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I’ve been a busy beaver with regards to blog issues lately. I’ve purchased the domain with the intention of moving all blogging activities off of It’s starting to become a strain on my net connection to have the web server on it. This will also alleviate the problem of the blogs going down when I lose power, net connectivity, etc.

So, in an effort to conserve my home’s bandwidth and electricity, I’ve purchased offsite hosting and a domain name to go with it. I was going for something short, easy to spell, easy to remember, etc. Hopefuly fits the bill.

I still have a little setup to do there, but I’m hoping that Naginata and Soulfood won’t mind their new home. If they could each drop a note to heigldw where the domain is cs.rose-hulman.ed, I would be much obliged. We can start talking about the best time/way to migrate you to the new site. I will obviously be moving bloggenspiel there as well, in the near future.

With that said, I’ll also host anyone who wants a blog on It’s free to me for the next 2.5 years, so it’ll be free to everyone else (that is everyone whom I know. If I don’t know you, I’ll consider it, but I don’t want to get 5 gajillion requests either šŸ™‚ for at least that long. If you want a blog, you need to provide me with an email that I can reach you at. Obviously this is not an infinite resource, but I would not mind spreading the love around as much as possible.

Thanks for reading, that is all.

bullet time

All kinds of little notes to make. I think a bulletted list will be easier to consume than a million little posts. Without further ado:

  • Had a War3 LAN party at Jerry’s this last weekend. We had six local attendees and two remote ones. For perhaps the first time in LAN party history, each participant had a legal copy of the game. (:
  • My motherboard passed on that same day. At first glance, that was very inconvenient. Upon second thought though, that motherboard was hit by lightening over a year ago, so it’s really no suprise that it died. The only suprise is that it lasted this long!
  • I ordred an Intel made motherboard as a replacement. I know my RAM survived. I’m hoping that my cpu survived (2.53Ghz non-HT P4). If it didn’t, I supposed I’ll just be ::forced:: to go buy a hyperthreaded processor. šŸ˜›
  • My brother Joe helped me yank a dead tree out of my back yard. The base of it was pobably 8-10 inches in diameter. Yanking things out of the ground with a tractor is fun. (:
  • I’m trying to find a place to run an ethernet cable from the basement up to the upstairs. I’ve yet to find a good spot. While I was nosing around in the basement though, I found a dead bird in the water heater’s vent. Very crispy.
  • Melissa and I have made good progress in getting our garden planted. Thus far we have onions, potatoes and turnips planted.
  • The MT-Blacklist is doing its job thus far. It has blocked 15 spams. It let one slip though, but that was no sweat to delete and add an entry into the blacklist for. It may have let that one through, but it prevented an unknown number of similar entries through comment rate-limiting. Yay for smart plugins.
  • That’s all I can think of at the moment. Work is work, so I’m not even going to bore you with that right now.

Winds of Change

Well, I’ve made some upgrades to das piggenstein. First off, I upgraded Moveable Type to version 2.661. This allowed me to install the excellent MT-Blacklist plugin.

This should virtually eliminate the comment spam that has been plaguing my blog as well as Soulfood’s and Naginata’s. It works by disallowing any comment with a URL in it that matches any of the strings or regexs in my blacklist. I’m using a very standard blacklist. Careful though, there is a lot of obnoxious stuff in that list. Caveat Lector, or whatnot.

If anyone continues to get blogspam at a blog, let me know so that we can tune the blacklist.


Got the garden tilled today. The dirt here is beautiful! It’s very dark, soft, fluffy, etc. Best dirt I’ve ever seen for a garden. The weeds that had peeked up already sure loved it. The pine trees, fruit trees and raspberry bush (bush is a little optimistic to call this thing, but still) all saw to it that I had to get around them to do my tilling, but I prevailed.

I’m actually looking forward to the garden this year. Should be fun. I’ve never co-owned a garden. Only worked in my parents. I was a pretty bad sport about my parent’s garden, in retrospect. It’s just different, you know?

Home Improvement

Tonight I painted almost 1/4 of the basement with an epoxy paint. It’s tan in color. The point is to hopefully seal the floor so that its easier to clean things [urine, loose fur, etc] up off of it. It also makes the basement much brighter and cleaner feeling to have one solid color covering the floor.

If this part dries nicely and looks good, we’ll buy enough additional paint to finish the floor. Feels good to get something useful done when I get home from work. Makes play time seem more earned. (:

Death to the infidels

It seems that the Gator corp. (actually called “Claria” now, in an attempt to dodge their infamy) is going IPO. This software is truly evil stuff. The company claims to have 35 million in profits and 45 million “active users”.

The reason I put “active users” in quotes is because Gator software installs itself very quietly, usually masked as some other piece of software that the user actually wants, like peer-to-peer filesharing software. Then, the software aids in bringing popups and popunders to the user, as well as sends back information about the user’s browsing habits. Truly, this type of company defines the slimiest of the mostly-illegitimate-but-not-quite-illegal companies preying on internet users.

My solution? The next big windows worm should include a gator cleanser. Put the dirtbags out of business. Shake investor confidence, kill advertiser (client) profitability, etc. Stick it to these scum.

(link via Ars Technica)

blog boredom

I’ve just been so bored with this blog lately. I don’t take the time to make entries about everyday things. I _definitely_ don’t have time to make any long involved rants.

Actually, I do have a praise though. My inlaws gave me some audio tapes of sermons by a preacher named John MacAurthur. I’ve only listened to one so far, but it was very solid preaching. It’s nice to have something to listen to on the way to work that isn’t a mushy christian station or a worse than bad pop station. (There is also the ever present country music on the radio, but I’m rarely in the mood for that.)

Melissa and I tried a church in town two weekends ago. We’re back in church trying mode. The one we tried was only three blocks from home, but wasn’t a very deep church. I’m hoping for a church where Melissa and I can be challenged to learn more about God and the faith He’s given us. So hopefully we can find that closeby. If not, we’ll just drive a little further.