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way beyond

Normally when I link to videos, they are annoying, odd, gross, etc. This time that is not the case. You owe it to yourself to view at least the first video of this guy balancing rocks. It’s just far too cool. Good musical choice to, by the way.

Link via Boing boing.

No conspiracy here

Everyone loves a good ( ) whack-job conspiracy theory on a Friday afternoon, no? Da comrade. In Soviet Russia, Tsunami Bombs you! (edit: I decided not to link the story, given how factually horrible it is. You can copy-paste the URL if you want to read it. No clicky for you.)

(summary: USA planted a nuclear weapon in the Sumatran trench to generate the tidal wave that killed over a hundred thousand people. Why? Apparently to improve a sagging US economy??? (I suppose if your worldview includes a Navy controlled by wall street, then this makes sense))

sidenote: as with any good conspiracy, the author of the article died about two months after he wrote the above article. Obviously, there is a coverup here.

Also, one might be interested in photos of stuff piled on cats.

Happy Day in House Heigl

Last night, Melissa and I paid off the last of the credit card debt that we’d accrued during my unemployment. Better still, we finally have enough of a savings that we can make a fair downpayment once we find a home.


cool game

Yesterday, Penny Arcade linked a free games site. One game in particular, Torus Trooper is really, really good. I recommend a download. (:

well lookie thar

I feel a tad stupid for not knowing this already, but I really didn’t know about this before I saw it in the code I was working on yesterday. It was so clever that it made me smile:

enum fruits { banana,
fruit_count };

By having the last member of the enumeration be a count for the enumerated objects, the count is always correct, automatically. Too cool. It’s things like this that I miss out on by studying mainly embedded programming. In other news, I’m working on a windows app at the moment.

Yes, you may all now point and laugh at me.

deja vu

Since I remember blogging about this, I might as well do it, so that the memory is true. I remember sitting right where I am, looking at the list of port addresses on my other screen, listening to Norah Jones….

So many oddities. I specifically remember how odd the dream was for several reasons… First, one of the monitors in the dream was a laptop screen and the other was a CRT. I just recently changed my setup so that I can dock my laptop with the screen open and do just just. The dream was odd because I was listening to music with itunes, which I never used to use. I do use it now, mostly for ripping CD’s.

The event that actually triggered re-remembering all this though was trying to decide if I should rename the classes I’m rewriting, or just reuse them? I’m basically taking a project written for another (similar) piece of hardware and translating it for some other hardware… I suppose I will probably do it right and translate all the names, but still… Such an odd thing, when deja vu happens.

I feel no remorse…

…if I cut you off when you accelerate to fill the [large] gap I’m going into after I turn my blinker on. Your reprimanding honks only warm the hackles of my heart.