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Things that make you go Hmmmm…

Did extremists in airplanes cause the towers to collapse, or was it some other agency, using carefully coordinated explosives?

Some interesting snippets from the article:

  • No jet engines were recovered from the rubble of the North Tower (in spite of their extreme mass and density)
  • The holes in the sides of the buildings were at least 40 feet narrower than the planes that entered them. No large sections of wing were found in the street.
  • Pictures show vertical supports bent outwards around the impact hole.
  • The entire site was dismantled and removed, without a chance for criminal investigation
  • No black boxes were recovered from the planes, something unprecidented in all major airliner crashes to date.
  • The flight that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania apparently left no wreckage.
  • Several Insurance companies involved in the insurance of both planes and buildings involved lost greater than 20% of their stock value the week before 9-11. (as would happen if several major investors liquidated stock at the same time)

Makes you think, anyway.

bank advice

I opened my current bank account in Detroit. I chose a nationwide bank, so that I would have access to it from anywhere. Well, now my bank is merging with another national bank. They are changing their computer systems over, one region at a time. So, as fate would have it, Indiana and Michigan are in different regions. Indiana is already converted, Michigan won’t be converted until the end of July.

So, while I can still remove money from my account via my debit card or checks, I cannot deposit money into my account without driving all the way to Detroit (although the bank manager informed me that if I drove to Dayton, I could probably bank there…).

As you can imagine, this annoys me to no end. So, out of all the widespread banks out there, do any of you have recommendations? Do any banks have any particularly good checking accounts, etc?

Habla Englaish?

This morning on my way to work, three women were in a newish Monte Carlo (still had paper dealer plates) in front of me. They had several children in the car with me. Most cars travel parallel to the road surface. This one was tracking at about 15 degrees off of parallel. Looking closer, I noticed that both rear wheels were at bad angles. Something was very wrong with the car’s rear end.

I pulled up next to them at a stop light, and tried to tell them that they should not be driving the car. They looked at me blankly. I tried again, thinking I had spoken too softly to be heard over the road noise around us. Still just blank looks from the women. Apparently they spoke no English at all.

I couldn’t recall enough spanish at the time to get my point across. Mostly, I couldn’t think of a word for car. If I could have thought of a word for car, I still wouldn’t have been able to be very precise, but I could have at least told them that their car was a danger to them.


Good old language barrier.

weekend bullettes

  • Got the new CV axle installed in the car. Have about an hour’s worth of a work to do tonight getting the rest of everything put back on, I estimate.
  • Accidentally drank a soda with nutrasweet in it this weekend. Ended up with a horrible headache because of it. (I only realized what that bad aftertaste was when it was too late)
  • Melissa and I were going to put an offer on a house, but someone else beat us to the punch. Guess that wasn’t the house for us.
  • This video convinced me of two things that I know, but don’t often admit. First, soccer is an incredible sport. Second, rap may actually be music. (by the way, what song is that, and who sings it?)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a fun movie. Mel and I caught it as a matinee.
  • Long John Silvers is not tasty. ::shiver::


So Laura Henderson was kind enough to stop by and leave a comment last week, asking about how life was going spiritually. She wondered out loud if my lack of posting about it reflected a lack of spiritual happenings….

Unfortunately, that’s mostly the case. Ever since I’ve left school, I’ve been just visiting churchs. None have ever been home. Go, listen to the sermon, go home. No friends, no real attachment. Partly, this is my fault for being very picky. Partly this is because we’ve been moving around so much.

Personally, my belief is still intact and as strong as ever. This isn’t enough though. I’ve really been neglecting my Bible reading. In order to improve that, I’m going to try to read at least a little every day. Today I ready Genesis 1. Some people believe that Genesis 1 describes a very large amount of time. I just don’t see that. Then again, I’m pretty dumb.

Gem Sweater

With these shoulder pads, I have the power to destroy villages, homes and crops!

(cleanse your pallet with this or this when you’re done)


Went up and visited my parents this weekend. Melissa and I looked at five different houses on Friday after work. We’re considering placing an offer on one of them. I lubed and changed the oil in the jeep. Pulled a stereo out of an older truck to put in the Exploder.

Next item on my agenda is swapping that CV axle on the car. I’ve been putting it off… I need to just do it.

bullet time

gamefest, etc

Gamefest was once again a success. I think the venue this year was the best yet. Jerry and Elizabeth’s current house has a finished basement that is perfect for lan parties. (:

Lots of good friends from college showing up for the weekend is always fun. We played Rainbow Six, War3, Quake3 and a few others. Most of our time was spent between rainbow six and war3 though. Fun times.

Thank-you all for coming. My goal for next year is to have a viable method for remoting people in… We’ll see how I do. Someone remind me about this goal a few months before gamefest next year. 😛

keyboard cleaning update

As promised earlier, an update on my keyboard cleaning effort. The keyboard came out of the dishwasher very clean. I hooked it up last night, and it worked perfectly. If anything, it works better now than it did before, as a couple of the keys had gotten a tad sticky.

After the gamefest hullabaloo dies down, I’ll run my MS keyboard through and see how that goes. (: