Monthly Archives: July 2005

Ach! Mein wallet screams out in agony

Mel and I took the jeep over to a dealer to get the air conditioning looked at to determine why the supposedly conditioned air that it spits out so closely approximates the ambient outdoor temp…

Apparently the evaporator in (or is it behind?) the dash is leaking. Estimated cost to repair? $1100.

I think I’m going to give the used car dealer that I bought it from a piece of my mind next chance I get.

He cheats, precious

Back in college, Mikey pretty much wiped the floor with me anytime we played a fighting game, like Marvel versus Capcom or some such. He’s very good at it. To level the playing field, I’d sometimes request a blind match, where we both pull our shirts over our faces to obstruct our views of the screen. Conveniently, my shirts were generally see-through.

All were amazed at my skill, until one time when Elizabeth stood between me and the TV… And I consistently lost. 😛

This kid has perfected the art of blind fighting though, apparently.

keyboard oopdate

Did I ever post the results of dishwashering my MS keyboard? I don’t remember doing so and I’m too lazy to go look, so I’ll post it again. It didn’t work. The keyboard still *kind of* works, but it sends the wrong key codes. As in, it still powers up and all, and each key pressed results in the computer receiving a keypress, but they are invariably the wrong key.

I may look into that later and see if I can debug it. Maybe there is just some gunk inside in the wrong place or something.

In the mean time, I bought this keyboard and I really like it. It’s laptop style, so it has scissored keys instead of springs. It’s very quiet and very small. Best of all, it was $20 at Frye’s. Can’t beat it, in my opinion.


In this post there is a link to download a cover version of Britney Spears’ song Every Time. I like the cover. I’m not familiar with the original, so I can’t speak comparatively, but I do like this version.

I’m having issues today with spelling, although I don’t know why. Normally I’m a great speller. Today I can’t seem to spell words like implement or comparatively. I am not having any problems with the consonants, but vowels are ending up in all the wrong places. Strange headache to go along with it too, not really painful, just fuzzy.

DIY LCD projector

For less than $200, one can build one’s self an LCD projector. I’d already contrived a solution similar to this, but had no idea that it would turn out so nicely!

As an aside, I’d love to build one of these home-made wind turbines some day. One of the reasons I love the internet is because it’s possible to share wonderful ideas like these for money-saving inventions. (:

Update. narf.

Nothing terribly interesting going on lately, thus the lack of postage. Kylee was lost, but now is found (from my perspective anyway). It’s good to hear from her. If she wanted to drop me an email at my first name (full name) dot my last name, I wouldn’t be opposed.

Mel and I attempted to try a new church this weekend, but we couldn’t find it. We’re still looking for houses. The LeBaron blew a front brake cylinder, so it’s back up on jacks awaiting parts on order from Napa. This coming weekend we’re going to head on up to Detroit for a visit with the fam in those parts.

There needs to be an “Adopt an American” program for oil barons. You know the line: Just $80 per week can keep one american family on the road! Money you would otherwise spend on buying another wife could help these poor Americans out! Ok, maybe that’s not funny. But I tried at least.

I’ve been feeling poetic lately, but can’t seem to grasp onto the tenuous words that are drifting about in my consciousness. Ah well, all the better for you blog readers out there. If I can’t commit the poetry (so called) to words, then you don’t have to read it!

(also, I updated the blog roll. Am I missing any good ones? Will Todd or Jon ever post again?)

well poop

I got a rash of blog spam across the notblog blogs this weekend. In my haste to clear the blog spam, I think I accidentally stomped two legit comments, one by mac and one by drapac.

I’m very sorry to have deleted those two comments. Please feel free to repost your comments, if you so desire.

dream theatre

The other night I had a dream that I’ve had a lot in the past. I’m walking along a path through the woods, in winter. It’s a sparse woods. There is a cliff to one side of the trail, rising up 40-50 feet, fairly straight up. At the top of the cliff are the wreckages of homes. Huge, grand homes, with holes in them roofs blown off, partially burned, etc.

Always, as I walk along the houses, I notice parts of them that could be salvaged to make a new house. As I continue to walk along, inevitably (although I never remember before it happens) a skeleton with a shotgun (far scarier than it sounds) will pop out and start shooting at me. Always before, he killed me.

This time he missed. He eventually ran out of ammo, and he died. I forget how he died. When he died, it was spring time in the woods, all of the sudden.