Monthly Archives: November 2005

PoE question

Does anyone know if there exist ethernet switches that are powered via power over ethernet? I know there are a lot of switches that *provide* PoE, but I’m wanting one that I can put in my crawlspace and feed power to via an ethernet cord.

It’s going to be a pain if I have to run power down there, hence the question. Thank-you ahead of time for any information.

News from Rose

Hacker uses Rose student’s computer as a spring board to hack a French server. story here. Haven’t read it all, or researched it really. Not sure if it’s even interesting beyond being about Rose. Just thought you’d like to know.

cheap plasma TV

People out there, especially in the Minneapolis area, might be interested in this ebay auction for a 42″ plasma TV. It’s at $180 dollars at the moment. Looks like it has a bit of a dead zone on the left side.

If I was close, I’d buy it.


Check out Kiva. It’s an organization that provides small (300-500 dollar) loans to poor individuals in Uganda for the purpose of improving the individual’s business. Kiva allows individuals to lend money in $25 increments, to be repaid later, without interest.

Perhaps the most amazing part is that none of the loans have defaulted, yet. Journals are kept about the progress of each business, so that the effect of the loan can be seen by the lender and the general public. I’m spreading the word about them because they seem to have a really good idea for improving the life amongst the poor in a way that does not encourage dependancy on charity. This isn’t me asking you to lend money using this system. Do whatever you want. I just think it’s an excellent idea, and I’d love for you to at least tell other people about it. Generate some buzz!