Monthly Archives: February 2006

happy sigh

12:45 in the afternoon, a sunny Tuesday
My life changed, suddenly, unexpectedly
My heart could not be more full of joy

My wife sent me a message, she said “You should call me”
I already knew what she would say. My heart lept.
My God, what suprises You bring in life!

“We’re going to be parents”, she told me.
“I love you”, I told her. “I love you too”, said she.
Some days are just complete, before they are even half over.


Funny overclocking video. Bet you didn’t think there was such a thing? Watch and enjoy.

On the way to work today, I saw a Ford Van, relatively new (90’s body style) from Missouri. The reason this was noteworthy, is because the cover on the differential in the rear was almost completely rusted off. Huge holes rusted in it. He was tooling along at 75 mph, not seeming to care that his rear end will likely blow up soon. I wonder if it had any symptons?

Another funny thing I noticed was an S10 going about 85 mph. It had the requisite stickers and tags showing that he had paid his protection money to the police groups, so apparently he could get away with weaving in and out of traffic like he was. Anyway, he had his tailgate removed, as pickups often do to improve their aerodynamics. Also, he had a toneau cover… Not seem that combination before, personally.

Funniest thing to happen to me today? Turns out I didn’t really have to work today. Doh! I came in anyway, not knowing any better. Guess I get to bank the holiday.

Christian Theology

Dispensationalism: what is it? Does anyone know of any concise discussion of what seperates it from other views, and whether the view holds water? I need to familiarize myself with it, right or wrong, and I’d like a little more reliable source than wikipedia. (:

If you have an opinion, feel free to share. If you have a book or paper to suggest reading, please suggest. Thanks!


I’ve spent several hours over the last week repairing the Abit BP6 motherboard that Jon Webster gifted me when I helped him move to Champaigne. Over time, the capacitors had dried up and stopped working. I replaced them all, and the board is working like a champ now. Last night I put the motherboard back in its chassis, installed Ubuntu and got the nvidia drivers install for the ti4200 that I put on the board. For the first time ever, I have a good video card in a linux system. Yay. (:

I’ve discovered a few valuable pieces of free software for windows use in the last week or so as well. First Notepad++ is my new favorite text editor for windows. It has all the schtuff I need for coding and more. Next is CutePDF. It’s a free PDF creator with no nag screens and no limitations. Free for commercial use even. Can’t beat that. Anyway, I figured I’d share my finds.

Last but not least, I bought a digital camera on Ebay, so as soon as it arrives, you should start to see pictures become a part of live here at bloggenspiel. Fun times. (:

new links

I added links to my lovely wife’s blog you have to check out her most recent post, it have a picture of the new puppy. (: I also linked Jerod back up, here’s hoping he continues to have success on Ted’s new server (or new HD, at least). Lastly, I’ve pre-emptively linked the new blog home of Jerome.

Enjoy. (: