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cherry baby

Melissa and I just made cherry milkshakes from fresh black cherries, vanilla ice cream (the no sugar added kind) and skim milk. They taste awesome!! (:

Oh, and by the way, we just got our 1000th comment on bloggenspiel. Yay!

Dear “The man”,

The man who speaks the truth was kind enough to give me something to blog about this morning. Hopefully he was joking, but he left me a comment in the old Avril thread to the effect of “Avril sucks, but then so does my spelling.” So let’s take a look at his comment, and have some fun.

First sentence: “Avril u suck ur fake and u almost go rite gainst what u promote.

  • When making a list, it is important to seperate each item with a comma. The last item may include a comma as well, but it is not required.
  • When you type “u”, you mean “you”.
  • “ur” is spelled “you are” or even “you’re”.
  • “rite” is “right” (well, “rite” is wrong, but “right” is correct šŸ™‚
  • Really, Avril promotes herself, so she’s not going against that.
  • Since the place you posted this is my public forum, and not Avril’s, it’s a bit odd that you addressed your rant to Avril herself. I doubt that she reads my blog. If she does, I don’t think she’s likely to be intimidated by your scathing remarks.

Second sentence: “BS that u write ur own songs we know it I think its time that u confess to it.

  • If you had properly punctuated, this crime against grammer would be called a comma splice. Since you didn’t, it’s just sort of a double-run-on-plus-incomplete-sentence. Really, this needs to be three seperate thoughts.
  • The first thought is an incomplete sentence. Apparently BS is the subject, but there is no verb. Your sentence needs an “action word” to be a complete thought.
  • In the third proto-sentence here, you express your wish for her to “confess to it”. Confessing to a song is a tough thing to do, perhaps she should just “confess it”?
  • More to the point, do you want her to confess that she writes her own songs?
  • Who is we in this sentence?

Third sentence: “The only reason that u are famous is because they needed an ANTI BIRTNY NOTING ELSE

  • Who is they? Is there a massive ANTI BIRTNY conspiracy that has put Avril into the musically powerful position that she now holds? It seems that you, Mr. The man, hold the secret to this vast right wing agenda… What is the answer though?
  • And who is BIRTNY? Bert and Ernie? If we were to combine BIRTNY with ANTI BIRTNY, would we be able to solve California’s energy crisis, once and for all?
  • Oh, wait. I think I may have misunderstood. Based on Mr. The man’s capitalization, I think the actual item in question may be more accurately described as “ANTI BIRTNY NOTING ELSE”. Whatever this item is, it is certainly a secret of massive power… Perhaps we should send in Lara Croft to recover it.

Fourth Sentence: “I tried to give u a try soo I go to ur ****ing concert and u ur **** ur voice sooo weak..

  • I tried to give you a try“. Hehe, alert the country music people, we have a new starlette on our hands.
  • “so” only has one “o” in it.
  • Does your mother know that you use language like this?
  • If you went to her concert, I think the joke is on you. While I personally like several of her songs, you apparently like none of Avril’s music. What would posses you to go to a concert for an artist that you feel this way about?
  • Earlier you used the symbol “ur” to denote “you are”. Since that is phonetically logical, I didn’t give it too much thought. Now you’re using it in place of “your” though. Your is the possive form of you… You need another symbol, so that your readers are not confused. Perhaps y-o-u-r would be a good choice. It seems to have a fairly universal understood meaning within the English speaking community, so you’ll find it more too your liking.
  • Did you post this comment from a mobile phone? I suppose that if you were using a nine key keyboard, this method of spelling might make more sense…

Fifth Sentence: “I was giving ur “band” more credit then u So dont back to B.C canada ur just notihng to me and the music industry.

  • Once again, please choose one meaning per symbol that you use on my blog. Ur confusing me with ur misuse of ur own language subset.
  • Why did you put band in quotes? Is her musical accompaniment not a band? You spelled it correctly, oddly enough, so you can’t be flagging an alternate spelling that you prefer…
  • This is really three sentences, at least. It needs to be divided between “u” and “So”. It should also be divided between “canada” and “ur”.
  • I assume that when you say “don’t” you mean “go”. Again your choice of symbols is perplexing.
  • Avril is from Napanee, Ontario. At least, I assume that you were referring to British Columbia when you wrote “B.C”. When using first initials of something, it is customary to place a period after each letter.
  • Looking past your blatant mispelling of “nothing”, I can assume from the last proto-sentence here that you are a spokesperson for the music industry, as well as yourself, since you are able to justly assert that Avril means nothing to the music industry. Excellent. While you’re here Mr. Music Industry, perhaps you can explain your pricing policy, Clear Channel, and why Sir Mixalot isn’t making any new albums?
  • I think this answers my question of who the “we” you were referring to is. It’s you and the music industry! Cleared that one up.

Yeah, I spent way too much time responding to this angst-ridden, language impaired middle schooler, but it was fun. I just got on a roll. So, Anthony, sorry, but you’re the weakest link, you’ve been voted off the island, and your record deal is cancelled. (:

goin’ to the chapel

Life is choice and uncertainty. Do I want peas or carrots? Eighty-seven octane or 90? If it rains today, I’ll wear jeans. If money were to fall in my lap, I’d buy a barn for Melissa. If Christ comes today, I’ll jump for joy. On and on, ad naseum.

I’m horrible at making choices and equally horrible at setting up dependancies correctly. They’re the same thing, really. I don’t know enough details to base a good decision on and even if I did know all the details, I don’t have enough wisdom to choose correctly.

I’m comforted though that my God does not suffer from this malady. He is sovereign and cannot be moved. He is what He is, and He is sufficient for me. I trust Him in my failing, faultering way to lead my life. He will glorify Himself in my. He’s promised to do so.

That being said, I am about to leave for a joyful occasion. My roommate from college and best friend Nathan is getting married this weekend. I’m going to be his best man. It’s truly an honor to be chosen to be witness to the union of my good friend Nate to his life-mate, Tricia.

If you’re a brother or sister in Christ, please remember Nate and Tricia in your prayers. I do hope earnestly that their special day goes off wonderfully. (and I also truly hope that I don’t flub my best man duties at all!!)

I’ll catch you all on the flipside!

those silly mac people

Apparently, Apple computer inflates its own benchmarks, just like everyone else in the PC world. If you’d like some guy’s in depth analysis of the apple data, check out the article. I found it to be quite interesting.

If you’re bored though, please go read the mac zealots responses down at the bottom of the article. They’re a precious example, showing that in spite of their platform, Mac users can be every bit as stupid as Wintel users.

If I were…

… a superhero, I think I would want the superpower of instantly and correctly knowing any statistic that I desired to know. That would be so useful!

avril lavigne’s middle name

Time for another peek into the the search engine referrer log for some fun. (:

  • For the 37 hits that all asked “What is avril lavigne’s middle name?“: I doubt she has one. If she does, it’s not catelogued here. For the other 15 or so people that asked Avril questions, I can’t help you get a date with her, smell her feet, nor show you pictures of her feet, family, or house. By continuing to explain this though, I ensure that I’ll continue to receive these hits. (:
  • Someone searched using the phrase “joel is visited by a man in a devil suit who demands candy”. Whoa, scary.
  • Someone requested “pictures girls winamac in.”. Hehe, I’m not a dating service or a stalking service, so I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Nice to know that there are hopeless geeks even here in the redneck-wasteland. (:
  • If you came to my site wondering “how to read you boss’s mind” I can help you out. He’s thinking “Get back to work!”.
  • Somehow, the phrase “bladder busting poop” led here. I’d like to take this time to point out that poop does not normally have any busting effects of the bladder. If it does, see a doctor. Fast.
  • It’s unclear to me whether the person searching for “strodtbeck mine” wants to mine strodtbeck (as though he were coal) or if they want their own personal strodtbeck, as though he were a bobble head…?
  • Someone asked simply “hampster cheeks”. I reply simply “which end?”.
  • No, you may not put me on hold while.
  • Jesus’ middle name did not begin with H, or any other letter.
  • No pictures of bosoms around here.
  • She’s my cat hector, not your cat hector.
  • Yes, this blog is written and hosted in Logansport Indiana.
  • Rose-Hulman’s operation catapult is tres cool. If you’re interested in details, just ask. I’d be pleased to offer some.
  • This is not the amy reed blog you’re looking for.
  • Yes, one plus one equals one, for small enough values of one.
  • Way too many of you out there have issues with women’s feet. Go work at a shoe store or something.
  • Hehe. thermodynamics for dummies. Did I think of that, or did you?
  • The soon to be Mrs. Froyd does indeed have class, in both senses. (:
  • Yes, someone did indeed set up us the bomb.
  • I suppose I do have a housewife de dark of camelot.
  • I agree condoms shouldn’t be distributed in schools.
  • There were several more search strings, but I’m a bit too embarrassed to mention those. Go look for yourself if you’re bored and don’t embarrass easily.

Phew. Not quite as good as last time, but still a funny romp through search phrases. (:

back to work

We ended up deciding on the Italian job. The ticket counter girl was kind enough to give Melissa and I student ticket pricing, so we only got hit for $6.50 apiece. Every little bit helps.

It turned out to be an enjoyable flick. One of those couldn’t-possibly-happen-unless-chance-were-suspended sorts of heist flicks, like Ocean’s 11 in a way. I would recommend it. Very entertaining. Seth Green gave the most enjoyable performance on that one, to my geek eyes.

The trip back was uneventful, which is good. We were treated to a rainbow and several majestic views of clouds, sky and sun.

No open WAPs near Melissa’s parents.

nice relaxing weekend

Melissa and I took off for the North Country this weekend. It was Melissa’s brother’s graduation party today. It was a nice party, lots of family and friends came by to say hi and give Mike well wishes.

It was a nice trip up here yesterday too. Melissa read to me for a couple hours, and we visited with each other the rest of the way. I’m not sure what we’re going to do tonight. We might go catch a movie. The question will be “Finding Nemo or The Italian Job?”.

The land that we were trying to buy, the owner decided not to sell it after all. So we’re back to the drawing board on that account. We have a house picked out, but without land, we’re kinda stalled. Who knows? We may end up just renting for another year. It’s not optimal in our minds, but perhaps that’s what will happen. If it does, our downpayment fund will get a chance to grow, at least.

That’s our lives in a nutshell. We’re looking forward to a relaxing drive back home tomorrow, then it’s back to work with me.

war driving…

So it turns out that between Winamac Indiana and Logansport Indiana along highway 35, there are no wireless access points, either open or closed. Big suprise there. (:

Adventures of Link

I added a links for the ranting chemist and mosaic life (those silly left-coasters). Mosaic Life seems to be getting posted to fairly regularly again, and I’ve been meaning to link the chemist for a while now. I had a hard time deciding where to categorize Charles. I’ve met him, I know it. I just don’t really know him at all, except through his blog. I figure we were at Rose together though, so he gets that category.

Amberbach got the axe.