Monthly Archives: August 2004

rejoice ye peasants!

The 004um is back, and better than ever. It should be faster and cleaner now than it ever was. I’ve enabled uploading avatars, and increased the max size to 150 pixels square and 64kb per avatar.

This is to soften the fact that everyone needs to pick a new (or old) avatar, since the old ones are lost. All the old posts, post counts, titles, etc are the same though.

Sorry for the long absense, but since I’ve had time on my hands lately, I was finally able to work throught the last few issues with the board, and republish. Cheers! (oh, and just drop me a line if you need your password reset, I know I had to do that for myself!)

Job news

I have two interviews scheduled for Friday at General Dynamics Land Systems (in other words, tanks and things). They are based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, which is about an hour away from Melissa’s parents. I actually have a great Uncle that works there.

Strangely enough for a multi-billion dollar company, their web page sucks. (:

It _is_ fun to be shoved to the front of the line when there are 400-500 other people waiting to talk to recruiters as well though, let me tell you. Computer Engineering for the win! šŸ˜›

job news

So, on the finding work front, good news: positive things are coming from both Crowe Chizek and Cummins at the moment. So far as I’m aware, both companies are interested in me. I’m hoping to get interviews with both soon.

Either one would mean a move for Melissa and I, but both seem to be good, strong companies, so that’s positive.

crackheads + sparkplugs + engineer = funny

Funny stuff

Never-ending resumes

So far today, I’ve called three high-schools in the area. No jobs there. The community college in the area needs business and law people, but no computer/math people. I’ve sent resumes to Cummins, Beckman Coulter and Logikos. It all starts to run together eventually. I’ve been doing this for a week now.

Anyway, like I said, if you know of someplace that wants an uber-geek, lemme know. I’m not dead-set on an engineering job. I would do teaching, IT work, software development, etc. Just depends on the situation.

Didja hear?

Yeah, work fired me. No reason given. I’m an embedded software engineer. I’m fairly practiced at applications programming and network/server administration as well as computer/network security.

If you know of anyone that needs an all-around uber-geek, drop me a line, eh?

Things that give me warm fuzzies:

useful schtuff

I’ve been installing winXP a lot lately. One of the most useful things I’ve recently discovered?

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

Kills MSN messenger. It generates an error along the way, but it gets the job done. Just paste it into a the run dialog on the start menu, and it gets the job done.

(I found this on this page)