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He poked me in the eye! (captain insano shows no mercy)

So I was still half asleep this morning, working on waking up. I was laying on my side, in bed. Next thing I know, Rascal, Jerry’s cat, is falling from the sky onto my face. He managed to cut my eye with his rear claw. Turns out, the cat had forced his way into our room so that he could sit in the window. We had the window open yesterday, but had closed it in the night since it was cold.

Well, when the cat attempted to leap into the window, the glass repelled his attempt and he thus fell onto my face (ow). I screamed into wakefulness, showed Mel, then went to the mirror to assess the damage. We decided it was hospital time, so we went in for a doc’s opinion.

Long story short, the Doctor irrigated the wound, superglued it shut (no joke!) and then dyed my eyeball and examined it under blacklight to see how bad the cut was on my eye. Turns out there is a fairly large cut on the side of my eye that extends into the cornea (the clear part that you see through). So I have an appointment with an opthamologist (sp?) tomorrow morning to make sure that it won’t scar while its healing.

All in all, I’m glad its no worse than it is. I have about a half-inch cut on my eye itself, and a half-inch cut that extends from the outer corner of my eye out, sorta like pharoah makeup. It stings a little, and looks bad (a good share of my eye is bloody), but it doesn’t bother me too much. I have newfound respect for people that put eyedrops in themselves. I hate doing it!

False Advertising

I was looking up the zip code for the old alma mater today, so I went to their website. Take a look at that website for a second. Note the photos, all four of them.

Each of those photos contains at least one woman. In fact, of the eight people portrayed on the front page, 5 appear to be women and 3 appear to be men. Last I checked, the Rose-Hulman student body had something like a 6/1 ratio of men to women…

What sort of advertising is this on our front page then? Is it wishful thinking? Is it simply marketing, relying on the fact that women are generally more esthetically appealing than men? Is it an effort to dupe prospective students?

Who knows?

My body lies over the ocean…

I’m driving the Exploder again as my daily driver. I was able to fix the heat last weekend (heater core was clogged with rust sediment) so now it’s fully working again.

I know this is a silly place to post it, but I just wanted to let you all know that I’m looking for a new body for him. If I can find a rustless (or mostly rustless) body with a bad engine or transmission, that would probably be cheaper for me than attempting to do all the body work.

Anyway, i’m looking for a 1991-1993 Ford Explorer with a solid body. I don’t care about much beyond that. I’m willing to pay up to several hundred dollars for the body, if it’s in good shape.

I realize that my birthday is past…

…but if one of you would remember to get me one of these bad boys next year, I’d be ever so grateful. (:

Also, it will net you 20k amazon points.