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To Our Local Friends…

Hey guys, I don’t have most of your e-mails so I’m hoping you see this post. It’s a little last-minute, but I’m wondering if anyone is interested in going horseback riding tomorrow night at 9pm. The stable I ride at hosts a Moonlight Ride (for adults only) once a month during the full moon. The stable is off of 35 between Royal Center and Logansport. Cost will be 25.00 and the ride will be at least on hour long. Anyone who wants to come should let me know, so the stable can have the correct number of horses saddled. And if it’s too short-notice for most of you, don’t worry. There’s always next month.

If dinner if a concern there’s alway El Ranchito. We could head to the stable a little early and everyone can practice riding on my horse (that part’s free.)

mac a flambe

I don’t know if Joel reads my blog often (or at all), but this link really reminded me of his monitor from junior/senior year. I suppose it belongs to kevin now, but still. Silly Apple.

drowning in a sea of music

I generally listen to the Digitally Imported Vocal Trance Station while I’m at work. It drowns out a good deal of the normal annoyance that happens around me (constant paging, idle conversations, machine noise, etc). The last week or so, their mixes have been excellent. I’m not sure what has changed, but if you go for trance, I would highly recommend this station.

Know what I’d like?

I want a plugin for movable type that sends notifications via ICQ, or something similar. Notifications are normally sent via email. They inform me of when a new comment comes in, who sent it, their IP, the comment body, etc. Let’s me keep tabs on things on the blog.

It would be convenient to have such things be sent via an instant messenger, rather than email. Does anyone know of such a plugin? Does anyone know of work being done on such a thing?

Alternately, it would also be cool to be able to post from icq. There are some technical hurdles with this direction (authentication not being the least of those) but it’s also an interesting technology. Plenty of people post from their mobile phones, so this doesn’t seem to be a huge leap beyond the norm, to me.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. Nothing to see here folks. Carry on. (:

mikey, we need new careers:

Let’s move to Korea.. (:


I’m sure that any of you with your own blog know the feeling: You have several notable posts you want to make, but haven’t made for various reasons. Then, as new things come up, you don’t post them either because then they would be out of order, and they’re less improtant than the previous posts you wanted to make. It snowballs, until you end up not making posts for weeks.

To remedy this, I’m posting bullets, machine-gun style:

  • While at a Taco Bell, Melissa and I witnessed a hit and run. The kid didn’t have a prayer of making it into the parking spot he tried to fit in. He smashed up the bumper of a jeep with the door of his cavalier. Then he left. I wrote down his plate number. Everyone in the restaurant cheered. Melissa and I stayed to talk to the policeman. Also, don’t eat at the Taco Bell in Laporte Indiana. It’s not very clean.
  • I finally got the spare computer going again, thanks to a video card from Charles. Yay! It’s nice to not have yet another doorstop laying around in the closet. (:
  • Had dinner with Ryan, Angel, Jerry, Elizabeth, Travis, Becky, Mojo and two of Ryan’s high school friends last night. Tasty food, good friends. Can’t ask for more.
  • Melissa and I got a new fridge recently. New to us is more accurate. It’s a few years old, but a few decades newer than the previous one. It’s so clean and pretty!
  • Melissa made me a blueberry coffeecake this weekend. So tasty!
  • Melissa and I (mostly her effort) have been freezing large amounts of produce that we’ve either picked or grown. So far blueberries, raspberries turnips and sweet corn have been done.
  • I have parts to replace the shocks/struts on the le baron, oil (and filter) in both vehicles and rear main and oil pan seals in the exporer. Now I just need to get the jobs themselves done. (:

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

excellent quote

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”
-Philip K. Dick

New toy for the exploder

Melissa let me get a new toy for the exploder. It’s a Sony CD player head unit for the Explorer. It also plays mp3 CDs and reads/displays the ID3 tags. I got it installed Monday night, and really enjoy it. Not only does it play CDs (a function I’ve been missing) but it tunes in radio much better than the previous head unit. w00t!

click for a picture of the new head unit (:

automatic willy-whacker

Want to know something technology shouldn’t be used for? Try an automatic circumcision robot on for size. Oh, did I use the wrong metaphor? I’m sorry. (:

fun flash game

Have fun. Melissa and I like it. (: