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The autonomous fetus

If Joshy Strodtbeck were to write a comedy blog, this would be about how it would read. Only, with more complaining about blogger. (:

Serenity Movie Trailer

What can I say? *drool*


(link via Penny Arcade)

Telemarketer: 0 Dave: 1

Elizabeth got a post card in the mail to call “Miss Burke” between 5pm and 8pm at her convenience. So, smelling telemarket, Elizabeth kindly let me place the call. I used my best falsetto to place the call, just for funsies. Here’s approximately how the conversation went:

me: (places the call)
Miss Burke: (answers)Indiana Water Services
me: Hi, I received a post card in the mail, and I’m calling for Miss Burke
Miss Burke: This is she. What city are you in?
me: Indianapolis
Miss Burke: Oh, well we’re conducting water tests in various cities in Indiana. We’d like to give you a $195 value in water diagnostics which look for anything that may or may not be there[0]. We’ll also give you a $20 gift card for your trouble.
me: Do you test for Kryptonite?
Miss Burke: (enthusiastically)Yes we do!
me: Does that occur alot in Indiana?
Miss Burke: *click*

[0] That’s the exact phrase she used there, “anything that may or may not be there”. Which made me wonder what sorts of things they test for that aren’t there? šŸ˜›

Clean up

Time to clean up the blog roll. kentucky fried adventures got the axe, she’s stopped blogging in favor of writing a book. Good for her. anonymous lawyer gets the axe because he doesn’t post much anymore, and he’s turned annoyingly repetitive. Ah well.

On to people I know in real life. JDominator hasn’t posted in forever. Hope to hear from him soon. J-Web has been offline for a while now. Did you move Jerod? I miss chatting with you during the day. I can’t run IM clients at work anymore, so while this is good for the work output, it’s not so hot for keeping up with distant friends.

This concludes our little game of blog-o-survivor. The tribe has spoken.

Overheard at work

[singing] Div a little bit, div a little bit of my page for you… [/singing]

My name is Dave, and I approve this pun.

Captain Insano, your mercy is not required

My eye is basically all healed up now, for those who may have been waiting with baited breath. (:

There is only a small pink tinge to my eye itself, and the lid is still a little bruised/pink. Very little pain when I scrunch my face up now, and no soreness with normal facial expressions.

In other news, Melissa and I helped my parents burn off several ditches last weekend, which was fun. I’m going to go play ultimate tonight, which will hopefully be good excercise… I know there is more than that going on, but so much of my mind is blanked out from staring at this monitor all day.

Ah, that makes more sense

A while back, two people tried to “give away” a home theater system to me in the middle of traffic. The too-good-to-be-true sense went off, and I brushed them off. Ever since then though, I’ve wondered what their angle was. Did they want to kill me? Dip me in batter and fry me? Rob me? I had no idea.

I just ran across this article today that explains the whole scam. Apparently it’s quite common for two people, usually in a white van, to try to sell or give away (and then request a donation) incredibly poor quality audio equipment. It’s one of those things that’s not illegal, just a good way to lose money.

I feel better. Not only do I now know what they were up to, I passed that test. (even though a small part of me really wanted to know what sort of euqipment they were giving away. šŸ™‚

A bit fuzzy

Sorry for the poor quality, my camera phone is obviously not the highest quality in the world…

Simon Says…

The Opthamologist (Ocular Surgeon?) says that there is very little chance that anything serious will happen because of the scratch on my eye. I just have to keep a watchful eye on it (boom!) and all should be well in about a week.

Meanwhile, I got to wait about two hours in order to spend five minutes listening to the doctor “speed talk” her way through the exam. When I first got there Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla (so named because of her manner, not her physique) managed to poke my eyeballs with no less than three different devices, and put three different kinds of drops in them. If someone is going to touch my eyeballs, it’s pretty much a requirement of mine that they explain what they are about to do, before beginning. Further, when I have to ask what it is they are attemping to do (and failing miserably, due to my reflex actions (*gasp* people don’t like their eyes touched? Dang jumpy kids.), don’t dodge the question!

It went like this:

Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla: *attempts to touch some glowing blue rod against my eye, and fails.*
Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla: Hold still!
me: *dodge*
me: what are you doing!?!
Brunhilda the Nurse-zilla: this will hurt less that what’s coming after this…
me: that’s not the best answer I’ve ever gotten

etc etc. Needless to say, B the Nz made me a bit crabby.

Anyway, my eye is doing well. Eye’ll be fine. Nothing to “see” here folks, move along. All’s well the lens well… Didn’t mean to lash out like that. šŸ˜›


Ooh, foreboding

Mikey pointed out that last November, I said this to him:

[13:46] savant – laptop: women are like cats
[13:46] savant – laptop: nature’s killing machines
[13:46] savant – laptop: only, cats just want to shred your face and eyes
[13:46] savant – laptop: women want to shred you sOUL!

Very apropos.