Monthly Archives: April 2007


Emma and the dandelions. Melissa took this picture. Isn’t it great?

ubuntu dev’s blog

Here is an interesting blog from one of the Ubuntu developers. By the by, Ubuntu just released their latest version, 7.04, today. I’m looking forward to upgrading to it when I get home.

firewalls and metablogging

I’ve been off my blogging kick lately. In fact, it’s probably been a year or so since I’ve been *on* a blogging kick. On one level, I really like blogging. It’s an avenue of expression. It’s fun. Yet, at another level, I loathe this outlet. It’s a soapbox where I don’t feel free to truly write what I think, for fear of giving offense. What is the point?

In classic geek fashion, I’ll simply blather on about some technical subject instead. To that end, I’ve been recently trying to get my smoothwall/ipcop (may be either one at any given time) firewall/router to recognize my Novatel u720 USB EVDO Rev. A modem. Getting the bugger to work in linux isn’t too bad, per se. Getting it to work on a stripped-down firewall distro is annoyingly hard.

Since the firewall distros don’t support the usbserial module, they need the module compiled for them and moved onto them. This is something I don’t know how to do offhand, and I’m having a terrible time trying to find information on how to do it. At this point, it appears that my two choices are to either make an account on smoothwall’s forums and try to actively get help in recompiling the smoothy kernel (or the module, I don’t know which is required) or else I’ll just have to learn how to use a full-blown ubuntu server install as a firewall/router. I won’t have any of the nifty web admin tools that come with the dedicated firewall distros, but at least I’ll have the functionality that I need.

Emma crawling

My baby girl started crawling today! I’m so proud. (: