Monthly Archives: October 2008

Pigs in Space

Well, almost. Pictures of a piglet being launched from a cannon at least. Gotta love that they liquored the pig up before launching him out of ye olde cannon. (:

Legal Music Videos

MTV finally figured out that people enjoy watching music videos on demand (ala Youtube). I have the give them credit, their offering is quite clean and useable. Props MTV.

Sold the LeBaron’s remains

Just got finished selling the LeBaron’s remains. I called Pick a Part and they offered me $150 cash for the car. That’s a fairly low amount, based on what still worked, but whatever. It was $150 and the scrap would be out of my driveway.

So they sent out a tow truck to pick it up. The driver looks at it and tells me that he’s going to have to offer me $100 for it, since it’s in “such bad shape”. This smelled odd to me. I mean, yeah, part of the car is ruined. They’re a scrap yard though. They buy and sell scrap cars. It’s what they do. Anyway, sparing you my suspicious side’s theories about how many people get talked down once the tow truck is here, I ended up talking him into $120.

I wonder if *anyone* gets the full value they offer on the phone?

Saw “The Dark Knight” this weekend

Melissa’s parents were kind enough to watch Emma for us Saturday night, so Melissa and I went to see “The Dark Knight” at the Imax near her parent’s house. They were running a special, so we got in for five dollars each. Quite a deal for movie tickets period, let alone an Imax movie.

I couldn’t decide what I thought about the movie. While I was watching it, I was mostly put off by the excessive violence. I mean, nothing happened visually, on camera that was unusually violent. The things suggested and accomplished off camera, however, were horrific. Complete disregard for human life. Now that I can look back on it, it makes sense that the movie was done that way, given the alignment of the two main antagonist characters. 

Anyway, I can’t decide what I think. Part of me likes it, part of me was shell-shocked by the entire thing.

Registered to vote

For all the good it will do, I’ve finally registered to vote.

Two frogs!

I hooked up a second monitor to my main desktop machine for a bit over the weekend. My desktop background is a treefrog closeup. With the second monitor attached, the background appears twice. Emma saw both, and said “Two frogs!!”. I was ecstatic. That’s the first time I’ve known her to name something with the correct number attached without prompting from Melissa or myself. 

It’s such fun to see Emma grow and learn. She loves when she figures out something new and gets praised for it. (: