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oh yeah

one more thing: I won’t/can’t check my email accounts anymore after tonight, so please don’t use them. If you need to email me, send it to my work address, or to my cs account at rose. We have our phone on as well.

Public Service Announcement

I’ll be taking my site down for moving later tonight, if all goes according to plan. The internet connection at the new house is scheduled to be installed on the 26th, but who knows when I’ll actually get cable pulled so that I can have a connection in the computer room.

Anyway, the pig is going to be down for a few days. I’m sure blogland and forumland will survive. I’m looking forward to getting the new connection. I’ll have about five times the bandwidth in the upstream direction. That will be nice for all of you. It should translate into faster load times for all the pages here at paintedpig. Not that most of you care. (:

Anyway, I’m rambling. House moving is going swimmingly. Melissa and I have probably 50% of our stuff moved to the new place. We’ve been moving one load per night this week. We got the new aquarium setup last night. The water is conditioning, so hopefully later this week it will be ready [enough] for the fish to move.

We’re going to be moving big stuff (furniture, appliances, etc) on Saturday. If any of y’all would like to help, feel free to come. I’ll be starting between eight and nine a.m.. Basically when people get there in the morning.

If you want directions or anything, just email me at work, or leave a comment here.

I canna’ hold’er together much lunger cap’n

I’ve added three new links to the mix at the right. The first is Davitree (Dave Drapac), my favorite leftist frisbee fiend. Next up, (Dave Imler) who was a helpdesk conspiritor and fellow Finisar intern (not to mention Blumbergian extroidinare). Lastly, punchdrunkmonkeyman (Jon Pederson). Jon apparenlty posts three times a year. I’m hoping to shame him into posting more often, because he’s the youngest 50 year old man I know, and he’s fun. If there were three heckler-muppets, then we’d have Statler, Waldorf and Jon. (:

I looked for Ball or Schondy blogs, but alas, nonesuch was found. Also, the godfather emeritus seems make claims of having a blog, but was bereft of any such.

::happy dance::

Melissa and I spent out first night in the new house last night. It was a bit like camping out, since all we had was a mattress and two blankets (we forgot the sheets!). It was nice nonetheless.

No mildew, no critters in the attic, central air – all thing that make for a much better night’s sleep than average.

is it sad

that one of the things I’m looking forward to in the new house is having three-pronged power outlets?


Some technogeeks are discussing fate, freewill and God. I saw an interesting quote there:

I don’t believe that omniscence is incompatible with free will.

For example if I have a program:

x = rand();
if (x > 5) printf(“Drink Coke.”);
if (x < 5) printf("Drink Pepsi."); I don't know whether the program will Drink Coke or Pepsi but I know what all the results are before the program runs.

I didn’t want to troll the forum, but the obvious question to this person is:

What does your program do when x = 5?


Working on a web server, tossed a line into /etc/rc.local to start up mysql. I forgot to put an amperstand at the end of the line, to background the server though. Which means that the server never completes it’s boot process… Thank God that sshd started in before mysql did. Phew!

All good things must end…

And, regardless of how good or bad our stay at our current home has been, it will end sometime next week. Melissa and I are going to be moving throughout the coming week, and hopefully culminating the move on the 27th. This means several things:

1) This blog, and all blogs will be down for a little while. I’m moving to a new provider though, and I’ll have more bandwidth with them, so you should be happy when I’m back. (:

2) The forum will also be down until the server comes back. (well duh)

3) When I come back, I’ll be on a business class connection. That means that I’m actually paying for the use of my pipe 24/7, and I can do anything with it I want. And, for now, I wouldn’t mind providing MoveableType Blog functionality to those who are wanting it. I’m also considering setting up a comment hosting service. Free, or cheap, I’m not sure which. Regardless though, moveabletype for friends, free of charge.

Anyway that’s that. Please pray that God will not only bless the moving (keep people safe, etc) but that he would use our being at the new house to His glory.

here a link, there a link, everywhere a zelda

I tossed three new links onto the blogroll, and fixed the broken links. Should be pretty much up to date for what Melissa and I serf regularly. Lemme know if any of the links are still broke, wrong, etc. Also, if I’m calling you something via the links other than what you prefer, feel free to call that to my attention.

follow the link, now!

Badger Snake Magic Mushroom. ’nuff said.