Monthly Archives: December 2006


In case you needed proof that I am less able at modeling than my wife is able with knitting:

open source nav software

RoadNav is an open source gps navigation software that actually has maps and looks decent. I’ll probably stick with Streets and Trips for the time being, since this doesn’t have things like the location of every Chic Filet (sp?) in the nation. It is nice to know that such things exist, however.

moth and rust

Last night I spent a few hours and got the tensioner pulley on the car replaced. It’s been squeaking for months and is a relief to have addressed. Quiet cars are a good thing.

Saturday morning a portion of my southern roof’s shingles blew off in the high winds. It was fridgid out, and not fun to do, but my brother Jeff came down from Kokomo and we repaired it. $50 worth of materials and an hour of freezing our butts off on the roof is far cheaper than paying a roofer to come fix it.

This morning when Mel and I woke up, the house was really chilly. Turns out, the blower has stopped working in the furnace. I’m not sure if other parts are broken as well, but at least that much is broken. For that, I have an HVAC person coming out this afternoon. Even if it is just the fan, I don’t have easy access to parts, so it’s simpler just to pay a repairman, I think.

Living in a corrupt world can sure wear on you. At the very least, it makes me long that much more for the incorruptable world to come.

She’s cute!

It’s been far too long without a picture of Emma Grace. I need to re-install some photo editing software. Until then, enjoy her at silly resolution.

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