Monthly Archives: April 2003

idle hands…

This blog has been boring lately. Perhaps I can rely on the massive intellect of my good friend for some levity. (:

Wow, home financing and decision making is rough

So Melissa and I are trying to decide what to do about this house thinger. We really like the house we’re looking at. It’s out in the country, in a really quiet area. It’s a bright, cheery house with a nice amount of space, but not so much that it will be tough to maintain. It’s on 5.44 acres, so we can have the animals we’re hoping for. It seems like almost exactly what we’re looking for.

Trouble is, it’s just a hair more than we were originally wanting to spend. I think we’re gonna give it a try, but it’s a very hectic process, trying to figure out how much we should spend, where we should spend it, etc, etc.

Overall, one big headache. Hopefully we can work our way through it all wisely and safely. We’ll see.

Fields of Gold

It’s been months since my last post. Since then, I’ve suffered a broken arm. I attempted to fly off of a running horse, but for some reason it didn’t work.

Over the last few days, I have been practicing my one-handed typing. I am doing pretty well, though it is a little frusterating. I haven’t left the house much on my own lately and I am to the point now where I am perfectly content to stay here in comfort every day and not go out at all whatsoever. I’ve decided to force myself to go to the stables and spend some time with my mare. I guess being a self-made hermit isn’t generally considered healthy. I do miss my horse and riding very much. I can’t wait to get back to it all, but just getting the gumption to leave the house at all is really tough. I just want to stay here and be left alone.

Anyway, I am stalling (bork bork) to the stables I go.


Wired has an interesting article about bloggers who die, leaving their online presence behind. No real value there, just an interesting read.

I had a post written earlier, but it got sent to the cosmic bit-bucket. The gist of it was that Melissa and I are going to be looking at a house today. It’s a nice little modular jobbie on five acres. We’ll just have to see.

We’ve found a rental that we like in Winamac, the town where I work. Living there would take about 30 minutes off the commute, each way. It’s a bit on the small side, about half the size of the place we’re currently renting. We’re worried that the bedrooms might be too small, that they won’t have room for our furniture, but we’re going to go measure to be sure. If we can’t find a more permanent residence before our lease is up in the end of May, we’re gonna go for ye old rental home.

It’s an interesting task, finding housing. There are no real ground-rules. You don’t want a bad house, but what exactly determines the goodness of a house is really nebulous. We’re learning little by little. I’m very thankful that the Father provides us with good housing though. I really am.

new experience

Yay, I setup my first ebay auction. I’m already making a profit on my good old Newton too. w00t! (:

whicha wa?

Ok, so I upgraded my computer recently. I’m now the proud owner of a new 2.53Ghz P4 with 512Mb of ram and a GeForce4 Ti4200 64Mb. I love the system. It’s so freaky-fast.

There’s one strange thing though. It occasionally locks up while running at 2.53Ghz (19 x 133Mhz ). I’ve tried everything that I could think of, including a new, more powerful (ar ar) power supply.

In desperation, I tried overclocking it. Now it runs perfectly at 2.66Ghz ( 19 x 140Mhz ). Now I thought I was pretty much over my overclocking craze from high-school. It was one thing when an overclock meant I could actually get decent performance from an older box. If it means a more stable box though, well, ok.

I don’t get this one at all. I’ve been debugging computers for over a decade now, and I can’t put a finger on what makes this computer occasionally take eternal coffee breaks. I understand even less why it would possibly solve the problem when I overclock the little booger. Oh well. Can’t complain too much, now can I? (:

If Darwin had a fridge like ours, he would not have had to sail to Gallapagos

Sometimes schtuff grows in our fridge. Primordial sludge type stuff. Anyone else ever have anything really special crop up? Here’s your chance to contribute your own inner-most culinary secrets. (:

For our part, we found an un-opened package of hamburger buns today. The special thing about them was that they expired August 13th of 2002, and they still had not molded(!). They were even still springy, so they hadn’t frozen or dessicated. I think they must have been magic buns. Mmmmm, magic buns.

The ‘arm’y of my one

My Melissa is healing nicely. The doctor chose not to put her arm in a cast, oddly enough. Since it’s a fracture in her upper arm, a cast would weigh down the break and cause it to seperate. Instead, we now have a freakin’ expensive space-age plastic brace that seems to be doing a nice job of holding the break securely.

She’s able to move around much more freely and is sleeping easily at night again. Overall, the break has turned out as best as we could expect. Thank-you to everyone who prayed for us. We appreciate that. Praise be to God for His Mercies.

vroom vroom

Tonight, after seeing Anger Management, Melissa and I were dropping Nate Acuff off at his place. The kid in the beat up camaro in front of us was feeling his oats and revving his engine. At that point, I decided that I could play too, so I revved the engine in the ‘ole minivan. That showed him.

To increase his cool factor, he peeled out when the light turned green. Being a cool guy myself, I also peeled out at the light. Yes, 2003 Chevy Ventures can peel out on dry pavement. Kids these days.


I delinked several blogs that Melissa and I have found un-interesting as of late. For the most part, real-life friends are immune to being voted off the blogroll. This is obviated by the fact that some unnamed people get to keep their links, in spite of posting more rarely that dotcoms post profit. (: