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googlage aboundeth

I figured I would take it upon myself to answer some of the questions I see asked in my google hits. So here we go!

  • duly noted means “noted with due process or respect”. It’s a way of saying “gotcha”.
  • you turn a Macintosh 5200/75LC on using the power button located in the top right (I think) corner of the keyboard. Yep, you have to have a keyboard to turn these macs on. Although I guess I’m making assumptions that might not be warranted about your meaning with the phrase “turn on”…
  • I don’t know what Avril Lavigne’s middle name is. Nor do I know her email address. Apparently a lot of you out there don’t either.
  • I don’t know if Michael Landon is well endowed.
  • I can’t tell you how to get the hiccups. (although eating too quickly seems to be a good way)
  • I don’t have pictures of bosoms, amish girls, avril lavigne, michael landon, or japanese girls. Neither am I familiar with bathroom etiquette concerning bib overalls.
  • The periods in AM or PM are indeed optional these days. When people actually knew that they stood for (antemeridian and post-meridian) (are those hyphenated?), the needed periods to denote abbreviation. These days they’ve nearly achieved word status. You’ll be just fine without the periods.
  • The quote you’re looking for is “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”. You can find the original at John 15:13. You’re best bet, if you know that a quote is Biblical in nature, is to check a Bible site like Bible Gateway instead of Google.
  • If you need help porting code to the HC08, I can give pointers, but I need more information.
  • No, Jesus probably would not ride a motorcycle. You could really go either way on this one, but there were no motorcycles in Jesus’ day. There were many other forms of transportation though, and so far as we know, he did most of his travel on foot (even across water, at times!). Being such a down to earth man (pun intended), I tend to suspect that he would prefer foot travel even if motorcycles *were* available.
  • If you’re board, then you have issues you should take up with a physician. If you’re bored however, perhaps you should consider playing a game of Collapse.
  • The philosopher’s name was Freud, not Froyd. My best friend in college was Froyd, however.
  • Yes, I would definitely encourage anyone to try out a Benedictine Monks of Santa Domingo de Silas CD. I find them relaxing and enjoyable. I would also encourage anyone who owns such a CD to look up the lyrics to the songs on them. Very profound.
  • You’ll have to be more specific about your question on concatenating integers.

That concludes this session. Hope I answered your questions! (:

the last paper I ever wrote in college

I’m cleaning my harddrive today. I’ve got two years of cruft (college cruft at that, yeck) to sort through. I ran across this paper I wrote. One might possibly consider it a paper about the book The Color Purple. It’s not really though. If you’re bored, read it. You might get a kick out of it. No guarantees though. (:

Oh, and just as an aside, I spent 45 minutes writing this paper and walked away with a B+. My good friend Mr. Froyd on the other hand, spent several hours on his. And his grade? Well, you’ll have to ask him about that. (:

the fated paper

please please please can i?

Wow. It’s like 72 degrees out there, sunny, little fluffy clouds, light breeze. Give me a disc and let me go out to recess! Oh, days like this make me wish I could just take days off when the spirit moved me. Even the smell of the air out there begs me to just *be alive*. Hehe. Three more hours of work first. 😉

Listen and be amazed

Here’s a link to an audio clip via Naginata that pretty much sums up the whole war/no-war argument in America. Let me know if the link dies. I backed it up locally.

hey, I’ve seen far worse business plans

You know, I bet I could make a lot of money setting up a business that power-levels other people’s characters for money.

For example. I could hire a number of people, each with two computers and two accounts to whatever MMORPG I had decided to make money from. It would have to be a game that I had never played or owned personally, so that I would not be bound by any of the legalities surrounding the game itself.

All money would funnel through me. People send me their account name and password, and a payment for the amount of leveling they wanted done to their character. I pass this information on to one or more of my employees, who does the actual labor in granting the character in question more experience, money, etc.

Why do they need two computers and accounts? Well, I figure any one person can effectively play about two characters max. If I have a moderate (10-20) number of people in my employ, I figure they should be able to group together to maximize experience gained per time. Alternately, these employees could play their own character in conjunction with a paid character, albeit at half the pay.

Naturally, the person paying for this service would need to change their password once the transaction was complete. I would also need to make appropriate satisfaction guarantees that equipment, money, etc would not be taken from the characters during the transaction.

Who, pray tell, would be willing to be my employee in such a scheme? Easy. There are millions of college students addicted to these games. If they could make money while playing them, I would have them and all their friends signed up in a heartbeat. Who would pay for such a thing? Gamers are a lazy lot. They would be more than willing to pay small fees for leveling.

Is this lame in terms of game ethics? Yes. Most people agree that one should have to work in order to be afforded the glamour/honor/prestige/whatever of being high level in a given MMORPG.

Be that as it may, in the real world, this seems to me to be a decent business plan. I perceive there to be a large market and I have a huge raft of players from which to choose employees. Startup costs would be minimal. Really, I could simply require each employee to aquire and maintain their own two computers and game accounts. I could pay them based on actual work output (experience gained, money gained, etc) or else based on time put in. There are some technical issues with time, but I’m sure they could be worked through.

Muhaha. I do honestly believe that if I put in the large amount of time that it would take to implement this, it really would be profitable, for me at least. The employees may not make a whole lot at it, but they are playing games and making a little bit of money. What do they care? (:

Somebody set us up the bomb!

So my computer locked up a few minutes ago, and I had to reboot. The in-circuit emulator I was using went south. Happens every few months. Anyway, when my computer came back up, it opened a browser window (mozilla) and then went straight to this url.

So I reiterate: Somebody set us up the bomb.

amazing facts

So now I’m 23, my Dad is 46 and my Grandma is 69. Pretty cool, eh?

me gusta esta

I discovered something cool and new today. They’ve been around for a while now, but I’ve only just found out about them. CompactFlash cards used as harddrives. Neat! Low power consumption, silent, shock-proof drives. Sure, you only get about 300k write cycles, but hey, that’s ok.

Build you own or buy one premade.

One of these days I’m gonna have to get one and try it out. I’d really like to remove the hard disk from the machine serving as my firewall. Would quite it down. I’m also hoping that it would bring the power consumption down enough that I could disconnect the fan from the power supply. I suppose if I wanted to do that, the right way(tm) to do that would be to put in a thermocouple and monitor the temp, turning on the powersupply fan when it needed it, but… (:

stupidity is rampant

Every couple weeks I read another article about hacking linux onto the X-Box. Now the thing that makes nerds chuckle about this is that Microsoft loses about $100 (estimated) per X-Box that it sells. They are subsidizing the console in hopes that they’ll recover the loss and more in video game sales. At $50-$60 per game, I’ve no doubt that this recovery happens rather quickly.

Enter the linux/X-Box hackers. They figure that if they can get linux to boot on an un-modded X-Box (important that it be un-modded. Microsoft sues modders and mod sellers), they’ll have a cheap (ie, subsidized) computing platform to run whatever they please on. Seti@home is mentioning in the article I linked at the top.

Here’s what’s stupid about that. If I remember correctly, the X-Box is based around a 733Mhz Celeron. That’s an ok processor, but nothing spectacular. Consider the Epia platform from VIA. It’s an x86 compatible low-power consumption 1Ghz motherboard with integrated everything. You need three things to make this equivalent to an xbox in terms of computing utility. The first two are a power supply and an enclosure. Kinda useless to have a PC without a power supply. The second is a DVD-Rom drive. So let’s add those two things to the Epia. So now we’re talking about $200 for an Epia that is functionally equivalent to the xbox. While the xbox has much stronger 3D abilities, the xbox hackers don’t care much about that, so I’m ignoring it.

What does an xbox run these days, retail? $199? Oh, woops. The xbox hackers just did a butt-ton of work to accomplish what boils down to tweaking microsofts nose for no financial gain, and a technological loss. The Epia is computationally faster than an xbox!

Anyway, it just seems kinda childish to put so much work into something like this, for so little apparent gain. If you really like Microsoft so little, why bother with them at all?

NFP and Trackback

Soulfood had some good things to say about NFP. JosiahQ also has some good things to say, he’s actually pretty much written exactly what I was thinking.

I’m using this one to try to figure out how trackback works, exactly.