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I got a peaceful, easy feelin’

So to begin with, I had a really excellent weekend. I got to visit with Mikey and see his new car. It’s quite nice. He definitely needs practice with stick shift, but hey, it takes time. The LAN party was a bust (for me at least, who could only stay friday night). Things didn’t really get started till 11:30pm, or something like that. On the upside, Mikey and I took on four other players in war3 sucessfully.

The really good part of the weekend came with my visit with Melissa. She took me out for wonderful dinner Saturday night (after we took a nap, I’d been up till 5am that morning). We had a really good visit together. Wrapping things up for the wedding on Friday is almost done, so far as I know.

We did have two misunderstandings this weekend, one minor and one major. Both were fairly easily gotten rid of, once we started talking about them. It definitely takes effort to stay on good terms with someone you love so much though. It’s worth it.

We got to go out to dinner with her parents and brother Sunday. That was fun too. It’s hard to spend time with her family sometimes, since I’m usually focused on spending time with her when I’m in Detroit. It’s good to spend some deliberate time visiting with them though. I’m glad it worked out.

Overall, my last [God willing] weekend as a single guy was a success. I feel closer to Melissa than ever. I’m so excited about the wedding. I had a fitful night sleeping. Part of that was because the cat wanted to play all night. Most of it was excitement though, I’m afraid.

I’m not nervous, truthfully. That may happen sometime, but it hasn’t yet. I’m convinced that she is the one for me. Speaking of that, the blog entry that Nate linked (and the associated comments) were a really good read. I would recommend it.

I should stop gushing and get back to work now. Peace.

It’s a Beautiful Day!

I woke up to rain this morning, and the noise of thunder. I love a nice thunderstorm. I also watched the TV for the weather forecast for the rest of the week. It’s supposed to rain on my wedding day. I heard once that rain on a wedding day is a good thing. I can’t remember exactly why. Something like we’ll be fruitful, or we’ll have lots of kids. Does anyone remember what the saying is?

I think I’m going to be an untraditional bride too. I have nothing old, and nothing blue. Awww. I did borrow a ring from my mother, so that base is covered, and everything I’m wearing is new.

Today I plan on making a lot of phone calls, making dinner, possibly bathing my Lou, emptying my closet out, and finding more clothes to pack for the honeymoon. All in all, it will be a full day. But I don’t think anything can bring me down. I am so happy.

Warning! Mostly Mushy Content!

Ok, so things have been unusual this weekend. I don’t really know where to start. Dave got in around 4:30-5:00pm yesterday. A bit too late to have dinner with the family (my mom had to work at 5). It ended up being no big deal. At one point during the day I ended up making a mistake and got angry at Dave for something that wasn’t his fault. Once he explained everything, I was fine. I ended up being the one in the wrong. I freely admit that. Despite it all, Dave and I had a most memorable weekend.

When he got to my house, he presented me with a bouquet of “just because” roses that he “imported from Chicago.” It meant a lot to me. He is so thoughtful. Women really love and appreciate a gift from a man that serves no practical value. They appreciate gifts that can only mean or be interpreted as “I love you” or “I’m thinking about you” etc. I don’t think most men understand that. I think (and stop me if I’m stereotyping) that most guys like to give flowers because they know women like flowers. But the gift means so much more to us than that. I’m just trying to say that you guys should give her a gift because you want to, because you care. Give her something impractical. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It has only to be thoughtful. Most times a random greeting card, or even a handwritten (never type) will be more than enough to make a statement, and be meaninful for her. Props to Dave for knowing that. Thank you Dave. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

On another note, practical gifts are good too. Dave gave me a video card! YAY!

Yesterday, I took Dave out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. It was pretty yummy. Mostly I just enjoyed our time together. Things are getting really exciting for us lately. So many new thoughts, so much happening. Just think…this weekend we’re going on our honeymoon! It says a lot for me that I am already 90% packed for the trip. Typically I don’t start packing until the night before or the day of. Heh.

Dave, left a little bit ago. We did move our parental dinner-date to today. We went downtown to Mexican Town and had a yummy dinner there. Free chips and salsa. Mmmmm! My family had a really good time. It meant a lot to them that Dave thought of taking them out. It was our way of thanking them for everything they’ve done for us as far as the wedding goes. Again, thanks Dave.

On yet another good note (oh yes, I am energetically rambling) Dave got a GREAT haircut for the wedding. He looks very handsome. He even went to a place that’s on a ‘grander’ scale than the usual Bo-Rics or Fantastic Sams. I thought that it was sweet of him to try and get a real nice hair cut for the wedding, his thoughtfulness paid off. Again.

I pick on him lots, but I love him dearly.

