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speaking of packet loss…

Ouch, my home network is currently experiencing about 18-30 percent packet loss somewhere. I just don’t know where. Worse, I’m not likely to be able to address it super-soon.


welcome to

das piggenstein is back in the hizzouse, so to speak. We’ll see how it goes this time. (:

Once again, it’s late, and I must sleep. I’m glad to have a blog back again though. I have so many things to whine about! I mean, honestly, the ancient israelites ain’t got nothin’ on me these days, I could whine about any of about five things right now.

Which kinda leads me back to how idiotic it would be for me to whine at all. So I’m gonna say that I’m ever so thankful for my lovely wife, and that we’re settling into our new home swimmingly. More details to come!

don’t wanna talk about, I say why not?

Here’s the pig again, but service will be sketchy for a while yet. It’s late tonight, and I’m going to bed soon. Let’s just say that “things ain’t quite right yet”. I’ll rant later.