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No! It has begun. ::sigh::

I got my first piece of spam at my home email address. Grrr!!! How did my address get out? How did the little butt-lovin’ sons of jackals get my address? I’ve been careful with it. I wish there were something I could do against the ruination brought on by the heartless money-grubbers. I really do.

Oh well. Maybe there is. I’ll look into it.

Today we’re going to try another random baptist church. We’ll see how it goes. So far all I know is that the service is at ten am, and that the building looks old.

I so love the new arrangement in the computer. It’s so much nicer, so much roomier. Makes me happy.

downtime explained

Hi all. If anyone noticed the downtime for nazareth this morning, it was because I was trying (unsuccessfully) to upgrade my firewall and also because Melissa and I are re-arranging the computer room. We’re taking out the table that was way too big for the room. It’s much nicer in here without it.

I also finally got a chance to install the monitor arm that I drug out of a dumpster in California last summer (I had to wait for a skunk to get _out_ of the said dumpster before I could get in). It’s really cool. A tad overkill, but cool nonetheless.

In other news, I committed a first today: I bought power tools. I bought a Ryobi three-pack with a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and a drill/screw gun. It also had a nifty flash-light in there which also runs off the phatty 18volt batteries that came with the set. Apparently the flashlight doesn’t count though, because it’s called a “three-pack” on the box. Oh well. I’ve been using the screw gun and drill left and right. It’s nice to finally have schtuff like that. Borrowing is fine, but it gets old eventually. I’m sure Dad and Jerry will be glad that I’m not constantly borrowing theirs. So I’m pleased.

We’re still looking for bookshelves. I have no idea where I should buy such a thing. I’m price shopping. Furniture is not something I’m familiar with.

It’s a Long Way There…

It’s been a long while since my last entry. I’ve been keeping myself fairly busy lately. There’s always stuff that needs to be done around here. With the amount of daily chores I find myself accomplishing, there seems to be little time left for the “extra chores” I’d like to do. Instead of unpacking boxes, I’m doing laundry, washing dishes, making the bed, vacuuming, making lunch and breakfast and dinner. I know I could manage my time better, but I also feel it’s important for me to chill out often. This is a new life. The last thing I need to do is overburden myself to the point where I’m burned out on everything. It would make for miserable living for both of us. I don’t want to do that. Right now…(except for the things haven’t gotten around to) life is pretty good. I sleep as long as I need to. Eat when I want to. I always know how to contact and chat with Dave. I get to enjoy reading and playing DAoC during the day time. I am NOT complaining anymore. I am totally up for something fun this weekend though. Tonight is a longer than normal night for Monochrome Rainbow too. I’m looking forward to it.

eatin’ my lunch, mindin’ my own business

When I woke up this morning, I had a revelation. I finally realized why it has been so surreal getting up for work these last few weeks. (well, aside from the beautiful lady in the bed next to me) I realized that the last time that I regularly got up before dawn on a forced regimen like this was in gradeschool, back when I still had to get up for the bus.

Certain memories just have a special kind of flavor to them, they taste a certain way to my brain. Those grade school memories are like that. They taste pure, pristine. Back then, about the worst thing I had to deal with was bus bullies. The world was pretty idyllic. It’s amazing to me how getting up before the sun rises for a couple weeks can trigger memories like that. We really are wonderfully and fearfully made. (in the olde English sense of fear)

Aside from that, life is pretty good in general. Melissa and I are slowly but surely learning how to be a functioning married couple. There is so much to get used to. In retrospect, I am glad that I ended up working several months before getting married. It probably would have been harder to do everything at once.

At work right now I’m learning to write C code for a Motorola HC08 processor. I’m pretty familiar with assembly for these little guys, but writing C code of this nature is fairly foreign to me. The code is littered with #pragma’s and other such non-niceties. I mean, look at this. To define a port register (all the I/O is memory mapped on this guy) I have to do this:

#define PORTG (*(volatile char*)(0x0A)) // I/O Port G

Don’t ask how long it took me to find that. It’s rewarding though. Once I get it under control, it should be faster development that assembly. (duh) It’s just one of those learning curve things. Sometimes I just really wish there were a prof or someone to ask. Would make things easier.

This post is pretty random already, so I’m going to end with some more randomness. As I’ve mentioned before, my web server keeps statistics about what goes on. What’s particularly interesting sometimes are the search phrases that come up. These are groups of words people used someplace such as Google which ended up leading them here. Look at a couple of these beauties:

my chihuahua is making strange noises
arse worship

Hehe. I can’t help but laugh. I have _no_ idea how the first two searches led here. Google works in mysterious ways sometimes. The last one, unfortunately, I know exactly how that one led here. (be warned: if you are prone to take offense at typical college humor, you’ll probly be offended by those two pages. ) I find it funny that Google has now indexed those two pages for the world to browse through.

Ah well. Back to work. Now I’m going to try to make this ’08 spit out a logical progression of bits, instead of just noise. Yay!

risen from the ashes, more ashes…

Just kidding. You’ll find that on my server automatically redirects you back to froyd’s original location. This is so that all you who changed links won’t have to change anything right away if you don’t feel like it. You’re encouraged to do so as soon as possible though. It would be nice for Nate.

As for the whole hullaballoo that happened yesterday, I thought it was pretty funny when I did it, and I still think it was pretty funny. When I thought that Nate was pissed about it, I felt pretty badly, but we talked last night and all is well. We both got a laugh out of it, and learned some this and that from it. It’s called off, it has run its course. The script is now permanently off.

As for all of you who were so kind as to offer you opinion the whole thing, thanks. I do appreciate the comments in my favour, and also that some of my friends are willing to call me on it when they think I’m wrong. The flurry of activity throughout our little blogdom yesterday was quite a sight. People were pretty evenly divided on the whole thing, it seems. Some of the posts were pretty damning in their language and implications (both to my own behaviour and to Nate’s); to those posts, I laugh. This was a joke, a prank. Many jokes are in poor taste, as you’re welcome to feel this one was (although I personally don’t). Many pranks are illegal, as you’re welcome to assert that this one was. (of course Nate’s material is copyrighted. So is that mp3 you just finished listening to. Didn’t stop you, did it? Not an excuse for what I did, just an observation.) Many (including myself) made comments of varying degrees of directness as to the the whether Nate’s actions were childish. I withdraw my own comments, as in reality, Nate started to play a cat and mouse game with me, but school work got in the way, so he just withdrew from the whole thing. There were other factors, but no need to say anything insulting.

Anyway, all in all, I think the project was a success. It got people talking again. It was a good excuse for Nate and I to chat on the phone last night for like an hour and catch up. I learned quite a bit about the inner workings of apache, wget, and sed. My server is even in better condition now, as I figured out where to fix the trailing slash issue that Ryan pointed out to me earlier.

For a final piece of trivia regarding this event, consider this. My own blog has been viewed 384 times since the beginning of the month. Over the last two days, the hijacked copy of Nate’s blog that I had up got 130 views. (these are views, not hits) hehe, the comment system that I put my copy of his page got 614 views, for crying out loud. My comment system has only gotten 379 views!

Go back home folks. There’s nothing to see here.

Uh, oh.

I guess the game is up. It was fun while it lasted, but my erstwhile playmate decided to take his ball and go home.

I’m still unsure what to think about this, so I’m not going to say anything more except to point you here for a copy of the blog before it was taken down.


random news

Hi all, it’s me. Anyway, something is cooking over at Nate’s original site because last couple times I’ve checked (from multiple systems) I’ve gotten “forbidden” errors. So either Nate’s just locked out all my systems, or else he’s working on comments of his own, behind a shroud of secrecy? We’ll soon see.

The amazing part to me is that the forbidden error doesn’t break my thief-script. So you can continue to enjoy the comment ridden version that I’ve made.

The other piece of news that I wanted to share was that the comment system I shoehorned into Nate’s blog is available for use by anyone (that I know) who wants free and easy comments. I know they’re not the most wonderful comments on earth, but they get the job done. I couldn’t find a good service to subscribe to for nate, so I just installed a comment service of my own. (: I guess all the public ones are full, now they cost monaay. Go fig. Anyway, take that for what it’s worth. Won’t bother me any if no one ever uses these comments. (:

a word of explanation and apology

So I’m getting the impression that I’m peeving people a bit with the abrubtness of the language that I’m using, and the speed at which I draw conclusions or post comments to my own blog. In particular, I hope that I have not offended Ryan, Nate or Jon. If I have, I’m sorry. I noticed that Jon’s comment to a recent post of mine was not in the thread of the previous comments, and posted as such. I was too dumb to see that it _did_ actually pertain to the blog post. With Ryan I’m coming out at odds with a few church related issues, but I’m fairly certain we’re both just defining terms and talking about the issues. Hopefully.

Lastly, with my previous post, I may have been a bit unclear about what I meant. Here, this should explain. If you don’t notice the difference right away, think about my post previous to this one, then look for what everyone wishes were on Nate’s blog.



So Amy aptly pointed out that on Nate’s blog, his quote bar is derandomized so that it always (as in everytime I’ve read it for the last few weeks) reads comment-free and proud of it.

Then he has the moxy to say Amy is wrong? Techinical reasoning or no, his blog proudly proclaims its shortcoming to all the world, daily.

Don’t fear, gentlefolk. A solution is in the works. Comments will be made, thoughts will be exchanged, PROGRESS WILL BE MADE!!!

hop2, the aftermath

So hop2 went fine. The people there were much nicer than those at hop1. Many of them said hi, welcomed us in, things of that nature. This goes a long way for me. I’m not looking for a social club to be part of, but I _am_ looking for a loving community of believers. So, things were positive.

Three hymns were sung to the music of an organ, a piano, and a keyboard. I can’t help but note that the organ reminded me for all the world like a synth organ that belonged in a ballpark. I kept expecting to hear Harry Cary say “Play Ball!” when the organ lady finished a song.

The leaders there were _really_ enthusiastic. It was refreshing. Many churches are very stayed and reserved in their presentation styles. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just observing that this “Whoohoo!” style of getting the service going was nice for a change.

The preacher was, from all I can gather, a visitor. It seems he may be, oxymorically, a regular visiting pastor. It wasn’t terribly clear. More on this later. His sermon started off kinda scary: he was definitely getting all Bible-thumpin’, sweatin’ while he’s preachin’, pound-that-idea-into-hard-skulls-through-repitition style on me. It originally sounded like he was going to exigete (sp?) from the selected passage (James 5:1-11), but he didn’t spend any real time there at all. He focused on the word “patience” from the passage, then just started chain-gunning out other references to the word “patience” throughout scripture.

This style is _really_ sketchy in my book. If he’s going to quote single words and small phrases from front to back of the good book with nary a second to flip and look at the verse myself, I have no idea if he’s uses the word/phrase within context or not. Worse yet, he wasn’t even giving verse references, just book and chapter. I’m just not quick enough to keep up with that sort of thing.

He continued in this manner for about 40 minutes, sometimes spending a little time to bring in a Bible story to back up a point on patience. He kept things on topic, I’ll give him that. He ended with an altar call, something that never rubs me the right way in a regular church service. Then it was over. In short, he just sort of brow-beat the point out that patience is required, and that the prayers of the saints are powerful.

The sermon seemed really lacking. Nothing was inherantly wrong with the message, but nothing was really right about it either.

In short, this church is going on the list of churchs that Melissa and I may go back to, but we’re going to keep looking. Since this pastor was apparently a visitor, the normal pastor (if there is one?) may be much better. I have no way of knowing. It’s not as though I can really ask a member “hey, is this guy always here, or do you have another pastor for me to choose from”? I’m a bit wary of going back just because the church must have invited this guy, so maybe that is the sort of sermon they want? I dunno.

Anyway, this week was light-years better than last. We’re gonna keep up the search.