When I’m Thinking About You…

It’s been a few days since I’ve written. Not a whole lot (other than last-minute wedding stuff) has been happening here. Right now Dave is in Chicago with Mikey. Hopefully he didn’t stay up too late, but I have my suspicions. Dave has a habit of running himself raw. I shouldn’t complain though, that habit has been a blessing as far as this relationship goes. As soon as he wakes up he’s supposed to drive the 5 hours from Chicago to Detroit. If he gets here in time we are supposed to go out to dinner with my parents. I am really excited about that and hope it happens. I think we’ll have Mexican. It seems to be what my parents are up for. We have this cool Mexican restaurant in Detroit called Xoxomilco’s. It used to be great, but I have eaten there in a couple years. My mom has to work at 5, so Dave’s gotta be here a couple hours beforehand in order to make it work.

I am going to have to find ways to keep myself busy while I wait for Dave to arrive. I hate counting hours. It makes time move much more slowly. So I think I will wash and wax my car a couple times. After that, I think I will go and volunteer my time at work and wash the kittens. Without my help, Dr. J’s kittens have gone downhill as far as grooming (not care) is involved. There simply isn’t time for her to wash kittens for hours after the clinic closes. And I’m the only one who knows how. I feel badly about that.

After all that, if there is still time before Dave arrives, I will prepare an alternate dinner. Because I don’t doubt he’ll be starvagated when he arrives.

Well, I’m off to waste more time. I think I will read some. And then straighten my room. It seems like a pretty day so washing/waxing my car won’t be a problem either. I wish I could go to the Dream Cruise tonight, but Dad just won’t let me. Grrrrr.

sittin’ here rubbin’ this fender with a rag…

Here it is, 10:32 at night. No LAN love. I’m sitting here at my PC, waiting for some beatdown, but alas, none cometh.

Smack talk comenseth from the mouth of my erstwhile friend, Michael. Sadly, there is nothing to back it up, yet.

We’ll just have to see.

Oh, and if anyone remembers the _horrible_ directions that Mikey gave me that take about an hour longer than they need to? Well, yeah. Those are the directions that I found on my harddrive for how to get to his place. I hate those directions. I think I’m going to have a ceremonial burning. Yes, I think I will.

[update: 12:47am, games played so far? One match of q3a…]

evolution, take two

I’ve been posting a lot of links lately. I really need to not do that so much, and post content of my own. Although the links tend to get people going more than my regular posts do… That’s ok though, I’m cool with that.

Regardless, check out this article from Reuters on a machine that taught itself to fly. It’s a fairly short article, so it only takes a minute to read. It is exciting to me to see that a machine can teach itself something of this magnitude.

In other news, I’m headed for Chicago after work today. Mikey is hosting a lan party. We’ll have a little War3, a little Starcraft and hopefully a lot of fun. Then tomorrow I’m off to Michigan to spend time with my love.

So the weekend should be fun filled. Oh! One last piece of news. Jerry and I got the upstairs airconditioner put in last night. Very nice upstairs now too! Whoohoo!

does it hurt to be this wrong?

I read an article on the Washington Post today about the so called “language gene”. It is a summarization of several other papers about some notable research in Great Britain.

The researchers claim to have isolated a gene that allows for enough facial and throat muscle control for speech to be plausible. They arrived at this by studying 16 people in Great Britain with severe speech impediment, 15 of them from the same family. It turned out that all of these people had a different version of said gene than the rest of the population.

All of that I can swallow. It isn’t too hard. The next part is what’s hard. This researcher somehow made the leap from “these people have a bad gene” to “this gene mutated in the human race 200,000 years ago, allowing us the capacity to speak; these 16 poor schmucks got an old version of the gene”. What?!?

Where did they get that? Is it so hard to believe the the 16 people actually have the mutant gene, instead of the 6 billion? I mean, really. Where does someone with an advanced degree get off making a claim like that with no evidence? The fossil record certainly doesn’t give any evidence for genetic arguments.

It makes me agry to see someone who tries so very hard to ignore the fact that we were created. Bad enough that this person deludes himself. He also has to write a paper to delude the rest of the mindless masses.

geeks are pre-autistic?

This article from the BBC (I found it via Ars) points to a link between strong analytical abilities and weak social skills (us geeks) and the likelihood of having autistic children. The theories are coming up in no small part because of the unnaturally high number of autisitic children being born in Silicon Valley. More geeks == more autistic children?

While this is an interesting article, it does rase some interesting questions. Does this mean that geek tendancies are a mild form of autism, or just that geeks carry the right genes? Makes me wonder what the chances are of this happening to me or my group of friends. Just how ‘geeky’ do you have to be?

Anyway, food for thought.

Where Do Unicorns Go?

Aww. I am really annoyed. I had typed out my usual long blog entry only to have a problem with my ISP. I lost the entire entry. Grr. That upsets me.

Basically I wrote most of the ordinary day-to-day stuff. I commented on how lately I have been feeling really reclusive. I haven’t been wanting to hang out with any of my aquaintances, or even go to the store. I have to go grocery shopping today though, and I am also supposed to go do a few small errands at the mall. This will mark the first time in about 2 weeks since I have driven my car anywhere. I do miss the car. My baby. But, I just never feel like going anywhere and gas is expensive anyway. I have been trying not to use my current tank of gas up since I will be on my honeymoon next week and won’t have anymore paychecks.

I also would like to go to the clinic today. I just got back one of the wedding invites that I sent out several weeks ago. It takes sooo long for mail to be returned. The girl I invited, didn’t get the invitation and thinks I don’t like. Entirely untrue. I didn’t know it never got there. I did get my invitations out late due to financial problems (stamps are expensive), but some of them took weeks to get to the appropriate addresses. I’m not sure just why. Despite all that most people will be able to come. I’m really impressed at how many of Dave’s friends will be able to make the big day. I’ve never seen a circle of friends who genuinely care about each other so much. Sometimes I am utterly astounded. Only two of my uncles are going to come to the wedding. That is IT as far as my family goes. My grandma won’t even come. I do take that a bit personally. Dave’s good friends care enough to come, but my family won’t even bother. I think that’s sad. Dave says not to let it get me down. And I won’t. I’d rather them not come at all then to come and really not want to be there.

Well, I guess I had better get going. I have a lot to accomplish today. I have to straighten the house, make dinner, go grocery shopping, and go to the mall. Whew. How tiring this is going to be! I miss Dave.

This is Where I Came In…

What a day! I don’t know how I can manage to work for hours and still get nothing done. I woke up pretty well rested, and went through my normal routine. After that, my mom and I went and picked up one of my bridesmaids (Stephanie) and went wedding stuff shopping. That took up half of the day. We also decorated the flower girl baskets. That was a hellish job! I think I left some skin hot-glued to the basket I decorated. Ow. After that, we did some more wedding shopping…we got nothing done, and yet we worked at it ALLL day. It’s very annoying and I am really tired now. I also have a violent case of hiccups. I get hiccups at LEAST once daily. I don’t know what my problem is…

I am still not used to the idea of not having a job. I just don’t know what to think of it. I don’t have my own income anymore. And that’s just weird. Dave takes excellent care of me though. I have no complaints. It’s just one of the things I know I will have to struggle through. There is no reason I can’t get a job right after the wedding. I just want to try really hard to take it easy those first couple weeks. I have never lived away from my parents. I have never lived in another state before. I have never been a wife. I have never had my own house to run and maintain. Those jobs are huge responsibilities, and I don’t want to complicate things by instantly getting a new job. It’s hard enough to start a new job when you live with your parents and have minimal obligations. I am definitely the type of person that needs time to adjust. And since we aren’t exactly in dire straights, I can afford to take my time and adjust to my new life. At some point though I am sure I would like to get a job. I will probably get sick of being home alone every day. And money is money. I can see that I’d want to contribute to our income, and be able to do some special things for Dave that I would feel silly doing with the money he personally brings home. I know that at some point all couples get used to that, but I’m not there yet. It’s something I am praying about.

Right now, I’m waiting for Dave to call me. He is supposed to go get his hair cut today. His wedding hair cut. Yay! My mom is currently bustling around the house in a desperate attempt to turn it into domestic perfection before the big day. I think she’s hoping to have a get-together for all of the out-of-town wedding guests on Thursday before the wedding. This would chiefly be directed toward the Rose group, and Dave’s relatives. It would also be cool if all of the members of the bridal party could meet each other and hang out for a bit. It sounds fun, and I hope it can be pulled off.

Hehe, while cleaning, my mom dropped my dad’s handgun on her foot! She is limping about, and thankfully she isn’t badly hurt. Guns are heavy! Hehe, wouldn’t that be a nice slogan for Rosie, Stabenow, Granholm, Gore, and Levin to incorporate? “Guns kill people, AND they’re heavy.” I can even picture the media covering stories about “other” ways people get hurt by guns.
Aw, and speaking of gun control…Charlton Heston has altzheimer’s. I am thoroughly saddened by that news. He’s MY president.

It occurs to me that I am really bored! I am sitting here just TRYING to think of things I’d like to type about and still…I come up with nothing. I guess I could play Morrowind again (I already conquered it once) or continue with NWN. Or maybe I could go read a book. I am currently in the beginning of Tad Williams’ “The Dragonbone Chair.” I am a fantasy addict, but I am very hard to please. So far, so good though. Guess I will go read then.