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Wal-mart. bah-humbug.

In this article on CNN, Wal-Mart’s CEO calls for Congress to raise minimum wage from it’s current value of $5.15. Later in the article his reasoning is quoted as being that walmart shoppers do not have enough money to buy basic necessities between paychecks.

It rankles me that a CEO would go whining to Congress about wages, instead of just taking a leadership/grassroots approach and raising Wal-mart employee wages by whatever amount they feel is fair. That would actually have a number of benefits. It would increase goodwill to them from their employees. It would likely trickle out to other employers, encouraging them to similarly increase wage.

This tactic, on the other hand, is completely disingenuous. Wal-mart buys a majority of the goods it sells from China. This means that their costs will be relatively unaffected by a minumum wage increase. If Joe Random Consumer in America has slightly more spending cash due to Congress raising minimum wage, however, then Walmart stands to make a tidy profit off the change. (The assumption here being that a large percentage of Wal-mart shoppers are minimum wage workers. Feel free to correct me on this point if you feel it’s not true)

In short, I find this announcement to be less than forthright, and very slimy.

Long weekend, good time

This past weekend I got the honor of standing up for my brother Joe’s wedding. The wedding went fairly well, all things considered. He has been having some serious seizures lately, and had a bout of them immediately after the ceremony. I’m hoping that Joe and Amber (his new wife) will be able to figure out what to do about those seizures. They’re very unhealthy, in many ways.

It’s an interesting marriage, in that Amber has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start with my family. A lot of it has been misunderstandings, I’m sure. Hopefully, with time, things will smooth out. If everyone tries at it, I’m sure that can happen.

Another highlight this weekend was seeing lots of family and friends from out of town. My family from the Niagra Falls area was in town, and several old family friends were around too. I may have even gotten a lead on some consulting work to do on the side. (:

Mel and I are still recovering from the long weekend. She’s managed to get a fairly bad cold, and I’m doing my best to *not* catch her cold. We’ll see how I manage.

New Church, Round 2

Mel and I returned to the New Palestine Bible Church again last Sunday. The sermon was with regards to purity in the church, and especially personal sexual purity. It was a good message to hear, and one that gave me pause to think. The text for the message was from Revelation chapter 2 and was explained fairly well.

Overall, I think that this church is pretty consistantly strong in the preaching delivered. Further, I’ve been going to their new member classes, and I’m really pleased with what I’ve been hearing and reading about the church’s beliefs.

It feels good to have a church to attend, to force me to think about spiritual matters more often. Given the chance, I tend not to think about such things as much as I should and I tend not think about them in the way that I should. Attending churchs helps re-center that view for me. It also helps remind me what sort of husband I should be striving to be for Melissa’s sake.

seriously, I’m lame these days

I was reading through some of the older archives of the blog. Noticing how often I used to post, how varied the content was. How personal it was! I used to get comments!!

All that is different now. Granted, blogging is not quite as fun as it used to be, in no small part due to the death of a large part of the “original” blog community. But I have to think that a large part of why my blog sucks these days is because my content is just completely inhuman and unfeeling. No “living” aspect to what I write. I dunno. I just don’t talk about interesting things anymore!

So here’s to hoping that I can reverse this trend a bit. Bring some soul back into my blog. If I can’t, I might as well just let this blog die, because I don’t know about y’all, but the older entries around here are a lot more interesting than the more recent ones.

Things accomplished over the weekend

  • Pulled out some mostly dead bushes from around the house, using the Exploder. Fun!
  • Finished repainting the bathroom. Bathrooms are hard to paint. Harder than most “normal” rooms in my opinion.
  • Put all the fixtures back on the walls in the bathroom.
  • Started disassebling the pool pump. Put away the pump itself. Does anyone know how I get the sand out of the big round part of the filter? Do I just pour it out, or is there some trick. I need to call Dad tonight and find out.
  • Got the pool cover mostly secured in place. I need more 1 gallon jugs to weight down the edges before it’s complete. For now, I have a number of bungee cords filling in where I don’t have jugs.
  • Updated all my mods for World of Warcraft. I should post a list with links sometime, so that I don’t have to refind them everytime I need to update them.
  • Killed Onyxia, with my current guild in WoW. Nothing like the creamy goodness that was my Dark Age of Camelot guild, but still not bad either. (and also not collapsing under the weight of he said/she said, like the daoc guild was)
  • Started leveling a mage on the Dark Iron server with Mikey. We’re level 10 at the moment. Anyone who wants to tag along with us is welcome to.
  • Played some Ultimate in the park downtown. My foot is still fairly sore, but no longer is it the kind of sore that brings tears to my eyes if I stand on it. Now it’s just a significant ache sort of thing.

004um update complete

The forum update to the newest version of phpbb is complete. The forum is once again available for use. Please let me know if you notice anything amiss. Thanks!

004um status update

Hey all. As an answer to Elizabeth’s comment, I intend to have the 004um up by Friday. I just have to upgrade the phpbb software and we’ll be back in business. All our information and posts are still intact and safe. I have to hurry, there is much Serenity to discuss. (:

Mosplaced Midifiers.

The sign on the refreshments table at church last week said “Please keep all refreshments on the wooden floor, especially kids.”. Little did I know that kids are refreshments.

poop today?

Poop today.

Ah, entry #667, how I welcome thee. (:

Somewhat useless idea I just had

Lately I’ve been using my cellphone to connect to the internet. It works really well, except for the lag. The lag is annoying, but at least it’s fairly constant. That aside, it occurs to me that it would be really interesting to put a small computer, GPS receiver and a cellphone into a model airplane. You’d have a truly remote controlled machine.

Its only limits would be fuel and cell signal availability (which should be fairly good 100 feet off the ground).

I’m sure something like this would have benefits beyond the wow factor. For one thing, it would be possible for a news agency to stream video from a much cheaper platform than a helicopter. Things like traffic watch, OJ chases and flood recon all come to mind. Another possible application would be an intra-metro delivery service?

The remote newscam idea actually seems plausible. Wish I had the time to develop that one. (: