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Apple on x86 info starting to trickle in

Apparently the early dev kits for x86 Apple machinery are standard beige-box compatible hardware. They can run windows. If the mac developer machines can run windows, then a windows machine with correct components (no ATI/Nvidia drivers yet, for example) would be able to run this release of OS X.

Interesting times, these.

(and for a chortle, read this article where the writer compares an intel-mac running PPC binaries via Rosetta (an emulation layer that doesn’t support SSE/Altivec) to a top of the line dual 2.5Ghz PPC Power Mac. Could there be any more useless comparison?)

squeaky clean

As per an article that I noticed via BoingBoing the other day, I decided to try putting one of my older keyboards in the dishwasher last night. It came out very clean, but still very wet. I put it in the explorer for the day. The extremely hot, dry air in there should cook the rest of the water out.

I’ll update this tonight after I find out if the test keyboard still works. If it does, then my grody microsoft keyboard is going in the drink tomorrow. (:

If I’m extra motivated tonight, maybe I’ll even do before and after pics of my MS keyboard.

request for criticism

Hey y’all. If any of you feel like criticising a blog layout/skin, I’ve been working on a blog for Melissa lately. I’m searching for a better background image, since the lion isn’t exactly what mel would like.

Any thoughts on things I could do in order to make it a better layout?


Also, for my all those poor fans out there who just knew that I was hiding such, I present to you Avril Lavigne’s Feet.

working on the road crew

It was somewhat funny to see a very large (height and muscle) man leaning on a shovel and shoveling away debris with a shorter, far less muscular woman running the jackhammer. She seemed to have a strong command of the machine though, regardless of stature.

And yes, in case you were wonder, Indiana has firmly entered the season of “construction”. Our other season, recently finished, is known as “winter”.

Accomplished today

-washed and waxed the exploder
-took pictures of the exploder, in preparation to sell online
-washed jeep

All-in-all, those activities tired me out something fierce!

What you need, baby I got it

I know that a lot of you out there in blogland have spawned offspring, and I also know that you just love feeding them loads of preservatives in a meat of questionable origin. This being the case, I present to you the Octodog Frakfurter Converter. Turns hotdogs into seafood, yo!

Le update

  • Very tired and sore today. Played more ultimate yesterday.
  • I need a new disc, my Rose disc is getting pretty chewed up.
  • Mikey plays better war3 against me than with me.
  • Melissa and I shaved her cat this past weekend. Talk about interesting tasks.
  • I can finally make discombobulators. w00t!
  • Saw Tim and Amy on Monday. (also known as T and A) (:
  • Am looking forward to gamefest.
  • The exploder is running very smoothly these days.
  • Still haven’t worked up the gumption to replace the CV axle in the car. Bah.
  • Skype is awesome telephony/voice chat software. Very good sound quality, very easy to use. No servers, no firewall adjustments, it just works.
  • Melissa and I have been leveling two new characters in WoW. It turns out that druid and rogue do excellent together.