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gobble, gobble, whack

Thanksgiving was a good day for the Heigls. We went to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Rhonda’s house, where my family, my grandparents and all the aunts and uncles on my mom’s side came for a family dinner. It was so tasty. I have not stuffed myself like that in who knows how long.

After lunch, we all sat around and talked for a while; digestion takes time. Then we went out and set some I-beams in Dad’s new barn and started placing the loft. I always feel so unhelpful when I’m there. I know what to do usually, but I’m not aggressive enough to get in there and get it done without encouragement. I need to work on that.

Today Mel and I are trecking up to Detroit to spend the rest of the holiday with her family. It should be fun. I’m looking forward to it quite honestly. Her family is always fun to be around.

So I’m going to leave you all to your respective festivities. Melissa and I need to finish packing and be on our way. Oh, one more thing. I feel *so* rested right now. We went to bed at 8:30 last night. ::happy sigh::

My momma loves me

Most everyday I commute to work with my good friend Jerry. We both live in the same town. It’s a 35-40 minute trip to work, so carpooling is a good idea. This morning I got treated to the wonderful musical craftings of Paul Simon on his new album On My Way, Don’t Know Where I’m Going.

Wow. I’m impressed by this disc (discs really, there are two in the set). Paul Simon really is an artist. I occasionally make fun of performers (like Avril) even though I enjoy some of their work. Artists are different. I’m in awe of the creativity of people like Simon. He can create an atmosphere and wind words through it, never forgetting the emotion, never neglecting a chance at word-play.

tales from abroad

I got a hit on my webserver from a country that I’ve never heard of before, so for your educational edification, I present Seychelles. Seychelles is actually a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. So I learned something new today. Take a peek at the link to them. They are the first country I’ve ever seen with a flag style like that.

is there a cure for that?

Melissa and I went to Glenbrook mall in Fort Wayne Sunday, just to get out. We really enjoy just walking around and watching all the people. It’s a hoot. We like to guess why the people are there, what they’re thinking about, what motivates them, etc.

There were so many interesting people this time around. There was a gaggle of teenage girls that looked as though they were trying for the goth look but were to fond of color to go all the way. It was as though 5-6 Avril Lavignes were walking around in the mall. Ok, they weren’t as well kept as Avril by far, but cleanliness would only have mattered if we were within sniffing distance, right? (:

Anyway, we decided that since they were kinda punk and kinda goth, we should call their look “gunk”. Worked for us. When I told Jerry about them, he claimed they were “neo-goth” with an air of knowing. I’m not convinced.

Is there a name for slightly colorful goths? The goths that black forgot? Maybe Goodwill ran out of black? Maybe spandex elbow length gloves only come in pink-and-white striped?

See why the mall can be so much fun? (:

So I married an axe murderer

My Wife’s Bartle quotient:

Killer 86%
Achiever 80%
Explorer 20%
Socializer 13%

This is completely true to life too. In DAoC she’d rather be engaging a mob than anything else, even when that anything else is resting to regain hit points. Her second love is crafting. As you might imagine, these results scare me a bit… 😉

the pot calling the kettle l33t

When someone can beat me at q3a, then someone might have a prayer of convincing me that my config is broke.

Besides, how did my config get on your computer? (:

find ’em and kill ’em

My Bartle-quotient is, unsuprisingly, completely different from both Ryan and Nate:

Explorer 66%
Killer 60%
Socializer 46%
Achiever 26%

In other news, I am most certainly not a content king, as my site is apparently about 52.98% content, with the remainder being cruft. Check out the site that will tell you this wonderful ratio. I could certainly tweak my site to improve that ratio, but the truth is that I don’t care nearly enough. (:

so called “death irrationality”

Wired Magazine reported (twice?) on the recent Alcore Extreme Life Extension Conference. Apparently these individuals get together every other year to discuss advances in life extension (to the tune of $600 per conference). Alcore is a corporation that offers an interesting service: For a one-time fee of $120,000, a yearly ‘membership’ fee of $400 and naming Alcore as the beneficiary of your life insurance (the didn’t mention a minimum payout…) Alcore will freeze your body in liquid nitrogen, ostensibly for the purpose of future thawing and re-animation.

Ever read Asimov’s 3001 (one of the continuations of the 2001: A Space Odyssey)? The astronaut who was jettisoned into space is revived in the future. His life is somewhat subpar though, because he’s basically a museum piece.

Random musings on my part aside, some interesting uses of logic were presented in some of the quotes from Alcore proponents. For example, consider this:

“”If you are physically old and don’t want to be, then for you oldness and aging are a disease and you deserve to be cured,” said Robert Freitas, a research scientist at Zyvex and a research fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. “

Wow! If I am [fill in real or perceived condition] and I don’t want to be, then [fill in real or perceived condition] is a disease for me! Further, I deserve to be cured! Wait a second…. Merriam-Webster‘s Collegiate Dictionary defines the word “deserve” as “to be worthy of”. So if I perceive some condition that I don’t desire, I am worthy of being “cured” of it? Laughable. Someone forgot to have the life-isn’t-fair conversation with this guy.

Here’s another interesting quote from the conference: “Exploring death irrationally is what brought us religion, he argues. Depending on cryonics for immortality is “barely rational,” he said, but it’s more rational than depending on Jesus to provide everlasting life. “.

Here’s someone who knows where religion came from! Amazing! Or not. This sort of reasoning is fairly circular and blind. Does it take less faith to say that a corporation is going to be around long enough to preserve your lifeless carcass until the day that technology becomes available to revive it, or to say that there is an Almighty God capable of providing you with “Real Everlasting Life”? Personally, I think it takes less faith to believe Christ’s promise. After all, Christ relies on proven technology for His resurrection claims (having infinite power tends to be good for what ails ya). What does Alcore have in the proof realm? Nothing, really. They do have the human race’s track record towards technological advance, but I’m hardly willing to bank eternity on that one.

Let’s consider some things. I don’t know of anyone who disputes the idea that the universe that we all inhabit is headed towards eventual demise. Anyone can crack open Thermodynamics for Dummies and understand that all the enerfy in the universe really, really wants to get itself spread out into its least usable state, to put it one way. Scientists tell us that the planet will die eventually all by itself, if we don’t kill ourselves first. Our star will eventually burn out. All the rest of the stars will eventually burn out. Even gravity waves will evetually eddy to a halt.

Do you want to be the last of Frankenstein’s monsters still around and watching all this take place? Do you really want to stick around this flawed existence any longer than you need to? Disease, pain, hate and all their brethren are realities of physical existence.

My chosen path to immortality overcomes all those shortcomings. I don’t want this body any more after I die! It’s flawed. I’ll take the new one Christ promised me. I don’t want the wars, strife, disease, hatred and sin that this world has to offer. For that matter, I am not even interested in the “good things” that this world has to offer. They are all empty and useless. Watch the evening news a time or two and ask yourself “Why would I want to live in a place like this forever?”. There is no good reason to stay here. Even rats have the common sense to jump off a burning ship.

layout and design

I fixed up my stylesheets so that they’re using absolute pixel measurements instead of the relative ones it came with. This should aid in more people seeing the blog the way I intend. The design is still not finished, but it is getting closer. I’d like to add a little color and such.

On a related note, Opera 6.05 is a horrible browser, in my opinion. It doesn’t follow the ‘standard’ keyboard shortcuts that other browsers use, such as choosing a completion for a partially typed url by tabbing through the options. It doesn’t correctly render CSS in most cases. It doesn’t default to following redirects. One might think that this is a security feature, but I doubt it. Many other security features are left turned off by default. The other foibles are too many to list. The last straw was the porn ad that came up in the built-in ad that came with my freeware version.

I didn’t spend a ton of time trying to configure opera for my needs. I was just too put off by its default functionality (lack thereof?) to bother.


My sister Katy visited this weekend. As I write this, she and Melissa are at the stable visiting Jade the horse. It was nice having her over. This morning we drove down to Kokomo to get some Rural King action. Melissa needed grooming supplies for Jade and I wanted her to get some carhart bib overalls. She looks so cute in them! (:

Last night we rented videos to watch. Melissa and Katy actually went to the video store and I stayed here. Big mistake. (: We ended up with “The Sweetest Thing” and Episode 2. Now I’m the sort that has no problem with chick flicks. They’re entertaining. I expected The Sweetest Thing to be just another chick flick. At worst, it would be a female-empowerment sort of chick flick. Those can be funny too though. (Towanda!!) See, the clincher here though was that Katy and Mel accidentally got the “Unrated” version. We turned that one of *real* fast. I’m not about to be responsible for my sister watching that sort of thing!!

[Warning: Star Wars: Episode II spoilers]

So we ended up watching episode two. None of us had seen it before this point. Katy liked it, but Mel and I were both unimpressed. The kid who played Anakin really wasn’t a great actor (and I’m normally the type that can’t really tell a bad actor), and nothing really happened in the story line. Sure, we found the clone army, the droid army, and all that jazz. Gratuitous fight scenes abounded. Yoda got down with his bad self (ok, that was cool). But did anything really happen? No way! I would have felt ripped off if I had gone to the theater for that. At least Jar-Jar got played like the brainless fiddle that he is.

So that was our weekend. Oh! And don’t go to non-descript chinese/western buffets in Kokomo. Bleck!! (:

Listening: Trance Control – Atomic Dance Explosion