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silly electrons, come to me, and be sated

If you’ve been having trouble getting to das paintedpig lately, especially at night, it’s because we’ve been having so many storms in the area. Since I’m not hardcore enough of a server admin to have full-fledged battery or generator backups, the server goes down when power goes away. Sorry. ):

prayers, please?

To my brothers and sisters in Christ: my brother Jeff is in bad shape at the moment. He’s been having chest pains for a couple weeks now. Apparently Friday the pain increased tenfold, so he went to the hospital. I’m far from the source of the information, so the best I can piece together is that the membrane around his heart is inflamed due to a blood clot in one of the large arteries near the heart. My understanding is that this is a very serious condition. They currently have him on blood thinners. They plan to try to remove the clot in three days, if it is still there.

Please pray for my brother. I love him dearly. Please pray that God would be glorified through this event, thank Him for His sovereignty over the situation, and if you would, request that my brother be spared from any serious or permanent harm.

Thank-you all.

while I’m whining

While I’m in a house rant mood (although I agree with you all, when the right house is found, we’ll see just what God has been up to this whole time), what are y’all’s experience with realtors?

Melissa and I have either had really poor choice in finding realtors, or else they’re just a slimy lot. It doesn’t help anything that they’re really working for the seller and not for us, but still. It seems like these people have everything to gain by taking advantage of us.

I’m just whining, it’s true. I just get bad vibes off so many of these realtors. Worse yet, so many of them are amateur (or they seem that way) realtors. They have other jobs, and just sell houses in their spare time. I don’t want that. I want someone who knows the house and who is going to work for me. I want them to try to get the best deal they can on a house that’s right for me. grr.

ok, I’m better now. Honest (:

land or not to land

Yesterday I called a realtor and told him that I would like to put an offer on some land. Melissa and I had finally given up on the farm house that we’ve been putting offers on (and getting rejected on), so we were going to buy this land and build on it. We loved the land. It’s basically a five acre hill, with a patch of trees in one corner.

So today at lunch time I called the realtor to confirm our appointment (that was supposed to be in about 30 minutes). He told me then that someone had come to him at 9pm last night and placed a cash offer for the full asking price of the land. Blarg. Guess that means no land for me, eh? Part of me wants to cry foul, since I called yesterday and had an appointment, but I guess that is meaningless.

Sometimes it seems that Melissa and I just can’t win. Then I come to my senses and realize that while it might seem like the world is out to get us, God will use it all to His glory. If we’re patient, I’m sure we’ll eventually find a piece of land or a home that we can buy.

Rewriting the Bible

I read an interesting post from June 26th on Irene Q’s blog the other day that really got me thinking and feeling. Since then I have really been dwelling how right or wrong it is to re-interpret the Bible in story form. I don’t see a person can re-interpret the Bible and make it better. Or how they can re-interpret the Good Book without making assumptions. Alot of Irene’s readers were really excited about her interpretation. One, a pastor even encouraged her to continue her saga. I am not going to pick apart her post here (I already did that on her blog, and I don’t think it needs to be done again), but I am really shocked at how nobody sees where I am coming from with this. It hurts me to read that because, I see it as borderline blasphemy. I believe with all my heart that my God has feelings, but not weaknesses…such as depression and uncertainty, and remorse. I know that God does not delight in punishing His people, but I can’t see how He could feel remorse for doing so. God never does wrong. And…the wages of sin…is death. The whole reason I am dragging up Irene’s post again, is to hear what my friends have to say on this matter. Am I (other than my husband and Jerry) the only one who sees this kind of interpretation as wrong? Many of you who read this blog are what I believe to be devout Christian people, and I would REALLY love to hear what you have to say about this. I may be wrong in my opinions, but I REALLY don’t believe I am.