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the contractor spake thusly

So Melissa and I talked with the contractor last night. He’s actually the same contractor that my Dad is using to finish his house, so he comes highly recommended. Melissa and I expected to spend 30 minutes with him, 60 tops. We were so wrong. We ended up spending a little more than four hours with him, talking over our options.

Overall, it’s looking doable at the moment. The off-the-hip numbers we were given gave us hope that it might actually be possible to pull this off. We’re excited to hear what the actual estimate is going to be. One of the nicest things is that since my family and I all have a good amount of experience with some areas of construction (roofing, wiring, etc) we can save money by doing those parts ourselves.

I think besides excitement, my most prominent feeling was that of being overwhelmed. So many choices. Wow. Anyway, back to work. (:

Cloudy Days and Wednesdays…

I think I overslept today. I am all fuzzy. I kept having these dreams about people who were once a part of my life (and aren’t any longer). Some of them were people who are no longer living, and some were former friends who I refuse to share any part of my life with now. Anyway, it was quite odd.

I am really bored at the moment, hence the content-free blog post I’m writing now. I am planning on having company over for dinner tonight, and that should be fun. We’re supposed to have Roast Duck. I’ve never cooked duck before, so we’re all going to have to see how it turns out.

It’s so cloudy out this morning, I think that’s part of my problem. Overcast days typically leave me feeling down and frustrated. Like I am right now. I’ve been doing a ton of gaming lately, but think I’ve had enough of that for today. Other than that, there is nothing else to do. We don’t have any decent TV channels, and I have read every book I own a trillion times over and over again. *sigh*

Moment of Truth approaching…

I just made an appointment to go talk to a general contractor (the same one that my parents used) about building a house (we’re still considering kits by Deltec). So, on Thursday, Melissa and I will be going to discuss what we’re considering as far as a house. Then he’ll work out an estimate for us. Once all that is done, we’ll be a lot closer to knowing if building a house is something we can afford to do right now, or not. Pretty heady stuff!

Well, there went best US News tech school for six years running…

Josh was the first one I saw with the news that the Rose Goddess Syndrome is about to reach new heights. It boggles the mind.

I wonder if “not be distracted by the glitz of hollywood” means “absolutely no chances of being distracted by dating”?

Can you imagine them at a pike party?

Har har har.

On a serious note, I wonder if they’re interested in IV at all? *scratches chin*

You know what ticks me off?

When a person who is on the phone with me asks me “May I place you on hold while I (fill in random mundane task)?”. That person knows full well that they are going to put me on hold regardless of my opinion about such matters, but by forcing me to say yes, they think I’ll be better disposed to elevator music? Whatever. Blah!


Tricia: the song you’re looking for is “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by the Tokens. (:

I fixed some side links. I figure that since Todd is the largest referrer, he may as well get a link. (: Keith and Melinda seem to have stopped posting, so their links got the axe. Doris’ link is updated, and all others stay the same, so far as I know.

Hating Winter

*Sigh* It’s finally happened. Today I have to go outside. In the cold. All alone.

I really need to clean my horse’s stall. I haven’t been to see him in over a week and I am feeling extrememly guilty. Poor guy has been standing in his stall with nobody to visit him. It’s especially sad because he is a baby still, so I’m sure he’s been very bored and lonely.

It is -7 outside though, and the roads look a bit icy. I don’t want to go for my visit in the worst way. I should probably take my shower and do it now so it’s done. I just wish I could just pay someone 30 bucks to do it for me…(the stall, not the shower, what were you thinking??!)

That Isn’t a Hampster! It’s a Vending Machine!!

I haven’t blogged in what seems like a million years. Finally, I have something to say that’s entirely blogworthy.

For those who DON’T know, Dave and I are the proud parents of two hampsters. Their names are respectively, Statler and Waldorf (Fatty) after the two hecklers on the Muppet Show.

Today Statler was sitting on his butt just like a person does. His eyes were sleepy and he was contentedly chewing on some seeds that he had been keeping in his cheek pouches. This is nothing out of the ordinary.

The hampster cage is a sitting on Dave’s computer desk right between our two monitors. Dave and I were happily killing angry monsters in Dark Age of Camelot, when I happened to look over and see our dear darling Statler doing something quite…well, disgusting.

He would take his chubby little paw, press on his fat little belly…and instantly he would poop. Then he picked the very rotund little turd off of his stomach and started nibbling on it. GROSS! I was totally mortified, and Dave couldn’t stop laughing. We watched in near-silent horror (I might have been gagging?) as he repeated this process two more times. *shudder*

We honestly do feed him every day. His cheeks were absolutely bulging with seeds (I hope that’s what they were anyway).

Dave says Statler should be awarded the Recycler of the Year Award. I think he’s right. I haven’t been this grossed out since the time when I dreampt that Josh pooped all over my bedroom floor.

Shouldn’t have opened my mouth!

You know how I said that those goldfish were bulletproof? Yeah, well, serves me right for talking about them. They seem to have some sort of fungus on their fins and body. One of them has already lost part of their fin. I’m treating them for a fungul infestation, so I hope that’s it. If this doesn’t fix it, I’ll have to treat for a bacterial infection.

In other news, it’s snowing beautifully out there.

/me flogs his brain liberally

So as it turns out, trying to do anything clever (or stupid, in retrospect) is a bad idea when it comes to cross-browser compatibility. Mozilla and IE render css in completely different ways when it comes to trying to make boxes of text flow around one another.

The layout you see right now should be readable on just about any browser. Thing is, the compromises I went through to make it work for now make it ugly in all browsers (I think).

Does anyone know how I should go about trying to make the larger links box stay on the left, the blogroll stay on the right, and the body of text flow around that in the middle? By flow, I would optimally like it to narrow to the width available between the two link boxen at the top and then expand to fill the entire area once it is below the two link boxen.

That is not an easy task, at least given what css I know. Anyway, hints would be appreciated.