Monthly Archives: September 2006

Pun intended?

Hancock Memorial Hospital has a sign along I70 on my way to work that reads “Colonoscopy is a real pain… But cancer is worse.”

Butt cancer? A bit nasty, but still funny.

debit strangeness

Sunday I stopped at wal-mart to buy some claritin-D. Since medication is basically the only way for me to function this time of year, this is important. (and don’t get me started on the new record keeping laws and purchase limits) Anyway, I pick my poison, take the little card to the pharmacy desk, the lady grabs the box for me, takes my info, and I go to pay.

That’s a lot of intro for what occurred next:

  • swipe card
  • enter pin
  • accept transaction

pharmacist interjects at this point that I’ll have to swipe again since they have a “one question survey” running at the moment that requires me to enter my info again. I start again, while I’m thinking:

  • swipe card
  • begin to enter pin…

At that point, my senses caught up with me (you have to realize that I’m in a sinus headache induced stupor at this point) and I realized that I wasn’t comfortable with their survey methods at all. If I wanted to modify a bunch of debit POS devices to scam pins and card numbers, implementing a simple “survey” to divert the information seems like a pretty decent method. Regardless, I hit cancel at that point, and paid with cash.

I don’t know if the survey was legitimate or not, but I’m still very skeptical.

happiness is

Finding the other half of a Twix bar that I stashed in my desk [at work] a week or so ago, and had forgotten about.

frisbee dog

Link learned to pick up a frisbee when it was thrown for him today. w00t! He’s always loved fetch, but lemme tell you, it’s a lot more fun with a disc. (: