Monthly Archives: March 2008

dryer cleaning

Cleaned out the dryer tonight. Took the front plate off and vacuumed out all the lint that had built up inside. There was over a gallon of it in there (after being compressed by the vacuum cleaner, even!). In short, I should have cleaned it a long time ago. They even designed it to be easy to take apart! Well, easy after you know how, at least. I bent one of the springs a little figuring it out.

wow in linux/wine

For the last few months, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft in linux (because linux’s tcp/ip implementation plays better with a high latency connection than windows’ does), via Wine (a compatibility layer to make some windows programs work in linux). The most recent patch to WoW has revealed a race condition in one of Wine’s libraries, causing random lockups. This has cause no end of consternation.

So I finally stopped putting up with it (ie, being lazy) and googled for the problem. That’s when I found out it was a race condition, actually. As there is no fix available yet, I also found the following workaround:

schedtool -a 0x2 -e wine WoW.exe -opengl

By calling schedtool, it forces wine (and therefore WoW) to execute on only one core, thus avoiding the race condition. (at least, that’s my understanding, without having spent much time understanding it) Hopefully this will be useful to someone else out there. (:

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Melissa and I (and Emma!) went the IMA last Saturday. We took out time and walked through the first floor. I really enjoyed myself. Melissa wasn’t entirely impressed with the period/style on the first floor (mainly medieval and later European art), but I liked it. It’s definitely out of the ordinary for us to take in something like that. Next time we go, we’ll check out the second floor, which I think will be more up Melissa’s alley.

I was suprised by two things with regards to bringing Emma to the museum. First, I wasn’t allowed to carry her on my shoulders. One of the uniformed people that mill about (stewardess? police? what are they called?) informed me that I could hold her in my arms, but not on my shoulders. Her reasoning was that I couldn’t see Emma, so Emma could touch something she shouldn’t. Which seems improbable, but I didn’t argue. The second thing was that Emma recognized the subject matter of many of the art pieces. She would often call things by name like people, kids, fish, sheep, etc. So I got a kick out of that. I felt gratified that she was actually noticing the pictures and sculptures.

In short, good trip. Also, I was previously unaware that the IMA was free, so you should go too! The price is right! (:

Oh, I don’t believe in them

A common label seen on boxes in my industry lately is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), a label that means that the product doesn’t contain any of several hazardous materials that were previously common in the manufacture of electronics. Unfortunately, my brain insists on saying “Rodents of Hunusual Size” whenever it sees that label. šŸ˜›

proposed Kentucky law would make anonymous posting illegal

Kentucky legislature member Tim Couch recently proposed Kentucky House Bill 775 which would make it illegal for Kentucky hosted websites to allow anonymous posting. If you’re bored, read the bill. It’s short. It pretends as though by forcing Kentucky-based websites to collect this information, the world will be a safer place.

Ludicrous. I wrote to Tim Couch ( and let him know how badly this bill reflected on his understanding of the internet. I doubt he’ll ever read it, but at least I spoke my piece.

blogroll maintenance

Maintenance is not complete, but here’s a start:

  • Removed Jenn Ho, who no longer posts publically (and I don’t have an LJ account).
  • Removed Jerod Weinmann, whose blog was lost when Bit Mongers invaded Swaziland.
  • Updated Nate’s URL, as he is no longer mooching bandwidth from the alma mater.
  • Added punchdrunkmonkeyman, at long last.
  • Added gin and milk, the purveyor of all the best Herbs.
  • Removed Anne Central, which I had stopped reading.
  • Added Planet RGSB (because it aggregates a lot of blogs that I would otherwise miss).
  • Updated Jerry to JnE, to reflect that his better half is also blogging now (yay!).

speculative fiction

I occasionally make use of blogger’s random blog feature, which is a link that loads (as you may have surmised) a random blogspot blog. It’s an interesting way to run into new people’s ideas. Anyway, I loaded up a few of those today, and one of the ones that loaded was
As you can see (if you clicked), this is not an active blog. However, for the random link to take me there, it must have been active at one time.

I wonder if some love-struck geek pre-emptively registered a blog to journal the path of his engagement with “Megan”, only to have her say no?