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Drove my chevy to the levy, but the levy wasn’t there

Several of the levies and pumps that are responsible for keeping New Orleans out from under the sea are broken beyond the scope of easy repair. Some of the proposed solutions include air-lifting huge concrete blocks, sinking a barge in place, weighted cargo containers, etc. Based on the amount of water that is traveling throught the area where the levy used to be, it’s a huge problem to try to stop it now.

My question is this: why? Why bother trying to repair the levy? The city is already demolished. There are a lot of lives in jeopardy as we speak. Spend time and effort evacuating and housing the people displaced by the hurricane. Then abandon the city.

Seriously. I really think that it would probably cost less in the long run to abandon the city and relocate it somewhere where the ocean doesn’t lay claim. It’s not exactly something that could have been done proactively, since everyone had huge investments into where the city used to be. Now that we’re all going to be paying to rebuild it through donations, federal aid, and insurance premiums, we might as well have a little say in not repeating the mistakes of the past, no?


Imagine if Loderunner, the first video game to ever sell more than a million copies (and one of my favorites of all time) were to be updated, to include a ninja, bombs, and rockets. That would be this flash game. Enjoy.

I don’t believe in ID

Not as such, anyway. I believe in Biblical Creation, the notion that God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh. Not new information to most of my readers, no doubt. But why the title, you ask? Because Intelligent Design is a really watered down idea these days, especially with the advent of the flying spaghetti monster (which, for those who haven’t heard, is a mechanism invented by atheists to mock creation).

Intelligent design envelopes ideas ranging from aliens coming to earth and engineering life as we know it to Almighty God speaking life into existance. In other words, while it is convenient to have a common cause, it is not at all specific about what one actually believes.

So I’d like to go on the record as saying that I’m a Creationist. Not a believer in Intelligent Design, a rather amorphous idea, but a believer in Creation, a very specific idea.


My World of Warcraft character hit level 60 this weekend, which is the current level cap. I’ve been playing the character since the game opened last November. As you can see, I’ve taken my sweet time getting to level cap.

I actually attempted to hit *exactly* the amount of experience required to hit 60, and no more. I overshot by six, which is admirable, given then the average monster is worth 400-1200 experience.

I hate dealing with insurance companies

Since Melissa and I are going to be closing on our house soon, we need to have homeowner’s insurance in place for the home. I want to get the best deal that I can, where “best deal” means prices relatively low compared to the competition, but customer service that is something better than abysmal.

Is there some sort of sort of thing for homeowner’s insurance? Can I put my info into one “reputable” sort of place, and have several companies submit bids to me for my insurance?

Failing that, has anyone else price shopped for home insurance lately, and found one company to be better than others?

A decade of modern Windows

Ten years ago today, Microsoft released Windows 95 to the world. I remember reading in depth reviews of the subsystems present in PC Gamer magazine, of all things. Boy did I drool over that article. They used to be a lot more techinical, back when people had to understand PC’s and Dos to really make their games play well.

Anywho, that’s your history lesson for the day. Viva la win32. šŸ˜›

link of the day

An interesting page on McSweeney’s Internet Tendancy with a bunch of interviews with people who have had interesting jobs. Kinda neat in a human interest sort of way.

requisite mushy post

Today is Melissa’s and my 3rd anniversary. Yay! (:

I’ve very pleased that Melissa is my wife. She’s a wonderful woman, and I’m glad to be hers. Here’s to the future! And my sweetie bought me an anniversary gift. It’s very slick. Thank-you wifelette, and I love you!


I’m not sure if I’ve blogged this before, but I joined the Indy Ultimate Frisbee Summer League this year, and I’ve had a blast thus far. My team (short bus all stars šŸ™‚ has only lost one game, which doesn’t hurt the fun factor, but overall it’s just a really fun bunch of people to play with.

Yesterday was one of the last games of the season, with the final games being Saturday. Sadly, I straight-legged a landing on my left heal after coming down from a block (three blocks and one score last night, w00 w00!). While there is no discoloring, I must have bruised the heal pretty badly, because I can’t put pressure on it at all without fairly significant pain.

So, as seems to be the case with me fairly often, I won’t get to play the last two games of the season with Short Bus. ):

Homeward bound

Well, good news friends. Melissa and I bought a house yesterday! It’s near Greenfield Indiana, and it’s about 25-30 minutes from work. A little bit on the long side, but doable.

Now comes the fun task of aquiring a mortgage, homeowner’s insurance, inspections, etc etc.

Regardless though, home is good. I’ll post a picture of it later today. (:


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