Monthly Archives: October 2006

I hate politics

I hate politics. I also hate the steadily increasing rate of erosion of founding principles and freedom that we as Americans are experiencing lately. As such, I’m finding my policy of abstention from all things political (especially voting) to be troublesome to maintain.

In order to begin to rectify this trouble, I’ve decided to support the campaign of Michael Badnarik who is running for congress in the 10th district of Texas. Why am I supporting this candidate? Because I’m too idealist to support any of the local candidates that I know of right now. So I sent money to his campaign and I posted a link to his web site. Do with it what you will.

quite tired out

Haven’t been sleeping much lately, since ye olde offspring requires attention throughout the night. Getting used to the schedule, at least. Also, should you require newborn incontinence protection, I recommend against the Huggies offering. It is quite inferior, allowing urine to leak out of its interior in all directions. The Pampers newborn incontinence pantaloons are far superior. That is all.


It was snowing this morning when I came to work. Not much, but still snowing.

Also, Emma is three weeks old tomorrow. Yay! (:

I’m a Daddy!

A week ago today, I became a father. My darling daughter was born at 8:28am, October 3rd. She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Yesterday she started sleeping three hours between feedings, which is nice. I’d post more, but I’m sorta down on the internet thing at the moment. Maybe later. (:

(and yes, I’ll be posting pics. Email me if you’d like pictures before I get around to posting them)