Monthly Archives: August 2006

Wow, four years already?

It’s been four years now that Melissa and I have been married. Two more months, and baby Emma should be here to help bolster the ranks of the family. (:

Thank-you for four good years so far, wifelette. (:

Back in the saddle

So, the Dave is back from his magical journey to the land of the catfish kings (if you think I’m making this up, you’re mistaken). I actually got back Monday afternoon, but I took Tuesday off and got work done around the house. Things such as priming the walls and trim in the baby room, shocking the pool, replacing the fridge and taking apart the oven.

And let me tell you, it’s not the most wonderful thing in the world to get home from the land of the catfish kings, only to hear that one’s refridgerator has died. At least Lowe’s was really helpful to us. They let us borrow their rent-a-truck for free, in order to get the fridge home that day. Very cool.

pigs in tiger’s clothing

You simply must see these piglets dressed up as tigers. Apparently the tiger is taking care of them.


Punched in the Face #3

Designers who mix metric and english hardware in their product. I put up an external Wi-Fi antenna for some family this weekend, and the antenna mount was a mix of english and metric hardware. The thing only had 9 bolts!