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baby joy

I haven’t posted a whole lot about Emma Grace, not because I don’t have lots to say on the matter, but mostly because I never know what things are of general interest. I do feel like I need to let everyone that’s never had a kid know something: kids can be a source of immense joy.

Anyone who has them is willing to tell you they love their kids, their kids are lots of work, etc. And all those things are true. But one of my absolute favorite things about being a father is being able to laugh with my baby daughter about absolutely nothing. Just laugh for laughing’s sake. It’s wonderful. There’s really nothing else like it.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to prepare for Labor Day weekend, when I’m going to re-roof my house. My family is coming down, and some friends have offered to help as well, so hopefully things will go well. Last fall, during a windstorm, a chunk of the roof came off. It was cold work, but my brother Jeff and I repaired the damage. The roof needs replaced so that that doesn’t happen again this fall/winter.

It’s a very nerve-wracking sort of thing for me. When I was a teenager, I helped family and friends do roofing jobs quite a bit, but I was never responsible for gathering all the materials, having the dumpster ready, lining up people to help,etc. There is a lot of preparation to do ahead of time in order to make things happen properly when all the help is available. I can see why people are willing to pay so much to have it done for them by a contractor.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having it finished. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable time to spend with family and friends, and no one will get hurt. I’ll post some pictures once things start happening. Pray that it doesn’t rain while my roof is nekkid! (:

Fifth Anniversary

This past Thursday was my fifth wedding anniversary. Melissa and I got to spend the whole day together. We took Emma to a babysitter and went to see Stardust at a theater. It was a very enjoyable movie. Anyone who liked the Princess Bride would likely enjoy this too, I think.

We also got to enjoy dinner with the friends who watched Emma for us. All in all, it was a very enjoyable, laid back day.

nothing to see here

I need an entry, just to see if it will be displayed. The Bioshock demo is worth playing, if you don’t mind a horror sort of fps. Nothing snarky to say at the moment, so this will have to do.

Request for CSS/layout help

I’m working on a new layout for the blog. Unfortunately, it only “works” in IE at the moment. It’s supposed to have four tabs. Only one tab is supposed to be visible at one time. In IE7, this is the case. In Firefox 2.0.6, this is not the case (none of the tabs are visible without refreshing the tab that you’re on at any given time).

Anyone have any ideas about why this is happening?


Apparently, it’s acceptable for a philosopher to posit the possibility that we’re all living in some advanced being’s computer simulation. I wonder how that same individual would react to the idea that we were all created by an Advanced Being?

As an aside, I’m not sure how an Oxford philosopher can get in print for an idea like this. This one has already been explored in a number of different movies. I suppose that doesn’t remove it from the realm of rational thought, but it’s certainly a strike against you if Hollywood has managed to describe something exactly like what you’re talking about, more than once. (The Thirteenth Floor, Dark City, The Matrix, etc)

Half of the warmest years on record happened over half a century ago

Recently a journalist discovered that Nasa’s climate data was erroneous, and that the warmest year on record is 1934. In fact, five of the ten warmest years happened 50 or more years ago. The “warming trend” that has been heavily touted in the past few years is actually far less significant than we have been warned.

Read the article here.

This is an interesting debate, to me. It brings to light the disparity between politics, faith and science that is also present in the creation/evolution debate, but with a slightly different set of players. Fascinating.


I just had my best game of ultimate frisbee that I’ve had so far this summer, tonight. It was wonderful. I was successfully part of several points (instead of throwing horrid throws for turnovers). I also blocked the disc four times. The best moment was my second block, which resulted in a Callahan. When I slapped at the edge of the disc, it changed direction and headed for the endzone. Not wanting the other team to recover the disc (since it was still flying), I kept after it. I slapped it again, and it kept flying. That annoyed me, so I kept running after it, and grabbed it. That resulted in a defensive point. w00!

(as a matter of truthfulness, I did not actually know that I was scoring a point when I did this. I thought I was just playing good defense. Imagine my amusement when I turn around and my entire team is running at me and cheering, and I had no idea why! šŸ™‚