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Faithful readers:

I’m going to be traveling a lot, and in between places. Entries are going to be smaller and farther between for a while. Stay warm!

Last Day

This may come as a suprise, but today is my last day at General Dynamics Land Systems. I’ve worked here 17 weeks and 2 days now, and haven’t had any real task to work on yet. I’ve had a PC for four weeks now though. Also, the company has renigged on the relocation agreement, so that hasn’t endeared me to them.

Starting Monday, I’ll be working at a company that does both defense and commercial work. They are located on the northwest side of Indianapolis. I’m looking forward to working there, since I’ll have actual work to do. Apparently I’m going to be maintaining some missile emulation software for Navy attack helicopters. I’m sure that is still subject to change though, so we’ll see.

Anyway, no more fridgid northern hinterlands for us, we’re headed back to sunny Indiana on Wednesday (heh).

annoying commercial

Since I don’t have my XM receiver moved to the Jeep yet, I’ve been listening to broadcast radio on my commute again. If I hear the woman on the Chi-Chi’s commercial say “salt-sa” one more time…

New Vehicle

On Monday, I bought a new vehicle to replace the explorer. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the explorer that I can’t fix. Realistically, it’s been below zero outside most of the week, and I can’t do anything outside without risking life and limb to the cold.

So, inspite of being a pennypincher at the core, I went and bought a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It’s black with black tint, has a 190 horsepower inline six cylinder engine, and boasts just 35,000 miles so far. It’s virtually new.

Even more amazing, this vehicle has heat. No coaxing involved. It just comes right out of the registers on the dash. In fact, everything in the vehicle works, all by itself! No cajoling, begging, futzing or grumbling. It just works.

So all-in-all, I’m pleased with the purchase. The payment is reasonable. I think I paid a very reasonable amount for a vehicle in such good condition. For archival reasons, I’ll want to know that I can buy a OEM cruise kit here and that the stock vehicle specs are here.

To do: replace fluids with synthetics as soon as possible, and get the Sony receiver and XM system moved over from the explorer asap as well.

I asked, Google answered

Over a year ago, I wrote an email to google explaining the problems that I was having with blog spam, and imploring them to do something about this issue. Since they are by far the largest search engine out there, they are the ones with the clout to foil the google rankers.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one that begged google to fix this problem, but behold they answered anyway. w00t!

Update your blog templates people, the problem should subside soon. Now, whenever googebot see’s “rel=nofollow” attributes on a link, the link won’t count for googlerank. Thus, all links in comments can be munged to include that attribute, and comment links will no longer contribute to googlerank. Problem solved. I’m sure it will take some time for the spamming to stop, but hopefully this problem is out, for the time being.

(personally, I don’t think we’ve had any comment spam here on notblog for at least several weeks…)

dredging from /dev/null

  • There are no less than five bumper skins lying on the side of the highway on my morning commute. They all appeared there recently. Weird.
  • My driver’s door was frozen shut and locked this morning. I had to climb in through the rear hatch. No officer, I am not stealing this rusty truck!
  • It was sixty degrees out yesterday. I was amazed. It’s fifteen degrees out today.
  • Went to an interesting lecture earlier this week on reconfigureable computing. Unlike the current work being done on the matter, this speaker was a proponent of the compiler clueing the hardware how it should configure itself to run given code optimally.
  • Back to Indiana this weekend to continue getting the house ready to sell.
  • This bullet intentionally left blank


I have a certain amount of contempt for any realtor who takes it upon themselves to deem a home that butts up to a drainage ditch “waterfront”. Also, just the facts are required when attempting to describe a home, even if it is uniquely quaint, rustic and perfect. Anything else quickly becomes repetitive and nauseating.

A better way

What I would have rather gotten from the Company as a reason for firing me, instead of “We don’t love you anymore”:

Pursuant to the “at will” employment policy of [the “Company”], we hereby terminate your employment effective immediately.

While there are no written directives preventing you from executing a flatulatory expression from the confines of your cubicle, the Company finds your unabashed leg-in-the-air approach to gastrointestinal evacuation an unquestionable encumberment to those working in and around your working area.

We thank you for your contributions to the Company and wish you well in your future endeavors.

Very truly yours,
Der Commandant

(unabashedly adapted from Dooce, a new favorite blog to read)

guilty pleasure

Yes, I admit it, I’ve had this video on loop for the last half hour. So funny!


I talked to yet another recruiter tonight, and she, like her ilk before her, asked me what rate would I like. What a stupid question. How about eleventy billion dollars?

For starters, how about if you recruiters out there explain what sorts of the benefits the job will provide, some high and low points of it, why the company is worthwhile, etc. Then, if you want to offer to submit my resume for a contracting position, then perhaps you should go out on a limb and make an offer to me based on what you’re willing to pay, instead of stonewalling me.