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How much was the UN paying Blix?

Un-checked, Iraq would have had nuclear weapons by 2005


Semantics are such powerful things. Wielded properly, they hold forth the proverb that more flies will be caught with honey than with vinegar. For example, the so-called pro-choice movement is quite popular in the US these days. After all, Americans are all about giving women choices. If it were the pro-death movement, would it have quite as many supporters? Of course this way of thinking gives women a choice, but that choice is between life and death. Flowery words only hide the truth.

The other semantically liberal phrase that annoys me is the “suicide bomber”. So-called suicide bombers are a staple of Palestinian resistance to Israeli rule. They are considered noble and even heroic to the cause of the Palestinian. In a lesser sense, they represent the islamic cause in the face of Western “oppression”. In all truth though, these are homicide bombers. The word suicide elicits a feeling of empathy for the family and plight of a poor, misguided soul who made a poor choice. I believe that homicide bomber is much more accurate. These people are hired killers, terrorists, sent out with the sole intent of killing civilians. These are not depressed, un-loved individuals taking their own lives – they are killers.

I would continue my rant with a bit on the idea of seekers in the church, but I’d just be regurgitating what Nate has already blogged about.

Having a sauce dilema? Fear not!

Bored? Go watch this flash animation. You might be glad you did.

I think I can thank Paulo for this wonderful link. (:

Blarg, I am dead

Wow. Note to self: Waking up at 4:40am, going to work, working, then leaving at 2:45pm is both good and bad. It wasn’t all that hard to wake up that early, suprisingly enough. Realizing at lunch time that I only have two hours of work left isn’t bad at all. The afternoon slump hits *alot* harder though, when it’s coming eight hours after wakeup. (:

Anyway, just thought I’d share. Melissa and I go in to get her arm looked at again this afternoon, that’s why the early wakeup. If all goes well, doc will tell us that she’ll heal just fine with a plastic brace.

Tally ho!

Return of the Sling

Well, Melissa and I went to the doctor yesterday, to see what had to be done. He was a very helpful doctor. He explained all our options (rods, surgery, casts, etc), but explained that his prefered option is to let it heal without surgery, and without a cast.

Right now her arm in in a horseshoe-ish fiberglass splint and a sling. Monday we’re supposed to go to an orthopaedic specialist for more x-rays, and a recommendation for a plastic brace. Apparently with a cast, it weighs enough that it would cause her bones to pull apart more than they ought to.

She’s still having an extremely hard time getting around, although she’s doing better. Her parents came to visit us this weekend and she went with her Mom to get a haircut today. It’s a pixie sort of do, and it should be nice for her to take care of with only one hand.

Ah well, good going so far.

Sweet Melissa

My Melissa broke her arm!

It’s a bit of a long story, but the short of it is that her horse got extremely worked up today and bucked Melissa clean over her head. Most of her landed safely in leaves, but her poor right arm (she’s left handed) landed on a limb. ):

It’s broken clean in two about a third of the way between her right elbow and shoulder. Apparently they cannot cast a break that fresh – the swelling has to go down first. So first thing in the morning, we have to go back to the hospital to check things out, and hopefully get it put in a cast. They doctors mentioned something about surgery, but we’re unclear on that. It may just be a simple cast.

This all happened around 10:15 this morning. As you can imagine, my heart was so scared when I got a call from the stable, but the voice was not Melissa’s. “Melissa has had a small accident.” the voice said. Time stood still.

I’ve been with her the rest of the day. I was able to do some work here while I was at home, and I took the rest of the day off. It’s good to be able to do that. I love my Melissa and am happy to be available to her.

She’s in enormous pain right now. Getting her up and out of bed requires about 25 minutes of work to slowly get her up off the bed. We’re taking life little by little right now.

I’m starting to prattle now as though I were some sort of war-journalist, so I’m gonna hush up. If you’re one of the brethren, please thank the Lord for sparing Melissa a more serious injury.

new layout, v1.1

There. I think I’ve covered most of the issues that people have had with this layout. For MizWacky, I’ve added the option of choosing one of the other layouts. As long as you haven’t disabled cookies, your browser will remember which layout you’ve chosen last, and continue to use that layout. So you can continue to use the old green layout Irene. (:

For Angel, I’ve adjusted the title width, so that people with pixel-poverty can still read bloggenspiel in all its radiant beauty. I also re-aligned the blogroll so that it’s left-justified. I like that change, personally. Lastly, yes, I know that Froyd will have my head for letting my a:hover properties re-flow the text… He’ll get over it. 😉 Honestly though, I’m not sure why the text is reflowing in this case. I’m not changing any properties. I think it must just be adding a 1px border around the text when I give it a background color.

For Charles, I changed the yellow to a duller color. Hopefully this one shows up better for you?

I think that covers all the suggestions. Any other ideas?

truth in advertising

The phrase “No roaming charges coast-to-coast (All when calling on the America’s Choice network)” and the phrase “On the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, you will enjoy: No roaming charges…” are completely useless.

At best, they amount to an equivalent of “When you’re alive, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of not being dead!”. At worst, they’re downright deceptive.

Sprint and Verizon both have verbage like this. I’m sure the others do as well. When can I get a no bs cell phone plan that give’s me good covereage and no hassle?


questions and statements

arg, just got another one of those smug “may I put you on hold while I transfer you?” questions. Questions that don’t have more than one answer tick me off to no end. If someone asks me if I would like fries with that, I can answer either in the affirmative or in the negative. By answering differently, I’m able to affect the outcome of the situation. Questions that don’t affect things in any way should be statements. Mock attempts to seem caring or customer-oriented through improper use of the interrogative only serve to annoy me.


shiny and new, don’t get fingerprints on it

So I decided we needed a lighter, sunnier template for the blog for a while. Whatcha think? Like? Dislike?

One of these days, I’ll get around to adding selections with cookies, so that you can select the template you like and keep it. Till then, enjoy this one. I like it, personally. Clean and fresh. As always, this one looks a tad nicer in Mozilla than it does in Internet Explorer. That’s the breaks though kid.