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lunch salad

I’m home from work today, working on the Jeep. It’s hot outside, and I didn’t feel like eating anything heavy, so I made a macaroni salad. It turned out really well. I figured I’d toss the recipe here, so that I don’t forget it. Maybe someone else will enjoy it too? I made it up, so there’s no one else to credit. Also, all measurements are approximate, since I didn’t measure anything.

2 cups uncooked macaroni (I used Ziti) cooked al dente, then cooled under cool water
1 medium tomato, diced
1 small onion, diced
2 cups frozen sliced okra, heated enough to not be frozen anymore
a goodly amount of chopped cilantro

Mix all of that in a decent sized bowl. I dressed it with sesame oil and salt/pepper. I would imagine that you could use any sort of dressing. Italian dressing sounded good to me, but we didn’t have any. These amounts look like they made enough to make about four light lunches.


I’ve always had trouble with spelling. I’ve learned it by rote and through memory devices (for example, whenever I spell people, my brain says “pee-oh-pull”, because I had a lot of trouble with the order of the e and the o when I was younger). These days, my most problematic word is surprise. I always want to spell it “suprise”. I know it’s wrong, but for some reason it’s how I always spell it.

$150 laptop

Edit: this is likely a scam. I removed the hotlink. I’ll keep an eye on this, in case it turns out to not be a scam.

The ( Medison Celebrity is a $150 laptop that I really like the looks of. Unlike the OLPC, this machine actually has standard hardware, so it will run windows and linux out of the box. It’s also a fairly standard form factor.

I’d like to get my hands on one of these, to find out if it’s worth recommending to family when they want web/email/picture computers.

in a pinch

For those wondering, it is indeed both plausible and yummy to substitute french vanilla non-dairy creamer for the milk in french toast. Doesn’t even need syrup, just butter and eat. I had this for dinner tonight. Quite tasty.

Four links for your perusal

  1. Holocaust Survivor Leaving USA – A man who lived through the Holocaust is fleeing the US because he thinks the present-day United States of America too closely resembles pre-war Nazi Germany. He’s getting himself and his family out.
  2. Walk like a human – This article talks about another, perhaps more natural, way to walk. The author has an fairly obviously philosophical bent, but still an interesting read.
  3. A decent vi tutorial – This one is mostly for myself to read later. It’s a brief tutorial for using a common unix text editor.
  4. Swarm Behavior – An interesting read about swarm behaviour in several different natural species. The most interesting part of the article is actual application of swarm behaviors in human life. Two human application examples covered are airplane terminal routing and group decision making. Overall, this is very interesting to me, and leads me to wonder about humanity as a whole, and what aspects of swarm mentality (which is a broadening of the idea of a free market, I suspect) would improve our everyday lives and governance.

What do I say?

What’s the etiquette for when you’re at work an you’re are making a beeline for the restroom to finish out the catch and release program you instituted on last night’s dinner, when you are [inevitably] stopped by someone wanting to show you something “real quick”?

Can you just say “hey man, I gotta decrease my specific gravity, can you hold on a minute?”. Do you just grin and bear it? Say nothing, leave, and return as soon as possible?

Is this post serious at all? I’ll get right back to you on that. I will be _right_ back. šŸ˜›