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It wigs me out a bit…

…to see a picture of Christopher Reeve laughing on a really large billboard that I pass every morning on the way to work.

funny story is a good read. Takes 30 seconds. Do it!


Check out It’s a group of mailing lists that bring people in general geographic areas together to cut down on waste. I know that I for one hate throwing out something that is perfectly good, just because I just don’t have a use for it. So people post when they have something to give away, others post when they have a need, etc.

Pretty neat concept. Once Mel and I get settled into a house, I think I’d like to try this out to clear out my PC “collection”.

&lt /servicemessage &gt

alternative love

No, not that. I mean I finally upgraded to Firefox 1.0 PR. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s oodles more responsive than the previous version I was using, and it finally fixes the session bug it used to have with MT. I just love it.

Also, it seems that IE [in]correctly renders &lt/br&gt as though it were actually a &lt br&gt . Hence my not noticing that Jenn Ho Tekman was not a valid blogroll link, even though Angel pointed it out. Silly IE. So broken in so many ways, yet so ubiquitous.


Added Mojo to the blogroll.

It really annoys me when…

electronic presence monitoring (such as those that flush toilets, turn on faucets, etc) fails to acknowledge my presence. It’s as though the device is sticking out its virtual tongue at me, and questioning my humanity. Or something. (:

ad targetting?

gmail scans the particular email(s) that you’re looking at and gives you text ads that are trying to be relevant to the topic you’re communicating about.

That being said, I find it hilarious that google gave me this ad in relation to an email mikey sent me containing birthdays and anniversaries of several of our mutual friends:

Famous Bipolar People
A list of famous people with bipolar disorder, past and present. …

Election 2004

If I get a chance to vote this election, I am going to vote for Michael Badnarik. And no, I don’t think that my vote will be “thrown away”, so to speak. I was eligible to vote for the previous presidential election, but chose not to vote. I’ve not yet known of a Republican or Democrat candidate that I felt adequately represented by and who was deserving of my vote.

Given that I won’t vote for a “lesser evil” just to prevent the “greater evil” from gaining office (and I feel no remorse for not using my vote, in the case of no eligible candidate), my vote can’t possibly be worth less by actually using it than it was by not using it at all. So there. QED

Two interesting interviews with Badnarik:
Lady Liberty

random bullets

  • Melissa and I found some very nice solid wood computer desks at a Pier 1 Clearance Store. I’m pleased with them. I’m going to unbox them and put them together tonight, to make sure they’re what I wanted. It was cool though, when I went to ask the cashier what the price on them was, she went, found the price, and brought me back a 30% off everything coupon! That’s what made them worth getting.
  • I found a person nearby who is parting out an explorer. Thus, I get a new rear hatch, sans rust. I also get new cargo carpet, a replacement for the one seatbelt assembly that is broken, and a pair of latch pegs for the front doors. All for $30. w00t!
  • Melissa and I have been trading a cold back and forth. It’s the annoying sort where when one of us just finally gets over it, the other gets it. Hopefully two rounds each will be enough.
  • Mikey and I have been on a real winning streak in War3 lately. It’s fun to finally be good enough that we can win fairly consistantly when we play 2v2 online. We have several strategies now, for different situations. It’s such a varied game, it is a nice mental retreat.
  • Melissa and I have basically quit playing Dark Age of Camelot. We haven’t really played since we moved. The “New Frontiers” expansion that they released this summer just sucked the life out of the end game. She and I (and Mikey) are all just idling, waiting for WoW to come out. (as if I really need an MMO timesink in my life) It’s actually nice to not have an mmo in my life. I’m planning on being more moderate this time around. Hopefully Blizzard will make it a game that can be fun *without* requiring 6-8 hour raids to stay competitive.
  • I’ve been thinking of designing a new theme for the blog. I’m still mulling over what sort of look I’d like though. We’ll have to see.

Neal Stephenson quote

Slashdot had an interview with Stevenson that was a good read. One quote really made me think of Froyd:

For the Baroque Cycle books I needed to convert my manuscripts, which were all TeX files, into a Quark format used by the publisher. So I wrote an emacs lisp program that churned through the TeX files looking for TeX escape codes and converting them to their equivalents in Quark. This was nasty and tedious but, in the end, reasonably satisfying.

The question regarding who would win in a fight between himself and William Gibson was especially enjoyable. (: