguer. Interesting. Link via Ryan.

Winds of Change

Well, I’ve made some upgrades to das piggenstein. First off, I upgraded Moveable Type to version 2.661. This allowed me to install the excellent MT-Blacklist plugin.

This should virtually eliminate the comment spam that has been plaguing my blog as well as Soulfood’s and Naginata’s. It works by disallowing any comment with a URL in it that matches any of the strings or regexs in my blacklist. I’m using a very standard blacklist. Careful though, there is a lot of obnoxious stuff in that list. Caveat Lector, or whatnot.

If anyone continues to get blogspam at a blog, let me know so that we can tune the blacklist.

Why has the pig been down?

Power was out a few days ago at Casa de Heigl, and I don’t have a monitor on the pig (which resides in the basement). Since the pig’s motherboard is slightly gimp, it requires a little help to boot. Thus, I’ve just been too lazy to haul a monitor down there and fix the problem. As you can see, the problem is fixed now.