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As thy will commandeth, so it shall be, and is

So, by popular demand, I’ve setup a forum for our general group of friends to use to discuss whatever we choose.

For the time being, it’s publically viewable. If we ever want private forums, those can be done easily. Anyone is welcome to sign up (especially if you used to hang out with us in good ol’ 004). Even if you’re newly aquainted to the circle though, you’re welcome to join in.

Once you sign up, the admin (me) must activate your account, so expect a little lag before you can get your post on. Anyway, I’m hoping for rapid improvements on the setup there, if any are needed. Suggestions are welcome. If you need help getting in, post here. Otherwise, let the discussions begin.



Ok, so let’s all vote. How many people think that the above picture should be used somewhere on this blog, while changing the blog’s title from “Bloggenspiel: Proving that foot in mouth disease can be chronic” to “Hoggenqueal: Proving that hoof in mouth disease IS chronic.” Bloggensqueal is also a possibility. =)

Note, the pig picture was taken from Creature Effects and used without their permission since they didn’t have any contact info that I could find. So if this is your work, and you’d rather it not be used just lemme know. =)


I haven’t written in a while. I’m really bad at blogging, really. I usually don’t feel like anything I have to write about is interesting enough. The only thing I usually feel like writing about is marriage. It’s so fun! Anyway, I’ve decided that since it’s been awhile since my last post on marriage, I am entitled to write another one. Also, because I pick on my poor little husband so much (unmercifully, maybe?) I often feel like I should make a public display of affection so people don’t think I’m completely mean all the time. Nate-Dog. *snicker*

Anyway, my guy and I had an awesome weekend. I had been feeling down for a couple days, and woke up on Saturday knowing it would be a crummy day too. But I was so wrong. Dave surprised me with plans to go to a hotel (with a jacuzzi) and then spend the day shopping in Shipshewana. I love spur-of-the-moment adventures! So we packed our things and headed to the video store. We rented Big Fat Greek Wedding (which he hadn’t seen yet) and Supertroopers. After that we headed for the hotel and I read to him on the drive. We’re reading Tad Williams’ War of the Flowers. It’s pretty interesting. I am not sure though if I like it yet, or not. Dave loves to be read to though, and for that reason I am truly enjoying myself. Our hotel was pretty nice, we loved the jacuzzi (we may even add one to the house we’re thinking about building) and shopping the next day turned out pretty cool even though only one store was open (Sunday! Duh. I always forget that things are closed on Sunday). Dave fell in love with a painting of Roses laying in a fresh boquet on a table. So we bought that and headed back home.

All in all, I just want to thank him for wonderful company over the weekend, and always. He knew I was down, and he went way out of his way to make me smile. He knew what I needed, and I love him for that. It truly is amazing how we love each other more each and every day. Marriage honestly does become more and more fun as time goes by. I can’t believe how that works. Sure, we’ve had our down times. But there are far more happy times, and I have never been truly unhappy.

I also need to thank him again for nursing me back to health when my arm was broken and painful. He was so patient, and even more gentle than normal (if that is possible). He never made me feel badly for asking for help, and he put up with my tears of frustration when I couldn’t even put my own shirt on. He also helped me to the bathroom and even brought me food in bed. =) I rather liked that.

To retaliate for my over abundance of uncharacteristic niceness, I just want to say, “Dave, your sense of humour is really cheesy, but I love you anyway.”

from abroad, hither and yon

This entry is coming to you from my new zaurus, connected wirelessly from work. w00t. (:

(sidenote: the mobile version of opera on my Z does fine with my blog, but my good friend Froyd’s blog chokes up opera, as it does with opera desktop version. Guess that makes up for my poor performace with safari. 🙂

etherpeg anyone?

So I finally have the iMac that Elizabeth’s grandparents were kind enough to give me working, after a fashion. It seems that the flyback transformer has died on the monitor, so I just hooked up an external monitor for now. I’m still deciding what I want to do with it. The first option is obviously to replace the flyback transformer.

The second option is to use the parts contained herein to make some sort of internet appliance.

That said, where did go? It’s apparently down and gone. No one had the files mirrored, just linked to the original site. Does anyone out there know where I can get my hands on the etherpeg files?

Jaguar is pretty, I’ll give it that. I still can’t decide if I like it or not. I need to give it some time. Not only that, but I’m definitely viewing it on a second rate system (these days anyway), so there is that.

religion caserole

Where to begin? Well, if you’ve already seen Reloaded, and you’re into religion mish-mash of Babylonian proportions, try this article on for size.

Here, the corporate mofo manages to draw in everything from gnosticism (apparently where most of the matrix is drawn from). His grasp on Christian theology is deplorable, although it isn’t meant to be understood without the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, the article is interesting. It draws some unique conclusions about the movie and it’s origins. Worth reading for brain fodder if nothing else.

unborn children, voices, recognition

An interesting article on WorldNetDaily talks about concurrent Canadian and Chinese studies that linked an increase in the heartrate of an unborn child to hearing its mother’s voice, while a decrease in heartrate when hearing a female voice not belonging to its mother.

Very interesting. I wish that they had collected more data points though. Is the increase in heartrate (which the researchers are equating to the child giving attention to the mother) linked to the voice, or to the curious reverberations and resonance that there are sure to be in the womb. Was sound transmitted to the children in the same way? Of course not. A third-party female voice is going to sound neccesarily different from the mother’s voice.

At first I liked this article. It was interesting to hear that language skills were likely beginning to form in children long before birth. Then I got to thinking about some of the other claims of the study, and it just seems too uncontrolled to be of use. Blah.

verdant green

The drive to work this morning was a bit drippy. It’s very grey out, and very moist. The amazing part is how incredibly green it is outside though. It’s the time of the Indiana spring where the corn is growing daily. It’s probly 3-6 inches tall right now, and you can virtually feel it growing.

It’s a good feeling.

perhaps if we reload it again, it will go off this time?

So Melissa and I went to see the matrix reloaded this last friday with the gamefest crowd.

I really don’t know what to say. The cave rave could have been done without, for certain. The sex scenes didn’t really advance the plot at all. They weren’t daring on the part of the Wachowski brothers. They were just distasteful. Enough said.

I enjoyed the fight scenes, they were fun. Especially the stairway and highway scenes. I hated the cg scenes. They were truly horrid. Get me some real cg actors, then we’ll talk about putting them in real movies.

Overall, sure, I enjoyed the flick. I had some serious issues with it, but overall, I’m still looking forward to the final movie. I actually liked the animatrix better than reloaded. Go fig. I did like how the animatrix and reloaded actually tied together.

of all the things I learned at gamefest

The most pertinent is that I should never be part of an anti-terrorist operation. We played RavenShield, and it didn’t go well. We had a blast, but we averaged 50 tries to beat a given level. They were set to veteren difficulty, but still. (: