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Roman Catholic Church in the news.

Read this article if you care to read about what the Roman Catholics apparently have to say regarding inerrancy in scripture. The article is saying the RCs released a teaching document saying that only parts of the Bible are truthful.

I’m hoping that the UK Times article is merely misrepresting something less offensive than this. Perhaps it is not as damning as it seems? Regardless, the Roman Catholics have never held Scripture in the same light as the Protestants. Perhaps this is just the final bit of a very long road that the Roman Catholics have been traveling.

Re-opened for business

Since the captcha scheme is working well thus far at blocking comment spam, I’ve re-opened old comments on all the blogs. Nagi suggested it, and I think it’s a good idea, since I enjoy receiving the occasional blast-from-the-past comment from someone who found their way to my blog via google.

For anyone else that wants to attempt to re-open comments that they have previously mt-closed on their own site, I recommend MT-Close2. It allows opening and closing of comments and trackbacks, as well as opening and closing comments based on the category of the post.

As an aside, however, I would not recommend leaving the mt-close2.cgi file lying in your moveable type directory, since it doesn’t require authentication to mess with your files. As such, it doesn’t give anyone any real power beyond opening and closing your comments, but better safe than sorry.

004um status

I’ve taken the 004um down for the time being. It will be back as soon as possible. Some jackass third party attempted to break into the 004um by compromising one of the themes. It appears that the attack was not successful. I’m going to keep the board down until I know for certain what happened. (this is only my best guess at the moment, based on the error messages I was getting – I’ll research it more tonight from home)

I’ll also be upgrading the forum before bringing it back up, to prevent this from happening again.

Invent me

Someone needs to write a social web-app that lets a group of friends collect game pieces (such as McDonald’s Monopoly pieces) collectively, thereby increasing their chances of a win.

I’m sure people do this already, just not in a clean, easy to use web interface. (:

Church visits resume

Mel and I visited New Palestine Bible Church today. It’s a sattelite church of College Park, a church that Joel and Jerry both attend. It was a pleasant experience, to be honest. The preaching was sound, the people were friendly and the church is only 7 minutes from home.

And, as “fate” would have it, they were having a new member class starting yesterday, so I went to that as well. I have some questions that I’m going to be emailing the pastor regarding their views on the inerrancy of scripture, but overall I was very satisfied with the views and goals of the church.

I’m praying that we’ll settle into a good church soon. I ache so much to have that part of my life back. It’s been so long.

Mojo-jojo, go get the flag!

Doesn’t Hawk, the character in the first frame of this week’s Applegeeks, remind you a bit of Mojo? As in, if Mojo were a geek-ninja that just got his tail kicked by an apple-based femme robot of his own creation, that’s what he would look like. 😛