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Weekend Conversation

So yesterday Dave and I had a conversation about karate and our good friend Naginata.

Melissa: I really miss karate, I heard they are offering it in Winamac…
Dave: Yeah, I heard Nate was thinking about taking it.
Melissa: Mmm, I don’t think I would EVER want to fight Nate.
Dave: Uh, why?
Melissa: I know his type.
Dave: Oh, you mean strong, swift, and graceful?
Melissa: No…I mean merciless and efficient!
Dave: Well, there is that too…


It occurs to me that environmentalists face an interesting dilemma in their ideological outlook. Specifically, when someone attempts to make an argument for protecting the environment for any purpose other than glorifying God, they have no basis for their reasoning.

If humans are merely a natural outcome of Earth’s biological evolution, then things that humans do are entirely natural. Whether I am clubbing a baby seal to death or killing the rainforest with SUV exhaust, I’m merely excercising my rights as a natural inhabitant of the planet. Where does someone get off saying that what I’m doing is artificial, or unnatural? If I truly have no higher calling than to exist (and then to cease to exist) then how is my existence any less natural than a blue whale in the ocean?

Silly humanists. Granted, this same argument applies to everything from ethic/morality to law to economics, but it felt like a good day to pick on tree huggers.

new hardware lovin’

I just received a new video card for my system at work. I needed a new one, since the old one was an eight megabyte rageXL. The new one is a Matrox G450 dual-head with 32 megabytes of RAM. It’s crispy, lemme tell ya. Oh, and having three heads is fun too. (:

You didn’t think I was going to remove the old card, did you? (:

Still Can’t Drink

Dave thought I should post and let everyone know that yesterday was my 20th birthday.


When Judas seeks to betray Christ, he kisses the Lord’s cheek. I don’t understand the manner in which this constitutes a betrayal. I mean, obviously it was, since the chief priests et. al were willing to pay hansomely for the service. What I’d really like to know though is what actually made this a betrayal?

It’s not like the chief priests didn’t know who Christ was, so they didn’t need a simple “this is the one!”. Did they?

This is just one of those things that I’ve always taken for granted, but I was wondering about the other night.

Time to make some cr-azy monay!

I had no idea that I could make money by playing crazy taxi. Granted, it’s only a few hundred bucks, but hey, I have a goal now. (:

non-stop fun from the referrer logs

So an anonymous someone named meaghan offered her opinion in the form of a comment to this post that I made a while back. Apparently she feels that I am an obsessive freak. She also mentions her hatred for Avril Lavigne.

Now I’m no scientist (I don’t even play one on TV), but I like to have my facts straight whenever possible. The post in question had twenty-two bullet points, each mentioning an interesting thing that showed up in my web server logs. One out of twenty-two doesn’t seem obsessive to me. Freak I can live with though. That one’s ok. (:

The icing on the cake came when I dug through the server logs themselves (not the digested version you can see on the web). It turns out that meaghan arrived here at the paintedpig from a search on What was she searching for, you might ask? Her search terms were “avril lavigne’s email adress”.

Gotta love that, it’s irony at it’s best. While search terms like those don’t negate the possibility that meaghan does in fact hate avril (she may need the address to send hatemail?), those search terms do point some fingers at who might really be the obsessive one.

Oh well, enough of that. (:

Error: the system, is down

If you like Dark Age of Camelot, check out this character’s stats. Whoa! Whole lotta sumthin goin’ on.

whole bunch of summary goin’ on

  • my brother – They released him from the hospital in Saginaw last Wednesday. Apparently the doctors thought that his status was good enough to let him go home. Then he went for another checkup Friday in Fort Wayne, and he’s been re-admitted. The doctors wouldn’t let him leave. Apparently they’re going to do surgery to correct the clot blockage on Monday. I don’t have much more info than that.
  • house stuff – Melissa and I found a house we love. It cost too much, but the sellers are motivated, as they say. So we’ve offered and counter-offered with them. Their counters are now within 15k of our offers. The house is owned by a couple who is finalizing their divorce. The man lives there, the woman does not. To our suprise (maybe we shouldn’t be suprised) the woman accepted our last offer, the man is holding out. It makes sense, in its way. She gets nothing unless the house sells, so she may as well take the offer. He is living there. If he doesn’t take the offer, he still gets to live there.

    That’s where it all got left on Friday. She says sell, he says no. We were about to put an offer on another place just before we went to look at this place we _really_ like. I think we’ll just let them know that if they can’t come to an agreement on the price for the house by this coming Friday, we’ll just go back and put an offer on the place we were going to offer on before all this.

    It’s just one of those things. The divorcee house is a beautiful place on 10 wooded acres, it has a barn, lots of space, and privacy. The down sides being the price, it’s a little on the far side from family, and there are a couple rooms that need completing. The other place is very nice, but not quite comparable. Thankfully, the Lord knows what’s best. He’ll guide the whole thing.

  • lunch with the Froyds – Jerry, Elizabeth and I were honored with having lunch with Nate and Tricia on their way through Indiana to their erstwhile home in Texas. It was so nice to visit with my good friend Nate. It was hard to say goodbye, to be honest. We ended up taking a 1.5 hour lunchbreak. While I realize that life is a string of goodbyes, I’m so thankful that Heaven will be hello. I’m so glad to see Nate happy.
  • et cetera – I had a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to put here…. It’s managed to escape my brains though. woopsie daisy.

netbsd 1.6.1 and realtek 8139

When trying to make a realtek 8139 based ethernet interface play nicely with NetBSD, be sure that Plug-n-PlayOS is disabled in your BIOS. If you have that setting enabled, you’ll get an error during bootup to the effect of rtk0: can’t map i/o space.

That is all.