Monthly Archives: May 2006

artificial ecosystem

I’ve long daydreamed about designing an artificial ecosystem. Something where I could have plants that reproduce and grow on their own. Since I’m not much of a one for simple models, I haven’t ever actually started this project. However, a woman named Laukosargas Svarog has created her own fully functioning ecosystem in Second Life.

Plants that grow and reproduce. Bees that transfer pollen between plants. Sun and rain to provide necessary resources, etc. Simple, but amazing none the less.

new lawn mower

Melissa and I decided to invest in a new lawn mower. It was delivered this morning and I cut the front yard before I left for work. I’ll hopefully be cutting the rest of the lawns when I get home. I’m fairly pleased with it so far. Hopefully it will turn out to be a wise buy.

new mower picture

Free Public Health Care

In Canada, they have free health care. Or do they? If you can’t get timely care, do you have have health care at all? Please read the linked post all those out there who prefer a subsidized health care system.

UK government has slow computers

Apparently the Brits may soon have to turn over all their private encryption keys. Which, I think, is just the UK’s way of saying that they can’t afford to keep supercomputers in the basements of their national security body’s buildings.

Seriously though, I really hope that there is an automated method for disclosing one’s keys to the government. Because if there is, then I think the absolute best way to “comply” would be to produce a firmware for some cheap Linksys router that generates new keysets with its spare computational cycles and turns them in automatically. Then provide these routers at cost to the general public.

Because seriously, do you really suppose that it’s going to be the terrorists that are turning in their keys? Of course not. It’ll be the law abiding citizens that have no privacy, and the criminal element will continue on, business as usual.

code monkey like fritos

Often, it’s important to relax, allow source code to speak to soul. In such a time, consider mellowing out to the smooth sounds of Code Monkey. (free mp3 download)

Check it out, especially if you write code for a living. You won’t be sorry.

Things that are going on

Lots is going on with Mel and I, but nothing horribly blogworthy. We have one estimate for repairing the hail damage to the Jeep. We’re getting another estimate next week. I’m working on getting the pool going for the season, but one of the seals is still leaking on me. Have to figure that out. Still agonizing over flooring choices. I’ve been tinkering with the mower lately, trying to get it to work better. Beyond that, most of my time is spent helping Melissa around the house or playing WoW. Oh, and my brother’s wedding is this coming weekend. I’ll be ushing for that.

Reason #37 why I’m not a Roman Catholic

The Pope’s Astronomer is claiming that six day literal creationism is equivalent to paganism. Quite a suprise, since the literal interpretation is a valid interpretation of the Genesis account of creation. Apparently the papal astronomer has access to additional information that the rest of us do not. For added humor, the papal astronomer also disreputes papal infallibility.

Silly Roman Catholics, trying to be all trendy.