Monthly Archives: March 2005

Brint it!

Blue under where?. I just made you click underwear!


Free anime, it seems. I’ve watched the first one. It’s quite good. Ninjai.


I played ultimate last night, for the first time in forever. It was an awesome time. It was a bit of a nervous time for me at first, but eventually I started tossing disc with someone. Then after about five minutes of tossing disc, I’m winded…

NOT GOOD! hehe. Anyway, I ache today. My legs are very sore, my back is very sore. My heart felt it too. Most of all though, my right arm (my throwing arm) hates me with a burning passion right now. I’m happy though. I managed to play for two hours. Granted, I was among the slowest and least graceful of the players there, but I will improve if I keep on keeping on.

::happy sigh::


Obviously, these are not my pants.


Today is Resurrection Sunday, the day that Christians commemorate the resurrection of Christ from the dead after his crucifiction three days prior. Today is the day that we call to memory even more than normal the fact that Christ spent His own life to pay for the fact that all the rest of us have lived contrary to God’s will.

I feel nauseated

I discovered today, thanks to Dooce. It’s like a train wreck. You just can’t look away. Now I’m sitting here almost ready to toss breakfast up on my desk. ::shiver::

View at your own risk, obviously. For some, that could be an amazing diet. Look at that site once an hour, you’ll never want to eat again!


I was reminded today about a blog entry I wanted to make a while back. I discovered a cool utility called RivaTuner. It’s an overclock utility for all Nvidia cards, from the Riva128 on up. I’ve tried it out, and it’s quite slick.

It gives slider bars in your advanced graphics adapter tab. They show the current GPU and video ram clock rates, which you can adjust. My Geforce 4 Ti4200 is one of the ones with 64mb of DDR ram (the 128meg Ti4200s used SDR ram), so I can actually clock it up to ti4600 speeds without issue.

Obviously, using this may very well blow up your video card, set fire to your cat, etc, so it’s not for casual users. Me? My video card is already 2-3 years old anyway, so even if I blow it up, it’s only $50 to get a brand new one just like it. I figure I can take that chance for a 30% increase in speed.

Works on my laptop’s geforce go5200 (or whatever it’s called) also, but the cooling fan turns on and stays on immediately, so I turned that back off immediately. 😛


Jerry, Elizabeth, Melissa and I had dinner with the 007 crew last night. Bourg made a tasty spaghetti dish. We played an interesting card game called “booray”, although I don’t know how it’s spelled. Much fun was had by all.

I would have never guessed…

…that my underwear were manufactured in Uzbekistan. Talk about random.

Teh Weekend

Things accomplished this weekend:

  • Consumed birthday cake: check.
  • Replaced shocks on rear of car, again: check.
  • Federal Income Tax Return: check.
  • Saving the world through song: not yet.