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we’re back!

So we’re back from the away portion of the honeymoon, but we still have three days before I have to go back to work (yay for Labor day!!) so we’re still considering this to be ‘honeymoon’ time. You’re not liable to hear from us much before then, but do know that we made it back safely and comfortably.

Praise God for his institution of marriage.

things are unraveling quickly now boy!

This may be the last entry for a while. I’m awake and getting ready to head to Indy to pick up Nate, my best man. Then it’s on up to Detroit-town.

I’m very excited. I woke up at seven, then couldn’t really sleep anymore. Melissa gave me a wakeup call at eight, so that was nice.

Oh well. I’m nice and incoherent this morning, so I’ma just go.

*big stupid grin*

(It’s almost time to remove the [n almost] from the title bar!!!)

So you wanna know a secret?

So I decided to keep the honeymoon location a secret… But I can’t wait to tell either. So my last entry for a while will be the general whereabouts of the honeymoon (Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee) and this picture of the cabin.

So there. Now you know. Don’t you feel better? (:

See you in a week or so!!!

breathe in, breathe out, repeat

Ok, so now I’m in mental overdrive for some reason. I think I’m trying to consider _everything_ that I’ll need to pack for us for the next week tonight. I’m thinking too hard. I need to go back to just doing what I can tonight, and finishing in the morning. That should work bettter.

I’m excited beyond words though, just so you understand. I’m getting married Friday!! Yeah!

I’m just so pleased. I’m not going to say anything worthwhile beyond that, so I may as well stop.

I can tell you about the plans for tomorrow though. I’m going to be meeting up with Nate, Jerry, Mikey, and Shay. We’re going to hang out for the evening and then tomorrow afternoon too. It promises to be a good time.

Pray for me, will you please? Pray for blessing on all those who’re traveling, for peace of mind for all the parents (especially Melissa’s) and those sorts of things. I would appreciate it.

Peace out.

Draggin’ the Line

Today went pretty well. I think I got quite a bit done. I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning, helped my mom with her cleaning, and bathed both of my kitties. My brother offered to wash my car for me tomorrow. Yay, I’m hoping he’ll wax it too. It’s very important to me that the car looks great because I want to leave the ceremony in it.

Tomorrow will be jam-packed. I can hardly wait! I have to go and pick up my dress, pick up my mother’s dress, take my brother to the dentist, clean the inside of my car, go to the hair dresser, stop at the church to drop off my music, help prepare the food, and pick up Mikey from the airport. Yay, and then the party starts. I think we’ll all have tons of fun. So all in all, things are going very well and I am happy.

Feel for the Winter, but Don’t Have a Cold Heart

It’s sunny again today. I slept fairly well. I attempted to have nightmares but managed to wake up before it was too late. That’s a good thing. I was about to be shredded limb from limb by a demon dog.

Today has officially been appointed a day of cleaning by my mother. What joy! She is VERY difficult to work with when she gets into her cleaning frenzies. I hope I can keep my temper reined in one last time.

I have also completely finished packing up my room. All the drawers are empty, and my closet now contains my father’s work clothes. It’s a pretty sad thing, but I am leaving for an exciting new life and I am happy.

I had a really nice talk with Dave yesterday. I was feeling pretty down, and he managed to pick me up and remind me just how wonderful my life is right now. I have everything to be thankful for. I feel like my life is complete. I want for nothing.

I realize that I haven’t had any sort of revelations to share lately. My life is currently on hold until the wedding is over. Well, I guess I had better clean/organize the pantry. In the words of Dave “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” The voice of experience.

two funnies. hehe.

So while I’m in slightly insomniac mode from excitement before the wedding, so I was reading blogs. If you have a minute and wish to read something funny that hearkens to the cheese whiz lab report (anyone have a copy of that?) read this post which deals with BMWs and coconuts.

Secondly, checkout this ad that I found whilst looking for a CD-R drive firmware update. disclaimer: if you find a woman’s midriff offensive, please do not click the link.

I mean, you gotta laugh at an ad like that. Look how skinny you could be!! hehe. It made me laugh. (it is animated, so if you have looping turned off in mozilla, you won’t get the full effect)

[update: ok, now I’m scared. I’ve run into another one of these ads. Two in one day is too much. Bleck!]

you can’t help you like the flava

Anyone like/dislike this color scheme more than the other one?

wow. no words.

Check out this picture of Angel and Ryan’s kids. (Ryan’s picture, not mine.) Based on the look we’re getting from the little guy on the left (forgive me for not knowing the name at present) maybe Ryan’s turrets _is_ genetically transferrable. We’ll just have to see once the start talking.

Then again, he looks a lot more like Becky in this picture, doesn’t he?

Or maybe he does resemble his daddy. (:

Regardless, check out more pics of the twins which Ryan has been kind enough to post for our viewing pleasure.

all my posts need titles

Some changes to the right bar: I moved the blogs that I’ve looked at for most of the summer, but seen no updates on to a new category. I demoted Jon’s blog down below Amy and Nate. I added a new section for People We’ve Never Met. I’ll occasionally add blogs there that I find interesting. No promises on if they’ll stay or not, but it shows what blogs I’m perusing at least occasionally. I guess this means that I’m finally stepping out of my immediate surroundings, so to speak.

I really enjoy kyriosity so far. I had to bite my virtual tongue to not add how much this entry (and comments) shines light on the music sharing issue. Too bad the music industry doesn’t feel this way. (granted, music sharing involves taking the media out of the ‘store’ so to speak) I’m trying to not comment on _all_ her posts right now. Very interesting blog.

BTW, if anyone who gets linked over there sees themselves, don’t feel obligated to provide links back here. Melissa and I won’t be hurt, and we don’t want you to be obligated. Natch.