Monthly Archives: January 2004

dave wuz here…

states that dave has visited in the USA

create your own visited states map

These maps are pretty cool. 50% coverage so far. Whoo!

The package is safe

Word from people who know is that the mikey has made it safely through his knee surgery today. The doctor said everything went as planned.

That is all.

the primary main problem

… with discussions on evolution as a theory is that it isn’t a theory in the typical scientific sense. The typical meaning of theory is the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another according to Merriam-Webster. Evolution is not based on fact, it is based on speculation regarding observations and understandings of our universe/planet. This fits the secondary meaning of theory, which is abstract thought: speculation.

In order to be a true theory in the primary meaning sense of the word, it would need to be based on a set of observed and repeatable facts. Given enough chance for variation, can protein strands really approximate and eventually become life? Given appropriate environmental stresses and stimuli, will a species develop a different characteristic than its ancestors? Under what circumstances can a fish be compelled to take up residence on a beach?

Those are my thoughts regarding evolution as a theory.

On a somewhat related note, I think that words are such useless things much of the time. Sometimes I think that language is more for the purpose of disallowing commucation than for communication.

Best thirty-three cents I ever spent

I picked up Super Mario Bros. for $0.33 after tax. Best use of pocket change I could think of. Now I just need an NES. (:

The Explorer runs now

I was even able to drive it to work this morning. I think I’m going to like it. Dad and I were fiddling with it last night, trying to figure out why it wouldn’t start. Dad pulled the throttle position sensor off the intake, just to see what it was (we originally thought it might be the air temp. sensor, before we pulled it off). On a whim, I tried to start the vehicle.

To my joy, it did start. We popped the sensor back on, and it still starts. I’m going to have to find out if the sensor is bad or not, but at the vehicle works now. Yay! (:

interesting factoid

I ran a carfax report on my new (to me) Explorer, and found out a really freaky fact. See, I bought the vehicle in Detroit. It’s had four owners. The second owner lived in Logansport, Indiana! That is the town that I lived in up until about six months ago.

It’s a small world, yet again.

new template itch

So, because the most unlikely people have been updating their templates, it’s given me the urge to update my own, and offer a new, fresh look for the painted pig blog.

Anyone have any suggestions? What would look nice?

Why has the pig been down?

Power was out a few days ago at Casa de Heigl, and I don’t have a monitor on the pig (which resides in the basement). Since the pig’s motherboard is slightly gimp, it requires a little help to boot. Thus, I’ve just been too lazy to haul a monitor down there and fix the problem. As you can see, the problem is fixed now.


So my new explorer still isn’t able to start on its own. Once it’s started, it runs great. The forum I’ve been watching suggests that it may be a temp. sensor acting oddly. I’m going to try that next. My fuel pressure is fine, so it’s not that.

I’ve been busy (with a lot of help from my Dad and my brother Joe) on the truck. Things replaced so far:

  • spark plugs
  • plug wires
  • air filter
  • fuel filter
  • oil filter
  • oil
  • driver’s door hinge pins
  • serpentine belt

The truck is a bit rough, but I’m hoping to slowly improve it. (:

hiatus schmiatus

So I’ve been away from this blog for a while. It’s nice to take breaks and all. The main reason that there has been so little postage around here though is just that some of the things going on in our lives just weren’t the sorts of things that were best expressed in a public forum.

That being said, many things have happened that are noteworthy. That being true, let the noting begin!

  • Instead of swapping the engine out of the cougar (good ol’ Bubba), I bought a 1991 Explorer instead. It’s a tad rusty, but it seems to run much better than Bubba. Hopefully it will be a more solid vehicle than poor old Bubba as well. (: I’ll post some pictures when I get the vehicle home. It’s in Detroit right now. We’re going to get it on Saturday.
  • Melissa adopted herself a doggie. It’s a more-or-less year old german shepherd. I voted we name it Rommel, but his name is now Jett.
  • Melissa’s brother Mike has been staying with us this week. It’s fun to have another person around the house. Changes things up, makes life interesting. We’re taking him home on Saturday, but I hope we can do it again sometime.
  • We spent New Year’s Eve at my parent’s house, with a whole lot of extended family (including melissa’s family and my Grandma from New York). It was a blast. Euchre, scrabble, and Egyptian Rat Screw were all played. Let me tell you, Melissa’s engagement ring gives her a significant advantage in a slapping card game.

This is a really old entry, but it’ll do. Post time. (: