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Next time some random person online wants a pick of me, I’ll have to point them to this other dave heigl, just for fun. Funny stuff. (:

Black Market Movies

Melissa and I went on vacation last week. I’ll post more about that later. While I am thinking of it though, I wanted to post about an interesting situation I was made aware of.

We were visiting Melissa’s family in South Carolina. One of her aunts takes care of three boys (ages 6, 12 and 13) and one of the aunt’s sons lives with her as well. She’s a busy lady, and can’t afford to take them all to the movies. What she does do though is buy DVD’s on the so called “Black Market”. Apparently a group of black men run a bootleg DVD group. Any movie you want for $7, they say.

I have no idea what sort of technology is involved. I assume they just use kazaa or whatnot, but they may cam the movies themselves. Of the few I sampled, they were all low quality (both audio and video). Apparently it’s a big business though. Melissa’s aunt just calls a phone number with her requests, and they’ll meet her at some location with the movies.

I guess I’m just naive, because I was floored that activity like this took place in such an organized manner in the states. I know its more common than breathing in parts of Asia, but I just wasn’t aquainted with it around here. These guys are making huge profits, considering average wages for that area of South Caroline. Insane.